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Past articles by Jasper:

Western-owned Russian firm helps sites pushing false news profit from ads

Yandex-delivered ads found alongside misinformation and propaganda about Ukraine on Russian-language news sites → Read More

Facebook ‘lets vigilantes in Ethiopia incite ethnic killing’

Social media giant accused of inaction after users post ‘horrifying and hateful content’ → Read More

Nike and Amazon among brands advertising on Covid conspiracy sites

Household names may have unwittingly helped spread fake news, investigation reveals → Read More

Complaints over BBC coverage of Prince Philip's death expose its no-win role in the culture wars

What would be best for the BBC, and its audiences, would be if we stopped viewing it as a proxy battleground for our cultural and political divides → Read More

Facebook ‘still too slow to act on groups profiting from Covid conspiracy theories’

Over 100 Instagram accounts are promoting dangerous antivax views and selling ‘detox’ products, investigation finds → Read More

Facebook letting fake news spreaders profit, investigators claim

Social network allowing dangerous Covid theories to be shared, says Bureau of Investigative Journalism → Read More

Why the Guardian is cutting back its most popular edition

The newspaper has announced plans to cut 180 jobs, and a number of supplements from its Saturday issue. → Read More

Why is the New York Times threatening to reveal blogger Scott Alexander’s true identity?

There is no obvious justification for naming the writer and psychiatrist but we shouldn’t rush to judgement without all the facts. → Read More

Why journalists don’t need to be more “positive” or “supportive” of the government

The public may not like the questions reporters ask at No 10 press briefings, but their scrutiny of ministers is more essential than ever. → Read More

The damage from pandemic misinformation goes beyond vandalised phone masts

While anti-5G conspiracy theorists attack infrastructure vital to hospitals, other fake stories are embedding dangerous behaviour. → Read More

Coronavirus has made news essential – but it could force the closure of newspapers

Social distancing will accelerate the decline of the print sales that have sustained many media organisations. → Read More

The arrival of Times Radio is as much about politics as media competition

As Rupert Murdoch’s new venture poaches BBC presenters, what does the future of British broadcasting look like? → Read More

Separating fact from falsehood is harder than ever — and it's polluting our politics

The Conservative Party's fake fact-checking brand underlines how competing versions of the truth are corroding democracy. → Read More

The BBC’s pursuit of unobtainable impartiality is failing its audiences

Reprimanding staff for confronting abhorrent views is an unsustainable position for the public broadcaster. → Read More

Should the Sun have unearthed a decades old “private tragedy” in Ben Stokes’ family?

Even those used to the Sun's salacious reporting may baulk at uncovering such personal pain. → Read More

Marie Claire changed with its audience, but it couldn’t escape the media’s troubles

Few women's magazines will survive the economics of the web. → Read More

Netflix’s model means it makes shows no one else would. It also means it’ll cancel them

The cancellation of The OA after two seasons could be just the start of a distressing pattern for TV fans. → Read More

Cabinet audit: What does Nicky Morgan's appointment to Culture Media and Sport mean for policy?

The political and policy-based implications of the new Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. → Read More

Assange’s embassy stay looks set to end with an extradition flight in the wrong direction

And that could have worrying implications for the free press. → Read More

The problem with Apple’s plan to sell services rather than gadgets

The pivot to launching tangible services for news, TV gaming and even credit is all very well, but the company will have a hard time escaping its reliance on hardware. → Read More