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Past articles by Thomas:

6 Habits of Super Learners

Becoming a super learner is one of the most important skills you need to succeed in the 21st century. In the age technological change, staying ahead depends on continual self-education — a lifelong… → Read More

5 Habits That Will Help Your Brain Stay in Peak Condition

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9 Ideas That Summarise The Future of Work (And How You Can Prepare For it)

The industrial revolution required routine skills. Most of them are no longer sufficient to thrive and do better in the current evolution of work. Today, any field including, legal, finance, biotech… → Read More

Give Up These Habits Immediately to Become A High-Achieving Person

Long-term success is just as much about what you give up as what you gain. → Read More

How to Instantly Reframe Your Mindset And Radically Improve Your Life

If you’ve ever failed at reaching any goal in life, the problem could all be in your mind. That’s how important your mindset is. → Read More

The single biggest thing you can do for your career: Show up. Every. Day.

Showing up to the office every day, providing value, and showing your work is one of the best ways to build a lasting career. → Read More

The Single Biggest Thing You Can Do For Your Career: Show Up. Every. Day.

Step one is showing up and getting started. → Read More

How to Solve Problems Outside The System (Douglas Hofstadter on The Art of JOOTSing)

But definitely should. → Read More

Are You Unintentionally Engaging in Tsundoku (The Japanese Word For Buying Books And Never Reading Them)?

The Japanese even have a word for it: Tsundoku. → Read More

Life by Design: Practical Steps You Need to Take to Do Your Own Personal Life Audit

Don't be afraid to know the life you want and go ahead and get it. → Read More

Pygmalion Effect: How Expectations Shape Behavior For Better or Worse

Looking to improve your performance? The most beneficial thing you can do is ramp up your expectations. → Read More

Take These Actions Immediately to Improve Your Life in The Next 100 Days

Today can be the day that you take control of your life. Don't be afraid to get productive, focus on yourself, and break your boundaries. → Read More

Today is 10x More Important Than Tomorrow (Your Decisions Today Compound for Life)

If you promise yourself to start today, actually do it. That way, you'll be more likely to continue with your habit and make real changes. → Read More

Habits You Should Adopt Immediately to Make Big Changes In Your Life

Promise yourself to commit to habits that encourage growth and success. → Read More

Your Brain on Coffee

Coffee can be pretty amazing for your brain, skin, and body. → Read More

Use This Cross-Calendar Approach to Build a Healthy Habit in Just 21 Days (Hint: Don’t Break The Chain)

Micro steps are the key to creating and sticking with a habit. Grab a calendar, start marking down your small goals, and promise yourself to commit! → Read More

Stop Trying to Find Yourself. Create Yourself Instead

Don't be afraid to stumble in the process. → Read More

Make Something You Deeply Care About (Even if it Sucks)

Choose your audience and start serving! → Read More

Seneca on The Greatest Obstacle to Living a More Fulfilling Life

Seneca explains how being busy is a choice and how seizing the day is crucial to a fulfilled life. → Read More

Worry Less About Being “Right” And More About Creative Expression

Find your voice, stop second-guessing and experiment to focus on creative expression instead of trying to be right all the time. → Read More