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Recent articles by Beth:

The fascinating — and controversial — history of baby formula

"Historically and archeologically, we know, going back to the Egyptians and even earlier, there were attempts to duplicate human milk in any way you could,” says one expert. → Read More

Why was J.K. Rowling canceled? The 'Harry Potter' author's controversies explained.

Here, a complete history of why J.K. Rowling got canceled. → Read More

Earth Day 2022: Why Indigenous voices 'must be acknowledged and centered' to truly tackle the climate crisis

This year, for Earth Day (April 22), Yahoo Life is doing just that: looking at the climate crisis through Indigenous eyes by speaking to Native Gen Z activist → Read More

How Standing Rock inspired this Indigenous youth activist: 'The first time I ever saw any Native-led issues in mainstream media in my life'

Leala Pourier says her focus on climate justice was inspired by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe trying to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. → Read More

What is 'rematreation' and what does it have to do with climate change? Activist explains why the Indigenous idea 'moves more into the spiritual.'

"When we're talking about fighting for the climate," says Trenton DeVore, "we're not talking about fighting for the climate. We're talking about fighting for ourselves. We're talking about fighting for our Earth Mother." → Read More

What science says about teen girls screaming and sobbing at concerts — and how the phenomenon at Billie Eilish shows is different

Social media is teeming with girls screaming in the background of concert footage of Billie Eilish — even openly sobbing for their camera, seemingly reveling in their outpouring of emotion. → Read More

Vegan leather has come a long way: How cactus, pineapple and mushrooms are changing the game

Vegan leather products made, clockwise from top left, from cactus (from Desserto by Fossil), apple skins (by Sylven New York), cork (by MB Cork), pineapple leaves (from Piñatex by Nike) and mushrooms (from Mylo by Adidas). (Photos: Desserto, Sylven New York, MB Cork, Piñatex, Mylo) Actor Sam Corlett, who plays Leif Erikson on Netflix's Vikings: Valhalla, spoke out recently about wanting to be… → Read More

What it means to 'look like a woman' when you're trans: 'You can be feminine and strong'

Breaking away from beauty norms can be uniquely challenging for transgender women, who often feel bound by standards of femininity in ways that can land differently than for cisgender women. → Read More

Disney employee walkout holds CEO Bob Chapek’s feet to the fire over Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill

"All eyes are on you Disney, how you choose to proceed will decide whether you remain culturally relevant or become a relic of the past," said one upset employee. → Read More

WWII was on the radio, Vietnam on TV. Here's how TikTok is changing the landscape of war reporting in Ukraine.

“TikTok seems like the perfect medium to not cover a war,” says one expert. “War has a set of complexities that TikTok is not known for being able to communicate." But there are advantages, too, such as access. → Read More

Disney called out for 'funding hate,' turning its back on Florida's LGBTQ youth

This is not the first time that a Disney company has been called out for making donations to anti-LGBTQ causes. → Read More

Laverne Cox only recently began telling the truth about her age. Here's why so many can relate: 'Ageism is still an acceptable prejudice'

"The main reason women lie about their age is fear," Jennifer Romolini, who co-hosts the "Everything Is Fine" podcast, tells Yahoo Life. → Read More

'Those 2 strands of hair bound us all together': Here's what the popular women's snowboarding hairstyle is all about.

The hairstyle has been the look on the slopes for many years now, embraced, no doubt, since the sport had always been dominated by men. → Read More

Queer youth are embracing a flood of labels, from 'aceflux' to 'xenogender.' Here's why.

“It’s almost like these labels allow you to really embrace who you are and feel pride about things that you might not have felt pride about before." → Read More

Michael K. Williams advocated for ending the war on drugs. Now activists say arrests of dealers tied to OD death 'is not what he would want'

Some shared exasperation over the continued attempt to “arrest our way out of this,” while others pointed out the “irony” of the situation, considering the pro-harm-reduction beliefs held by the actor himself. → Read More

Does 'Euphoria' cause 'potential negative consequences' for teens? Experts say it depends: 'genetics, temperament, life experiences.'

D.A.R.E. warns that the risky situations depicted in the teen drama starring Zendaya bring “potential negative consequences” to the real-life teens who watch it. Here's what other experts say. → Read More

Rebel Wilson and Adele say losing weight has made them happy. But some fans feel angry and 'betrayed.' Here's why.

For many who looked up to these stars for being comfortable in their skin — and for learning to love their own larger bodies as a result — watching the celebs go on to shed weight can feel like the ultimate betrayal. → Read More

Why the kid interview series 'Recess Therapy' is an Instagram hit: 'Positive, but not dishonest'

"I felt like my parents really didn't treat me like a kid in a lot of ways," 'Recess Therapy' creator and host says of how his own upbringing has influenced the series. "They really respected me in a way that I try to do with the kids that I talk to.” → Read More

Mom says daughter brought home letter from school offering shapewear to girls struggling with body image: 'Baffling'

The mom's Facebook post included a photo of a permission slip sent home from school counselors — to receive “healthy literature” as well as “shapewear, bras and other health products.” → Read More

Your holiday 'free returns' may be part of over 5 billion pounds of landfill waste: 'Mother Earth foots the bill'

It might seem counterintuitive for companies to junk their own products, but, experts explain, the high expense of dealing with returns actually makes it more profitable to not deal with them at all. → Read More