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Past articles by Christopher:

Air Force special operators are learning new tricks to fight in the tough Arctic environment

As military activity in the Arctic increases, the U.S. Air Force expects to play major role, and its special operators are already adapting to the region's challenging conditions → Read More

What to know about Trump's promise to end the 'endless wars'

While Trump works to fulfill a 2016 campaign promise, the reality of ending the "endless wars" in the Middle East is more complex. → Read More

B-52 bombers are 'competing every day' over Europe to send a message to Russia, top Air Force officers say

A flurry of U.S. Air Force activity over Europe in recent weeks is meant to reassure allies and signal to Russia that it won't interfere with those relationships, the head of planning for U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Africa said Tuesday → Read More

Preparing for future wars means getting ready for World War II-level losses, the Air Force's top officer says

The superiority the U.S. Air Force has enjoyed in skies around the world for the past three decades is coming to an end, the service's new top officer said in his first major strategic document, published this week → Read More

The Marine Corps' big force restructuring means changes to what it stashes in secret caves in Norway

A major Marine Corps force redesign is bringing big changes that could soon filter down to a secretive cave complex in Norway that the Corps has used since the Cold War → Read More

The US and NATO are boosting their presence in a hotspot for military activity near Russia

U.S. European Command will "now be able to rotate units in perpetuity in multiple locations," including the Black Sea, which "dramatically improves our operational capability," Gen. Tod Wolters said → Read More

The Navy is putting 'the proper equipment' back on its ships to operate in harsh Arctic conditions

After decades focused on other regions, the Navy has been increasing its presence in the Arctic as it grows more accessible to economic activity and, in turn, to broader strategic competition with rivals like Russia and China → Read More

The US is looking away from the Middle East, but it's keeping a wary eye on what China is doing there

After decades of fighting insurgencies in the Middle East, the U.S. is shifting toward "long-term, strategic competition" with "revisionist powers" — Russian and China — even as U.S. troops remain on the ground from Syria to Afghanistan → Read More

India's deadly showdown with China could lead to rising tensions at sea

The recent showdown could contribute to 'a tectonic shift in India's security calculus.'" → Read More

Navy submarines ventured back into the Arctic for training as Russia kept watch

This year's Ice Exercise was nothing new of the Seawolf-class fast-attack sub USS Connecticut, which also participated in the 2018 version of the biennial Arctic exercise → Read More

A Navy submariner explains the fine art of smashing through Arctic ice

"Due to under-ice operations, you can't be moving forward. You have to go up at zero speed and straight to the ice." → Read More

The B-1B bomber's days may be numbered, but the Air Force is still keeping it busy

If the Air Force gets its way, the B-1B Lancer will soon be on its way out of the fleet, but its potential departure doesn't mean any less work for the bomber → Read More

Here's how the Air Force plans on keeping the U-2 spy plane high above the battlefield for decades to come

The Air Force's U-2 has been keeping an eye on the planet's hot spots for 60 years, and with a $50 million contract the service awarded in April, the U-2 will not only be able to peer at adversaries but also better support friendly forces for decades to come → Read More

The Air Force is re-doing its search for Space Command headquarters — here's what it takes to get picked

The Air Force is still looking for a permanent home for U.S. Space Command and the 1,400 personnel who will work there. → Read More

The Air Force's secretive X-37B space plane is headed back into orbit. Here's what it'll be doing up there

The U.S. military's X-37B space plane is heading back into space in mid-May, and while the Air Force doesn't often say much about the mysterious aircraft, the service's top civilian outlined what it will be doing this time around → Read More

What it was like in the room when Nazi Germany surrendered to end WWII in Europe

When German and Allied military officials gathered again in Berlin near midnight on May 8 to sign surrender documents, the atmosphere in the room was laden with emotional and political weight. → Read More

The Navy just sent surface ships deep into the Arctic for the first time in 30 years in a message to Russia

The U.S. and British navies sailed into the Barents Sea to conduct maritime security operations in the Arctic Ocean, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa said in a release Monday → Read More

How the COVID-19 pandemic could leave 'a profound economic impact' on the Pentagon

The Pentagon's top acquisition official said this week that the Defense Department expects the economic impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on supply chains to delay major weapons programs for three months → Read More

The Navy's newest aircraft carrier just crushed a major operational milestone despite the threat of COVID-19

Off the East Coast this month, the Navy's newest aircraft carrier, the first-in-class USS Gerald R. Ford, reached several major milestones in a matter of hours, marking the advancement of the carrier's crew and its systems. → Read More

With COVID-19 spreading, the US military is dealing with a social-distancing problem

Military leaders have scrambled to alter the force's behavior to insulate their troops, but the nature of the military, that of a massed force working in close quarters, is a limitation on those efforts. → Read More