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Recent articles by James:

Not everything is as it seems in Rishi Sunak’s mini-budget – beware the small print

Trotting King Rishi out to deliver what was a mini-budget in all but name worked out well for the government – because it diverted some of the attention from Boris Johnson’s cowardly and crass attempt to pin the blame for his government’s failings on care homes. → Read More

Has the reopening of pubs scared away the shoppers?

Footfall has been improving but is still down by about 50 per cent on the year and the rate slowed on Saturday as pubs reopened, writes James Moore. Could face masks help restore confidence? → Read More

Vouchers for spending in shops? VAT cuts? Maybe the economy needs a different sort of therapy

Will it be radical Rishi Sunak who takes centre stage for tomorrow’s summer update? Over the weekend it emerged that Treasury officials have had discussions with the Resolution Foundation about a £500 voucher scheme, which could give every adult a bung to spend within suffering sectors. Plus maybe £250 for the kids. → Read More

I’m not going anywhere near a pub today. It's still far too risky

As any public health expert will be only too happy to tell you, the coronavirus hasn’t just disappeared in a puff of microbial smoke. It’s still with us → Read More

Primark puts foot down with new stores despite £800m pandemic hit

The headline says Primark lost £800m as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns across Europe (this is now very much an international business). That’s net of measures to mitigate losses from stores being closed, by making use of the government’s furlough scheme for example. While that’s a big number, this is very obviously a business for which the glass is half full. The first → Read More

Britain and the US, thank your leaders – your coronavirus-riddled nations are neck and neck in the International Stupid Stakes

I’ve long thought the US and the UK have been engaged in a hotly contested race to win the International Stupid Stakes sponsored by the Trump Organization. It’s a nail-biting context and just as one takes the lead, the other comes up on the rails and gets its nose in front. It’s usually their dismal jockeys who are responsible, although I realise that describing either Boris → Read More

Why Trump’s actions over coronavirus treatment are dangerous

If countries tear up intellectual property rights in response to America’s cornering the market for a proven treatment, it could call into question future drug development. But you can hardly blame them, writes James Moore → Read More

With no sport to bet on, punters have turned to the US election – and they’re backing Joe Biden

With sports shut down for months, punters turned to forthcoming US presidential poll for their thrills in unprecedented numbers. Paddy Power says its market is currently four times the size as it was at this point last time around while the betting exchange run by sister company Betfair has seen more than double the activity compared to 2016. → Read More

Facebook boycott gathers strength as advertising giants climb aboard

When it was just Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s and The North Face, Facebook could maybe just shrug its shoulders. Now, not so much. Turns out those brands were the first little snowballs rolling down the mountain that you see before an avalanche. The avalanche is now underway. → Read More

The Dixie Chicks changing their name is more bad news for the Republican Party

“So now the fascists want to remove ‘Dixie’ from the Dixie Chicks,” ranted blowhard Bill O’Reilly via Twitter. It speaks to just how debased the American right has become that O’Reilly is still a thing. You may recall that he was hustled out of Fox News, where he’d been the network’s number one star, in the wake of a torrent of bad publicity generated by multiple sexual → Read More

Stop focusing on Jonty Bravery's autism

“Autistic Jonty Bravery ‘frequently assaulted’ his carers and had been arrested” ... “Autistic Jonty Bravery was in council care but ‘frequently assaulted’ his carers”. I’m quoting from a tabloid newspaper, which felt the need to repeatedly remind its readers (on separate occasions) that “autistic” Jonty Bravery is, you got it, autistic. → Read More

The scenes on Bournemouth beach make Britain look like the jackass of the world

“It doesn’t matter what we do these vile idiots will ignore rules,” tweeted Vikki Slade, the Liberal Democrat leader of Bournemouth Council, who justifiably described the behaviour of the hordes the heatwave brought to her town as “disgusting”. She was conversing online with Laura Miller, a Conservative from Dorset Council, who reported being sworn at and spat at. “We are → Read More

Can brands like Ben & Jerry’s and The North Face force change at Facebook by boycotting the social network?

A storm in an ice cream cone? It’s a bit more than that. Ben & Jerry’s has suspended advertising on Facebook in the US, as part of the campaign that’s already attracted the support of The North Face, REI and Patagonia. → Read More

Boom time for grocers – but online and convenience stores are the big winners

There’s never been a national shopping basket like the one researcher Kantar has just turned the spotlight on. The grocery market has boomed with people confined to their homes, but within it there have also been some signifiant shifts. Some of the numbers, which are based on the purchasing habits of 30,000 demographically representative households across Britain, are quite → Read More

Will the benefits of Boris Johnson's reopening outweigh the potential costs?

The UK economy's resemblance to a pile of wreckage on a set of railway tracks explains why Boris Johnson is extending the reopening of England. The government is scared. Perhaps with good reason. But here’s the problem: consider the impact of sending an express train into it. Consider the unprecedented scale of the economic shock the UK is enduring and then imagine it getting → Read More

Sadiq Khan admitting that he struggled during lockdown is a sign of strength, not weakness

“Erm - #SadiqKhan has never provided proper leadership.” Before launching an attack on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, no really, and promoting/cheering on her fave right-wing shock jocks, Susan Hall, the leader of the Conservative Group on the Greater London Assembly, decided she was going to start the week classy by weaponising mental health. Specifically the London mayor’s. → Read More

If you're using your park and you value it, then start campaigning to keep it

Going to the park this weekend? You may be among, what, millions? Despite Boris Johnson’s standing in front of a board, dribbling a bit, and lowering the national risk level – surely just another piece of theatre from a cut rate Barnum whose act is wearing very thin – much of Britain remains shut down. → Read More

20 pledges for 2020: Can bond investors convince companies to create a better future?

Corporate bondholders don’t, in theory, have as loud of a voice as shareholders. They take less risk. Their interest payments, or coupons, are preserved even when dividends are being suspended or slashed, as they are now. Their money is repaid at maturity unless a company goes insolvent, at which time they have a prior call on the assets. As a a result, they don’t get a vote → Read More

John Bolton’s book reveals more of Trump’s true nature – yet Boris Johnson is happy for Britain to partner with him

The latest revelations from a former insider within Donald Trump's administration, this time arch neo-con national security John Bolton, are already being dismissed as lies spun by an embittered former aide. → Read More

Why is Facebook really taking action on political ads?

At a time when there are real concerns about the way Facebook has been used to influence elections, and with a US presidential poll looming, Mark Zuckerberg’s blasé response to the spread of toxic misinformation via his platform has attracted a torrent of criticism, and justifiably so. → Read More