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Past articles by Dianne:

Dianne Williamson: And in conclusion, what a time it's been

I’m not a big believer in cosmic significance or signs from the universe.But one recent morning, I found myself completing a random life chore in Marlboro, the city where I launched my career as a journalist in the early 1980s, when newspapers were king and eager young reporters vied to tell the best stories. Back then, nothing was more exciting than a high-profile crime or grisly murder, mainly… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: One last chance for love

Sharon Hunt can still remember the first time she met Bobby Conroy, in a corridor at Auburn Junior High. He was a year older and said hi. Flustered, she → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Making a fuss over the loss of a remarkable lady

Marguerite Dean Armstrong died last week at 97, in her simple three-room apartment on June Street. Despite a lifetime of devoutness and good deeds, she → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Conspiracy theorists on Florida shooting waving 'false flags'

So there I was on Facebook Tuesday night, minding my own business while engaged in a semi-reasonable debate on gun control with a local shooting enthusiast, when she popped up online like an unwanted rash.“Isn’t it peculiar that schools are usually locked and hard to get access to?” asked a commenter named Yolanda Guzman. “How did the shooter get in?”I saw where Guzman was going, because I’ve… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Students breathe maturity into gun-control debate

Let’s be honest. Grown-ups of a certain age have been known to roll their eyes when young people of a certain age inject themselves into a national conversation.Sure, they mean well, but what do they know? They lack experience, education, the intellectual sophistication that comes with age. Their brains aren’t fully developed. Heck, they’re not even old enough to vote or drink alcohol. Maybe… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Incentives to join private pot club are hazy

Mark Moon nixed my plan to check out his new exclusive private club, the Summit Lounge, when I called Tuesday night and asked if I could drop by."I'm sorry, I can't let you in," he politely told me."Why not?""This is a private club," Moon said. "If there are members in the club, I cannot allow you in the club.""Are there any members in the club?""There aren't any members here at the moment," he… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Incentives to join Worcester's private pot club are hazy

Mark Moon nixed my plan to check out his new exclusive private club, the Summit Lounge, when I called Tuesday night and asked if I could drop by. → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Love poems in the land of Trump

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a time when people share their true feelings with loved ones. Donald Trump is no exception, and I happened to stumble across a series of presidential poems he penned while using all the best words.To my daughter Ivanka:Roses are redViolets are blueAnd if you weren’t my daughterYou know what I would do. To Jared Kushner:My son-in-law, you’re such a princeIn stature… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Farewell with love to a beloved Bear

Mary Domiano never had a chance to choose Bear; Bear chose her.In 2003, the Worcester woman drove to New Hampshire to check out a litter of Akita and golden mix puppies. She wasn’t in the home more than a few minutes when one of the jet-black mutts vaulted over the gate and into Mary’s arms, licking her face like a lollipop, and that pretty much was that.Mary named her puppy Bear because she… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Ed Hyder's imprint on family, neighborhood lives on in market

Gregory and Miriam Hyder learned their work ethic, quite literally, at their father’s knee. So when Ed Hyder died early Tuesday morning due to complications from cancer, there was only one place for his children to go.The store. They had to open the store.So they left UMass Memorial Medical Center and stopped at their mom’s for a quick cup of coffee, where they made calls to break the news to… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Not to bury Trump but to, yes, defend him

This may surprise those readers who tend to skip our comments section because they’re no longer in junior high school, but many Trump supporters get angry and call me bad words when I criticize our Man-Child in Chief.They say I’m “biased” and “stupid” and, to drive home their point, tend to ridicule my haircut. They say I should retire, even though I’m not even 60 years old and my 401(K) took a… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Mother says she was tormented by missing son's friend

For three weeks, Xavier Broughton knew that the frantic family and friends searching for Justin Ramos wouldn’t find him.For three weeks, Broughton misled Justin’s anguished mother and even taunted her when she showed up at his home on Valley Hill Drive in Worcester, desperate for clues about her missing son.“He would smirk at me,” Justin’s mother, Melissa Considine, told me Wednesday. “He said I… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: State of the Union in the best hands

Tonight, President Donald Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address to the American people. The transcript of his speech is confidential, → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Some lessons still to learn for church

For 25 years, Peter Inzerillo has been quietly directing a community chorale of “high-quality music” in Leominster. In the mid-'90s, however, he was singing a different tune.Back then, as the Rev. Peter, he was busy denying claims that he sexually abused a 19-year-old teen who had turned to him for help after being abused by another priest. Those denials would ring false, however, when in 1999… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Giselle should put aside selfish concern for husband

An open letter to Giselle Bundchen,Dear Giselle,We've never met, but I've seen you strutting your impressive stuff on runways around the world, and I especially remember your famous sashay on that Rio catwalk for the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics, which you admitted "was a little nerve-wracking," even though all you had to do was basically not trip. But I'm sure it was a stressful event,… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Nothing weird about a #MeToo shrug

Patricia called me Monday with a blunt question: Is she a weirdo?“I’d really like your opinion,” she said. “Is it just me? Am I a weirdo?”Patricia didn’t sound like a weirdo. She struck me as a thoughtful, candid woman who’s been grappling with her feelings - or lack thereof - about an incident that occurred almost 40 years ago, when she was 25 and newly divorced.Like many people, Patricia has… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: 'Calumny,' yes, but the right object?

I had to look up the word “calumny” while reading about Pope Francis’ disastrous trip to Chile, where he angered victims of clergy sexual abuse by defending a bishop accused of covering up the crimes of a fellow priest."There is not one shred of proof against him,” the pope told a reporter who asked about Bishop Juan Barros last week. “It's all calumny. Is that clear?"Crystal, Your Eminence. For… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Keeping a finger on the pulse of the presidency

Keeping track of the ongoing train wreck known as the Trump administration is a huge challenge, because seemingly by the hour we’re exposed to vile and embarrassing statements by the president that damage our world standing and threaten our sanity.So it’s time for a pop quiz to test your knowledge about events that occurred within the span of several cringe-inducing days in Washington. Good… → Read More

Dianne Williamson: In Haiti, Gengel doesn't see what Trump sees

Len Gengel had spent the week at his orphanage in Haiti and was awaiting a flight to Florida at the Port-au-Prince airport on Friday when his Twitter feed → Read More

Dianne Williamson: Social media users often put smiley face on sad reality

We’ve witnessed the fake Facebook phenomenon before.That lovey-dovey couple always posting pictures of romantic fireside dinners and cozy movie nights at home, along with smarmy protestations of love and blessings. Then you find out he’s bopping his secretary, and she’s popping Prozac like Skittles.Or the friend who’s frequently checking in from some cool bar or exotic vacation, until we learn… → Read More