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Past articles by Rose:

Amanda Knox: European Court Of Human Rights Orders Italy To Pay $20,000 In Damages

Knox was convicted of making false statements during the investigation into the murder of her British roommate. A court ruled these had been made in an atmosphere of “intense psychological pressure.” → Read More

Saudi Sisters Tala Farea And Rotana Farea's Deaths Ruled A Suicide By New York Medical Examiner

Tala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 23, had reportedly said that they would harm themselves rather than return to Saudi Arabia. → Read More

Tonga Internet: South Pacific Islands Will Have No Internet For Weeks After An Underwater Cable Broke

And it could be two weeks until everything is restored. → Read More

Twitter Might Save An Asylum-Seeker’s Life. But It Might Also Get Them Killed.

Teenager Rahaf al-Qunun saved herself from being deported back to Saudi Arabia by tweeting, but there are worries her case could inspire more girls and women to take this incredibly risky step. → Read More

Rahaf Al-Qunun: The Saudi Teen Fleeing Her Allegedly Abusive Family Has Deactivated Her Twitter Account Because Of Threats

The 18-year-old, declared a legitimate refugee by the UN, is said to have been receiving some “very nasty, very real death threats.” → Read More

A Mom In Nepal Died Because She Was On Her Period

Despite the practice of Chhaupadi being illegal, every year women die as a result of it in Nepal. → Read More

Loujain Al-Hathloul: Kirk Rudell's Viral Twitter Thread About The Fate Of A Young Saudi Arabian Couple Is Devastating

“They were just young, creative people, trying to make stuff,” writer Kirk Rudell wrote of activist Loujain al-Hathloul and her comic husband Fahad Albutairi. → Read More

Heartbreaking Video Shows The Moment A Father Buried His Twins Killed In Syria's Chemical Attack

"I couldn't save anyone. They're all dead now.".. → Read More

Trump Wants An Investigation Into Massive Voter Fraud, Which Experts Say Is Bullshit

As recently as Tuesday, the White House said there were no plans to investigate the supposed voting conspiracy because Trump was "comfortable" with his victory. → Read More

Ireland's Abortion Laws Breach Women's Human Rights, UN Rules

The decision was hailed by campaigners as "ground breaking". → Read More

Turkey's Leader Thinks Women Are "Incomplete" And "Deficient" Unless They Have Children

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan added he believed all women should have "at least" three children. → Read More

San Quentin inmates answer six questions about day-to-day prison life

Prisoners in the US have answered questions from the public about what their day-to-day life is actually like. The Last Mile training programme works with inmates incarcerated in San Quentin prison, California, publishing their responses to questions from the public on the social platform. Many of the men taking part have been convicted of either first degree or second degree murder, but will be… → Read More

Forensic facial expert reconstructs Jesus Christ's face using ancient skulls

Do you recognise this man? He appears a world-away from western representations of Jesus Christ but using forensic data from the skulls of ancient first century Jewish men, a British anatomical artist has reimagined the face of the son of God. Depictions of Christ predominantly show a white, clean shaven man with long, flowing blonde locks. But the reality may have been very different. → Read More

Alzheimer's: Drinking a glass of wine a day may help sufferers reduce risk of death from disease

Alzheimer’s sufferers who drink a single glass of wine - or the equivalent of two to three units of alcohol - every day are significantly less likely to die than those who drink more or are teetotal, research suggests. Roughly 850,000 people in the UK are affected by the disease, with more than a million people predicted to have dementia by 2025. Scientists at the University of Copenhagen who… → Read More

Donald Trump is worse than Voldemort in Harry Potter series, says JK Rowling

JK Rowling has said Donald Trump is worse than Harry Potter villain Voldemort. How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad. → Read More

Grant Shapps 'resigns': Timeline of the 'bullying and blackmail' scandal engulfing the Conservative Party

Grant Shapps has reportedly resigned following claims he failed to act over allegations of bullying within the Conservative Party. This is the timeline of events leading to his resignation: → Read More

Dutch officers care for five children after mother is taken to hospital

Two Dutch police officers have shown a different side to policing. The unidentified officers, working in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, responded to a call of a woman who was taken to hospital – but she had no-one who could watch her five children. Springing into action, the two men managed to make the hungry children some “egg sandwiches” but remembered to give the children fruit as a desert. → Read More

Armed police arrest three men and evacuate central London street

Armed police officers have evacuated a busy London street and arrested three men in an "ongoing incident". Witnesses around Blackfriars Road and Westminster Bridge road - both of which have been shut - reported seeing "helicopters" overhead on social media, as pictures also emerged of fire engines in attendance. A Metropolitan police spokesperson said the road was closed after a vehicle was… → Read More

Paris attacks: Security around city's water system upgraded following atrocities

Security around the water drunk by three million Parisians has been increased following the terror attacks on the capital last week. Eau de Paris, the public company that oversees the production, storage and distribution of water in the city, also said it had upped the quantity of chlorine added to the water, allowing investigators to more easily determine whether the supply had been tampered… → Read More

David Cameron to meet Francois Hollande to discuss action against Isis

David Cameron will meet Francois Hollande in Paris to discuss how to work together against Isis in the wake of the Paris attacks. The Prime Minister is due to meet Mr Hollande in the French capital a little over a week since 130 people were killed in multiple attacks orchestrated by Isis, also known as the Islamic State. → Read More