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Past articles by Jennifer:

Google Local Service Ads Display Pricing Estimates for Specific Locations

Google has added a new feature to their local services as, the special local ads that appear for searchers that are looking for a specific business type in their local area, to give estimates for specific jobs in their area. Tom Waddington shared a screenshot on Twitter. This is a great feature for … → Read More

Google Testing “Relevant History” Section in Mobile Search Results

Google is testing a new feature in the mobile search results - a drop down section labelled as &qout;Relevant History&qout; that appears at the very top of the mobile search results. It shows previously visited pages directly related to the search. Henny Roggy shared the screenshots on Twitter showing the f… → Read More

Google Converts PDFs, DOCs, XLS etc into HTML for Indexing

A discussion came up on twitter about different content types and how Google determines what type of files they are. The discussion then moved to PDFs in the Google search results and how Google handles them. John Mueller commented that Google automatically converts PDFs and similar document types i… → Read More

Why Google Shows Featured Snippets With Images from Another Site

For a few years now, Google has sometimes shown featured snippets where the text is from one site, but the image shown within the featured snippet itself is actually from a second site. Last year, Google confirmed that it would continue doing this, and it wouldn’t change how it sometimes selects a… → Read More

How to Download Links Report in New Google Search Console

Google has released a brand-new link report within the new version of Google Search Console. The important thing to know about this linking report is that it contains different data than what was included in the old link report. To export your links, you need to go to your linking reports within the… → Read More

Google: Avoid Including Redirected URLs in Sitemaps

Google is reminding site owners that they shouldn’t add URLs that are being redirected in the sitemap they submit to Google. The question came up on Twitter about whether it should be avoided or if there was no detrimental effect to having them in a sitemap. John Mueller answered on Twitter and sa… → Read More

Google’s Featured Snippet Videos Now Overlay in Search Results

Google has made a major change with how featured snippets with a video are done in the search results. Instead of clicking through to the YouTube video landing page, Google is overlaying the video directly into the search results instead. The overlay does not feature any of the YouTube features … → Read More

Expect Googlebot Crawl Increase With Changes to CDNs

Whenever you make major changes to something about the website, it is natural you see significant changes in the amount of crawling the Google but does on the site. This is completely normal and expected. The same is also true when you switch over your site to CDN. But if you remove the CDN or other… → Read More

Google Search Console Links & Disavow Files

If you are doing a disavowal for a site, Google is recommending that you start looking at the URLs that Google is showing in the links section of Google Search Console. While we do know that the list of links showing Google Search Console isn’t a full list of links, it often can show links that are … → Read More

Google Sending Out Notifications for HTTPS Site Migration Issues

Google is now sending out a new notice to search console users detailing issues that Google has discovered when a site has migrated to HTTPS. The email notice states what percentage of the site is no longer indexed after the HTTPS migrations, with example URLs that were on the HTTP version and not t… → Read More

Google’s New Creator Reputation: Guide For Site Owners & Creators

Google has released a new version of the Google quality rater guidelines, and one of the most significant additions was creator reputation. Instead of just focusing on the reputation of the website itself, Google wants the raters to now look and see what the reputation is of the creator of the conte… → Read More

Google: When Asking for Links Isn’t a Link Scheme

For SEOs, links are very important part of any SEO strategy for all websites. However it can be a pretty geay area for site owners to request links, especially when those links are in exchange for something else, such as content or money. And for the most part, those are pretty clearly a violati… → Read More

Google Does Not Use Quality Raters for Machine Learning Algos

Whenever there is a new quality raters guidelines released by Google, there is always lots of speculation about what Google does with the data from those ratings. And does that include machine learning? Google confirmed that they use quality raters to evaluate potential changes to the search algos… → Read More

Google’s Latest Core Algo Update Still Rolling Out

For those watching the search results to see how well (or not) sites have done with Google’s latest core algo update, you will need to watch for quite a lot longer. Google has confirmed that the algo update is still rolling out. Danny Sullivan from Google has confirmed that the latest update is st… → Read More

New Google Core Search Algo Update: What We Know

Google has confirmed a major algo update in their search results that was released this week. Danny Sullivan from Google confirmed this via twitter after many SEOs noticed major fluctuations in rankings. He also confirmed that this is simi… → Read More

Google Testing Reading Time Filter in Search Results

Google is testing a new feature in the search results that allows searcher to filter the search results by the approximate time it takes to read the article. The tool is accessed through the Tools filter. The new filter is a drop down that says &qout;Any duration.&qout; Then the searcher can choose betw… → Read More

Google Adding FAQ, Q&A and How To Verticals to Search Results

At Google Dance Singapore, Gary Illyes from Google revealed a new feature that is coming to the Google search results. The new feature would see specific content from a webpage, including FAQ, Q&A and how-to verticals being highlighted in the search results for those pages. And these rich re… → Read More

Bing Launches JSON-LD Support in Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing has finally launched its long awaited support of JSON-LD in Bing Webmaster Tools, with a new Markup Validator Tool. Bing is proud to introduce JSON-LD support as part of Bing Webmaster Tools, as announced at the 2018 SMX Advanced. Users can login to Bing Webmaster Tools and validate their … → Read More

Google Testing New Visual Product Recommendations in Image Search

Google is testing a new visual product search in image search results, adding a new similar items carousel based on the products that were seen in the images for the image search. In this test, instead of automatically loading more images, as usually happens when you scroll down, it instead adds a b… → Read More

Google Removes Public Submit URL to Google Tool

Google has removed the public version of their submit URL tool. This tool allowed anyone to submit a URL to Google, as it wasn’t restricted to site owners only, Why was this done? While there were some site owners who used it to submit URL… → Read More