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Past articles by Dr:

The GPT-3 Model: What Does It Mean for Chatbots and Customer Service?

OpenAI just released GPT-3, a new generative language model that is bigger than GPT-2. What does it mean for chatbots and customer service? → Read More

How Blockchain Can Prevent the Spread of Fake News

Fake news floods the internet and new technologies have raised the specter for it, but blockchain can be used to fight misinformation. → Read More

AI journalism: possibilities, limitations, and outcomes

AI journalism is rapidly gaining traction and while AI journalists are improving every day, there is still much need for human journalists. → Read More

Why Digital Transformation Has Become a Prerequisite for Success

Digital transformation is now a prerequisite for companies and organisations need to move from doing digital to being digital. → Read More

The Data Organisation is Here to Stay, and Organisations are Finally Aware of It

Covid-19 made clear that every organisation needs to digitally transform their business. The data organisation is here to stay. → Read More

In Data-Driven Organisations, IT should be the Driver for Innovation

The IT department and the CIO can drive innovation within an organisation, and they should take the lead when it comes to innovation. → Read More

Mass Hysteria Surrounds COVID-19 Tracking Apps, and We Are Sleepwalking to State Surveillance

COVID-19 tracking apps are a privacy disaster. We are sleepwalking towards mass surveillance, which we will regret in the future. → Read More

Token Financing: How Tokenization Will Change the Economy

Token financing will change the world economy and decentralised finance will open up the financial system to anyone around the world. → Read More

How to Develop Conversational AI for Your Business

Conversational AI offers a great way for organisations to improve their business. Here are seven steps to developing your chatbot. → Read More

Why Tokens Matter and How to Clarify a Path Towards Tokenisation

Crypto tokens are here to stay. Regulators should develop clear regulation to attract investments as tokenomics will change the economy. → Read More

7 Blockchain Challenges to be Solved before Large-Scale Deployment

When organisations adopt new technologies, the context of that technology plays an important role. How people deal with the material properties of new technology is informed by their previous… → Read More

The Database of Tomorrow: The Self-Driving, Autonomous Database

The autonomous database offers the organisation of tomorrow the opportunity to achieve maximum output from their data and analytics. → Read More

Why Blending Data Analytics and Gut-Feeling Benefits your Business

Design thinking, a process of data analytics and experience-based decision making, can offer significant benefits to your business. → Read More

How Blockchain Could Contribute to Ending Poverty in All Its Forms

Technological advancements have reduced global poverty significantly in the past 100 years. Although many people have been able to leave poverty due to this, however, still more than 1.3 billion… → Read More

How Simple Economics and Technology Can Help Fight Climate Change

Climate change is a wicked problem, but thanks to some simple economics and technology we might be able to fight climate change together. → Read More

Algorithms are Black Boxes, That is Why We Need Explainable AI

Algorithms are black boxes that do not know what they do not know, as such we need Explainable AI to reduce bias and discrimination in AI. → Read More

Why Blockchain is Quickly Becoming the Gold Standard for Supply Chains

Supply chains are complex processes, but blockchain is becoming the gold standard to make these networks more resilient and transparent. → Read More

Seven Guidelines to Ensure Ethical AI

The EU has released seven artificial intelligence guidelines to create ethical AI that is lawful, trustworthy and robust. → Read More

A Distributed Future: Where Blockchain Technology Meets Organisation Design and Decision-making

Blockchain has the potential to transform organisation design and decision-making due to its decentralised and distributed characteristics. → Read More

5 Blockchain Benefits for the Financial Services Industry

How and why blockchain and decentralised and distributed technologies offer multiple and important benefits for the finance industry. → Read More