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Past articles by Daniel:

Andrew Cuomo, Serial Killer

In an opening night convention speech stunning for the depth and breadth of its chutzpah and hypocrisy, New York governor Andrew Cuomo ignored his own criminal negligence in ushering patients infected with the Chinese Wuhan virus into New York nursin... → Read More

Joe Biden, Susan Rice, and Seal Team Six

Benghazi liar and former U.N. ambassador Susan Rice has seemingly risen to the top of Joe Biden’s VP list, which would make a unique pairing of someone who can’t tell the truth and someone who can’t remember the truth. One of the... → Read More

Susan Rice Lies Again

Susan Rice was a little less ubiquitous this time around than during her infamous five-talk-show world tour repeating the lie that the Benghazi terrorist attack was the fault of an inflammatory video and not due to the criminal negligence of Presiden... → Read More

Is Christopher Wray Protecting Andrew McCabe?

Christopher Wray may also be suffering from his own lack of candor in his reasons for hiding McCabe’s text messages. → Read More

Is Chicago a Gun Crime Sanctuary City?

Chicago is a sanctuary city run by gangs who battle for turf in drug wars fueled by Mexican drug cartels. → Read More

Michael Mann's Tree-Ring Circus

Michael Mann has found out that facts are stubborn things and tree rings don't always ring true. → Read More

Jeffrey Epstein: Another Clinton-related 'suicide'

For now, Jeffrey Epstein's death is officially a suicide, but something still smells fishy. → Read More

End Planned Parenthood's White Supremacy

If the Democrats such as Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are truly concerned about white nationalism, they should help Trump defund and shut down the white supremacists at Planned Parenthood. → Read More

Warren's 'Faith' Requires Human Sacrifices

Warren’s more subdued demeanor seems to have positioned her as the new adult in the room. → Read More

Harris and Warren Call Cops Murderers

Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are continuing Obama’s war on cops. → Read More

Both Ohrs in Troubled Water

If there was ever any doubt about the depth and extent of the deep-state coup against both candidate and President Donald J. Trump and the number of deep-state actors attempting to thwart the will of the American people, it vanished with the release of partially redacted copies of former Deputy Atty. Gen. Bruce Ohr’s FBI 302 reports (interview summaries) on Thursday evening obtained by Judicial… → Read More

Fox Veers Left

Fox News jumps on the anti-Trump bandwagon just as the wheels fall off. → Read More

Mueller and Comey: A Cozy Relationship

The financial relationship between two former FBI directors, James Comey and Robert Mueller, goes a long way towards explaining their joint animus to President Trump and their passionate desire to bring down his presidency. → Read More

Cruz: Build Kate's Wall with El Chapo's Money

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has resurrected his idea of using any and all assets to be seized from El Chapo’s massive stash be used to build Trump’s border wall. → Read More

Render unto Caesar, Speaker Pelosi

Funny how Catholic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t invoke her Christian conscience when she supports her caucus’s abortion-until-birth infanticide policy, the ultimate separation of mother from child. → Read More

Sex, Lies, and Epstein/Clinton Flight Logs

Jeffrey Epstein is facing a 45-year prison sentence for his sex-trafficking adventures. Will he flip on Bill Clinton? → Read More

Bill Clinton: Frequent Flyer on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express'

Given Bill Clinton’s track record and Epstein’s expertise on procurement, one doubts it was to solicit donations to the Clinton Foundation. → Read More

Willie Brown's Ex-Girlfriend Opposes School Choice

For Kamala Harris, the ends have always justified the means. → Read More

SCOTUS Loses Its Census over Citizenship

Restoring the citizenship question to the Census is not unprecedented, not unconstitutional, and absolutely necessary to help restore our national identity. → Read More

Dossier 2.0 -- Mueller's 'Black Cash' Ledger

Robert Mueller has not been honest with the American people about the alleged Manafort ledger. → Read More