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Recent articles by Kate:

No Playstation for PAX East: Sony backs out, citing coronavirus

Boston is not a hotbed of COVID-19, but Sony's playing it on the safe side. → Read More

Ring cameras are more secure now, but your neighbors still snoop with them

Account security for Ring is much improved, but privacy concerns still abound. → Read More

The future of work looks like staying out of the office

Dozens of studies find remote workers happy and productive. Why not let them be? → Read More

Report: Sony can’t build a PS5 for less than $450

Sony may be waiting for Microsoft to blink first before it names a price tag. → Read More

Amazon wins court injunction on controversial JEDI contract

Amazon's suit argues it lost the deal because Trump personally hates Jeff Bezos. → Read More

Feds launch a probe into Big Tech’s smallest acquisitions

Small deals don't get reviewed—but they might add up to something bigger. → Read More

Equifax breach was the work of Chinese state hackers, DOJ says

Act was “a deliberate and sweeping intrusion,” attorney general says. → Read More

Facebook, YouTube order Clearview to stop scraping them for faces to match

The company claims it scraped three billion images for police to match faces against. → Read More

What it takes to get a hate page off Facebook: A letter from the state AG

Local leaders condemned the group for a year before Facebook removed it. → Read More

Amazon Ring now lets users opt out of receiving police video requests

The company has caught a lot of flak for its privacy practices in the past year. → Read More

How to virtually block a road: Take a walk with 99 phones

You don't need mad coding skills to make Google Maps show you bad data. → Read More

Avast shutters data-selling subsidiary amid user outrage

Users were not happy to learn "security" software sold their browsing habits. → Read More

New “Off-Facebook Activity” portal lets you know where you’re being followed

It's helpful to know which businesses track you, but you can't do much about it. → Read More

Amazon’s Ring app shares loads of your personal info, report finds

Ring isn't the only company getting a ton of info about you and your setup. → Read More

Feds, states consider tag-teaming massive Google investigation

It takes a lot of resources to do a deep dive on a company as big as Google. → Read More

Star Trek: Picard frontloads fanservice so it can get on with going boldly

Picard premieres with one eye locked on the past and one trying to look ahead. → Read More

EPA reasoning for gutting fuel-economy rule doesn’t hold up, senator finds

The math in the draft rule doesn't add up to its supposed need, one senator says. → Read More

Sonos sunsets several smart speakers’ software support, spurring storm

Sonos met its "at least five years" support pledge, but that window's closed. → Read More

Smart scale goes dumb as Under Armour pulls the plug on connected tech

Under Armour is making a pile of pricey devices into so many useless bricks. → Read More

Biden wants Sec. 230 gone, calls tech “totally irresponsible,” “little creeps”

Biden had harsh words about tech, seemingly spurred by anger with Facebook. → Read More