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Past articles by Eddie:

Matthew Lohmeier called out the social justice scam and paid for it with his job

Regardless of whether Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier deserved to be relieved of his duty by the U.S. Space Force, he's certainly a patriot for having stated the obvious that so many others are afraid to say out loud. → Read More

Liberals like David Brooks are why some people don't want to get vaccinated

Nothing arouses liberals more these days than expressing a deep sense of disappointment in people who didn't lock the doors and hide under the bed for a year because they might otherwise risk being exposed to a virus that is severely harmful only to relatively few people. → Read More

Racial self-segregation is the new black

We're at the point where it almost wouldn't be surprising if all the white people in America packed up their things and went home for good, never to again find themselves in the company of someone of a different race for fear that their whiteness might offend. → Read More

Democrats depend on keeping black voters feeling helpless. Kamala Harris has complicated that

Learned helplessness is the No. 1 thing liberals promote and attempt to instill in black Americans. This remained true even when we had a black president. It continues now that we have a black vice president. And heaven help the black man, Republican Sen. Tim Scott in particular, who fails to obey. → Read More

Who's coming across the Biden-Harris open border? Child molesters, rapists and human traffickers

Democrats are fist-pumping this week as we hit the "100 days" of President Joe Biden's administration, but here's another milestone for assessment: It's been 37 days since Vice President Kamala Harris was given the pleasure of overseeing the absolute mess created by her boss at the southern border. → Read More

Biden talks like he's defeated the pandemic but then tells us to keep wearing masks and social distancing

Every time President Joe Biden crawls out of his tomb in the White House, he has an update on the tremendous progress his administration has had defeating the coronavirus. And yet every time, he tells us that we will still have to keep a mask (preferably two) plastered to our faces and continue avoiding anyone outside our immediate households. → Read More

Benjamin Crump's intimidation strategy is already at work in the Andrew Brown case

Tensions are high in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, following the police shooting death of Andrew Brown, a black man. So naturally, Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump (has anyone seen him in a courtroom?) and his entourage are on scene to inflame the already-sensitive situation by calling anyone and everyone nearby a racist. → Read More

This MSNBC host shows why there is no point talking about the police with liberals

Brian Dunn hopefully doesn't expect to be invited back on MSNBC to talk about policing minority communities anytime soon. He surely earned himself a lifetime ban for what he said on the air this week. → Read More

Gretchen Whitmer is overseeing the worst outbreaks of the pandemic; why isn't she following 'The Science'?

A report this week by the Biden administration identifies the 10 cities currently with the worst coronavirus outbreaks. All but one are in Michigan. → Read More

The police shooting death of Daunte Wright is, once again, not what the media are saying it is

It's unclear whether liberals are hopelessly naive about the job police officers do or whether they just simply hate law enforcement. → Read More

The Jan. 6 Capitol riot was about a lot of things, but racism wasn't one of them

Lawyers at the Justice Department are having a really hard time explaining in court what exactly happened at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, but the media, of course, are dead sure that it was white supremacy. → Read More

Joe Biden is about to lock up a lot of black people

If the Biden administration is serious about cracking down on the supposed rise in anti-Asian American violence and bias, it's going to have to take a break from all that racial "equity" it's been hyping. → Read More

Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa isn't a 'white man,' so can we make assumptions about what motivated him?

We know now that the man who shot up a grocery store Monday in Boulder, Colorado, is an immigrant from Syria named Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa. In the context of recent history, this means there's reason to think he might be a Muslim terrorist. But saying that aloud will get you called a racist by the media. → Read More

Yet another black 'white supremacist' caught on tape spewing anti-Asian slurs

Another recent incident of anti-Asian American harassment seems to have flown under the national media's radar, so let's cover it here. → Read More

Sorry, media, Aaron Long isn't the white supremacist you were hoping for

The media are about to do one of two things: Either they will quickly lose interest in the Georgia man who confessed to shooting up several massage parlors because of his own professed sex addiction, or they will insist against all evidence that his killing rampage was motivated by white supremacy. → Read More

MSNBC repeats the lie that 'white supremacy' is causing a surge in anti-Asian hate crimes

Congratulations are in order. The media may have finally found a white person who committed one of the rash of anti-Asian American hate crimes. She's homeless! → Read More

CNN intern tries to 'fact-check' Dr. Rand Paul and transgender surgery

Someone should really explain to CNN that a rebuttal is not the same thing as a "fact check." → Read More

For some reason, CNN still won't say who is attacking Asian Americans

CNN on Monday aired a segment about an "attack" against an Asian American man in Los Angeles, which anchor Jon Berman said was "just the latest in an alarming surge of attacks against Asian Americans across the U.S. in recent months.” → Read More

Trump can lead the GOP without being in office

Here is where former President Donald Trump could have stopped his speech on Sunday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida: when he said, about five minutes in, "I want you to know I’ll continue to fight right by your side. … We’re not starting new parties. … We have the Republican party." → Read More

There's a dark truth about transgenderism that Amazon is now helping to hide

Executives at Amazon apparently believe the world needs protection from certain ideas about transgenderism, so they've removed a book on the subject from its online store. It's funny, considering that the debate over transgenderism isn't nearly settled and, if anything, Amazon is probably in the minority view on the issue. → Read More