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Recent articles by Matt:

PBS Holocaust documentary perpetuates well-worn myths to glorify FDR, says historian

Streaming this week, historian Rafael Medoff says 'The U.S. and the Holocaust' misrepresents President Roosevelt’s actions leading up to and during the genocide → Read More

In novel ‘Cyclorama,’ production of ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ conceals a cycle of abuse

In Forward journalist Adam Langer's new book, a slippery high school drama teacher plays elaborate cat-and-mouse games with his unsuspecting young actors → Read More

As the Holocaust raged, US newspapers buried reports on Hitler's Final Solution

In a new book, scholar Rafael Medoff shows how outlets downplayed news of the genocide until late 1943, as FDR's government and even Jewish leaders felt little pressure to act → Read More

Nazi past of top German business families is ‘hiding in plain sight,’ says author

In 'Nazi Billionaires,' journalist David de Jong investigates six uber-wealthy German families that colluded with National Socialism and 'went free with their fortunes intact' → Read More

Double mitzva? Birthright’s gay participants embrace Jewish, queer identities

Once jokingly dubbed 'Jewish baby-makers,' Birthright Israel trips have evolved to 'respect diversity' among young Jews, say staff and participants → Read More

Pope Pius XII was far from ‘neutral’ on Holocaust, says Pulitzer-winning historian

Aghast at continued apologia for Pope Pius XII, historian David Kertzer reveals archival finds about the Vatican’s ‘indifference’ during Jewish genocide → Read More

‘3Gs,’ grandkids of Holocaust survivors, retell grandparents’ stories as own legacy

First-of-its-kind project, 'If You Hear What I Heard,' films members of the third generation post-World War II who give testimonies in an ongoing docu-series → Read More

How 80 years ago, Jewish teens rescued the Kaunas Ghetto’s holy books

In the Nazis’ February 1942 ‘Books Aktion,’ Jews were ordered to hand over all books. Now, history of resistance efforts that saved countless works is in danger of being forgotten → Read More

Amid today’s refugee crisis, author reflects on post-WWII abhorrence for Jewish DPs

Unlike the 'outpouring of aid and invitations to resettle' Ukrainian refugees, historian David Nasaw's new book charts duel-loyalty paranoia, use of Jews as pawns in the Cold War → Read More

Exhibit on false identities shows terror of Jews who hid from Nazis in plain sight

An online exhibition by Yad Vashem open on Jan. 27 highlights the accounts of 14 survivors who forged papers, pretending to be non-Jewish to survive the genocide → Read More

Historians bash ‘rubbish’ findings of investigation into Anne Frank betrayal

A six-year probe by dozens of experts is detailed in a new book that accuses fellow Jews of revealing her hideout to the Nazis. The only problem, scholars say: Lack of evidence → Read More

How Nazi Germany’s ‘most diabolical’ SS officer evaded postwar justice

In 'The Hidden Nazi,' author Dean Reuter asks whether SS general Hans Kammler, who oversaw the construction of death camps, exchanged V-2 rocket secrets for freedom → Read More

Romania’s ‘homegrown’ Holocaust: 80 years since forgotten Bogdanovka massacre

In the final days of 1941, Romanian authorities massacred 40,000 Jews in a chapter of the genocide in which 420,000 Jews were killed in 'broad daylight' with collaborators' help → Read More

80 years ago this month, Nazis invented ‘industrial murder’ at quiet Chelmno

In a small Polish village outside Lodz, German SS leaders discovered how to bring the Jewish genocide 'to scale' and hide evidence of their crimes by cremating the human remains → Read More

Ignored by the UN, Mizrahi Jews survived pogroms and expulsions, too

Persecution of Middle Eastern Jewry 'has been denied for a lengthy period,' according to historians advocating for 'more inclusive' Jewish memory → Read More

Why ‘Lucky Jew’ dolls are more popular than actual Jews in Poland

Going against long-held Polish tradition, Krakow's municipality will slowly phase out the souvenir caricatures after acknowledging the trinkets are antisemitic → Read More

Kristallnacht assassin Herschel Grynszpan: Heroic ‘boy avenger’ or psychopath?

83 years after the teenager murdered a German diplomat in Paris, ostensibly giving the Nazis a pretext to spark the pogroms, historians are still divided over his legacy → Read More

Once lost to history, Kristallnacht testimonies describe pogrom’s aftermath

Compiled by a Harvard sociologist but not published until 2012, essays in the collection 'Night of Broken Glass' take readers beyond ravaged storefronts and burning synagogues → Read More

How Vincent van Gogh helped Jews break into the world of art — and vice versa

High-tech 'Immersive Van Gogh' exhibitions are touring the globe 120 years after a Jewish art collector helped launch the Dutch painter to stardom → Read More

Are online sales of pre-Holocaust communal records their doom or salvation?

After decades of silence about eastern European Jewish community documents 'abandoned' during World War II, the issue has started to ruffle feathers, from Brooklyn to Budapest → Read More