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Past articles by Jeff:

Bored of Your Isolation Workouts? ‘Just Dance,’ Baby

Since quarantine, aka isolation, aka life-pretty-much-always-at-home, aka whatever-the-fuck-we’re-calling-it-these-days started back in March, I’ve been on a quest to figure out how to stay in some... → Read More

The Best Movies, TV, Games, Music and Podcasts for Workouts

I asked a few workout experts — an amateur powerlifter, pro trainers and a podcaster — to learn what they do to keep themselves entertained → Read More

Is Power Walking With Ankle Weights an Exercise Hack, or a Good Way to Hurt Yourself?

I love two things in quarantine — walking around my neighborhood, and passive exercising. The former has been a lifesaver these last few months. My... → Read More

Can a Food-Sensitivity Test Solve All of My Stomach Troubles and Diet Woes?

Don’t let anyone tell you different: What you consume as part of your diet and how that food affects your body is, in large part,... → Read More

If You’re Going to Buy Just One Piece of Exercise Equipment for Your Home, Here’s What It Should Be

My local gym is 45,000 square feet. There has to be at least 200 machines in there, of which there are probably 50 different varieties... → Read More

Is It Safer to Dine Outside at a Restaurant — Or Shop for Groceries Inside?

When getting your food on the outside, it pays to take social-distancing rules seriously → Read More

How to Get the Sweat Smell Out of Your Gym Clothes

When it comes to washing the clothes in my closet, not all textiles are created equal. At the top of the heap, of course, are... → Read More

I Dosed Myself With Non-Psychoactive Cannabis to Boost My Productivity at Work

I want more focus and energy in the morning. Enter Dawn, a THCV-rich CBD tincture from Gossamer, a magazine and media brand focused on all things cannabis → Read More

Why Do My Balls Always Seem to Itch?

There are a number of bodily functions that are so “always on” in the background that, unless you’re actively thinking about them, you probably wouldn’t... → Read More

Can I Improve My Flexibility If I Stretch Every Day for a Month?

The dog days of COVID-19 have afforded me lots (and I mean lots) of free time to think about all sorts of things. Things that... → Read More

I Used a Metabolism Tracker to Hack My Diet During Quarantine

Using a gadget to lifehack my way to weight loss was harder than I thought → Read More

What Are the Rules Around Sunbathing Naked at My Own House?

By now, hopefully, we’ve all settled into a nice little routine in relative COVID isolation that involves getting out of bed each morning, walking 10... → Read More

How to Use a Wall for a Full-Body At-Home Workout

It’s pretty funny to think about how, a month ago, we were acting like it was only a matter of time until we were all... → Read More

How Often Can I Eat Pasta?

Behind maybe pizza, the cheeseburger and possibly fried chicken, no foodstuff is as universally beloved by humanity as pasta. Those luscious strands of flour, water... → Read More

‘Trunk Picnics’ Will Save Your Summer

Since the pandemic started, I’ve honestly felt like keeping indoors, for the most part, has been totally doable. I’ve gotten to spend a lot of... → Read More

How Often Can I Eat Cereal?

Just how popular is cereal in this country? Pretty freakin’ popular — that’s how much. According to industry researcher IBISWorld, cereal is a $10 billion... → Read More

How Much Strength Have I Lost After Months Away from the Gym?

I know what you’re thinking: The gym? The GYM?? THE GYM??? In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a pandemic raging out there, and while some... → Read More

How Often Can I Eat Avocados?

They call avocados “the magical fruit” (it’s technically a berry!) and who am I to disagree — the avocado, whether sliced, diced or in guacamole... → Read More

Why Is My Car's Turn Signal Blinking Faster Than Usual?

The double turn signal is an indication that there’s something amiss with your car. Furthermore, the sped-up blinker is a design feature, not a flaw. → Read More

Here’s How to Prevent Bugs From Taking Over Your Home This Summer

For all the complaining about how much time we’re all spending indoors, you have to admit, it comes with some advantages. For one, it’s not... → Read More