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Past articles by A.:

'I just don’t like you anymore': Oscar-nominated film tackles pain of friendship falling apart

A friendship ends in “The Banshees Of Inisherin,” the Oscar nominated film. Psychologists explain how to cope when a person no longer wants to be friends. → Read More

What's the best diet for Ozempic weight loss? How to eat healthy, cope with nausea

Weight loss with Ozempic or Wegovy can come with nausea and other side effects, and lowers appetite. Dietitian shares how to eat a healthy diet on semaglutide. → Read More

11 minutes of daily walking reduces risk of disease, early death, researchers find

Just a bit makes a big difference for your health. A separate study finds exercise improves symptoms of depression and anxiety better than medications. → Read More

Woman diagnosed with melanoma at 21 when mole on her neck suddenly began changing

What are the symptoms of skin cancer? Woman diagnosed with melanoma at 21 after mole on neck suddenly began growing, getting darker. Her mother saw the changes. → Read More

Woman, 39, had cough diagnosed as COVID-19 pneumonia. It was lung cancer

What are the first signs of lung cancer? Woman who never smoked suddenly began coughing. She was diagnosed with Covid pneumonia, but it was stage 4 lung cancer. → Read More

Woman loses 60 pounds, lowers blood pressure by switching to plant-based diet

Weight loss tips from woman who switched to a plant-based diet and lost 60 pounds. Her main goal was to improve heart health, lower blood pressure, cholesterol. → Read More

How easy is it to get an off-label Ozempic prescription for weight loss? We found out

Ozempic for type 2 diabetes has been in short supply as people seek the drug for weight loss. Some turn to online pharmacies to get an off-label prescription. → Read More

Chocolate, gin and 'death cleaning': The Swedish secrets of aging exuberantly

When clutter takes over, Swedish death cleaning could be the inspiration to get organized, healthier. Author Margareta Magnusson has tips on aging, longevity. → Read More

Weight-loss drug Wegovy only works when you take it. Is it safe for the long term?

Patients have to keep injecting the medication under their skin once a week for it to work, otherwise they'll regain the weight back. Is it safe to take for life? → Read More

Do you really need to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Experts weigh in

Drinking enough water is important for good health, but how much do you really need? Experts discuss how much water to drink in a day and if other fluids count. → Read More

What is basal cell carcinoma? Jill Biden's skin cancer explained

What is basal cell carcinoma? First lade Jill Biden has Mohs surgery to have skin cancer removed. Here are the symptoms to know and what the spots look like. → Read More

What do the happiest people have in common? 1 factor stood out in longest study of happiness

How to be happy: World's longest study on happiness finds good relationships are the most important factor. Mental health expert offers tips for being happy. → Read More

At 100, they dance, get tattoos, exercise: The amazing centenarians we met in 2022

Healthy aging isn't just about good genes. People who have turned 100 share tips on longevity and how to live a longer life with exercise, diet, optimism. → Read More

Several brands of dark chocolate contain possibly unsafe levels of lead, Consumer Reports finds

Dark chocolate has health benefits thanks to antioxidants. But it can also contain the heavy metals lead and cadmium, a Consumer Reports investigation finds. → Read More

What is stiff person syndrome? Celine Dion's incurable disorder explained

Celine Dion says stiff person syndrome is causing spasms that are affecting her singing. Here's what to know about the rare disorder and why it's so serious. → Read More

Kirstie Alley was diagnosed with colon cancer before shortly before death

Kirstie Alley was diagnosed with colon cancer before she died. Her family says the cancer was only recently discovered. Doctors share symptoms and risk factors. → Read More

Dogs get dementia, too. Walking can lower the risk for pets and their humans

Dogs and people can reduce their risk of dementia by walking and other exercise. Symptoms of dog dementia include pacing, failing to recognize familiar people. → Read More

Watch Dylan Dreyer celebrate a memorable Thanksgiving with a cute family dance

“I think I’m most thankful that we were all totally up for doing this!” she wrote. → Read More

What is the Nordic diet? The eating plan is easy to implement and cozy for the cold

Health benefits of the Nordic diet include weight loss, and lower blood sugar, cholesterol, inflammation, blood pressure. Nutritionist explains foods to eat. → Read More

‘Permanent contact lens’ offers alternative to Lasik: Is it right for you?

Implantable contact lenses correct vision, including extreme nearsightedness; stay in the eye without maintenance. Patient describes experience with EVO lens. → Read More