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Past articles by David:

Debunking Biden’s Malarkey: 7 Ways He Added $6 Trillion to Deficits

President Joe Biden has a long, well-documented history of telling tall tales. Accordingly, it was not a surprise that his State of the Union address Feb. 7 included many misleading and inaccurate claims. → Read More

House Republicans Must Change Course on Wasteful Spending

This holiday season, working families across America are struggling through the worst bout of inflation in decades. A typical household has lost more than $7,000 in purchasing power since January 2021 due to prices rising faster than incomes. The primary cause of this inflation has been dramatic increases in federal spending—financed through excessive borrowing and unprecedented money printing.… → Read More

House Republicans’ Next Opportunity to Drain Swamp by Banning Earmarks

House Republicans will vote soon on whether to bring back the ban on budget earmarks, which are a way for members of Congress to dole out favors using taxpayer money. Ending earmarks would be an excellent opportunity for the new House majority to combat the wasteful and corrupt political culture that has infected the nation’s capital and is strangling the economy. → Read More

In 5 Charts, How Heritage’s Budget Blueprint Would Clean Up Washington’s Mess

It’s no secret that the federal government’s finances are a wreck. → Read More

5 Reasons Biden’s Student Loan Scheme Is Terrible, Corrupt Idea

There’s a long list of reasons why the the Biden administration’s scheme to write off upward of $20,000 per person in student loan debt, announced Aug. 24, is a terrible and corrupt idea: → Read More

Biden Administration Uses Infrastructure Spending for Partisan Political Benefit

Congress voted on a massive infrastructure spending bill last fall. → Read More

These 7 Charts Show Why Congress Must Get Spending Under Control Immediately

Millions of American families are reeling from the worst wave of inflation in more than four decades. Reduced purchasing power and shortages of basic goods, such as baby formula, have caused consumer confidence to hit record lows. → Read More

New Charts Reveal Harms of Biden’s Budget-Busting Binge

The harmful effects of excessive government spending have become the most pressing issue for Americans due to the worst inflation surge in decades. Washington’s reckless choice to pump trillions of dollars into the economy is the reason we face more inflation than other top economies around the world. → Read More

Biden Administration Implements a Racial Spoils System

The Biden administration is doubling down on the color-conscious policies that were the hallmark of its first year in office through a series of “action plans,” which it released through every executive bureaucracy last month. Only this time, in a bid to avert legal reversals, the administration is concealing its racial spoils system under bureaucratic euphemisms. → Read More

President Biden’s “Equity Action Plans” Reveal Radical, Divisive Agenda

In April, the Biden Administration announced a series of wide-ranging “Equity Action Plans” across the federal bureaucracy, part of the unprecedented push for color-conscious policies that it has sought since President Joe Biden’s first day in office. → Read More

Despite Raging Inflation, Congress Bent on Continuing Spending Spree

Inflation, which was already a problem at the start of the year, is now reaching levels not seen in decades. Real wages are down 4.5% since President Joe Biden took office, and inflation is hitting all 50 states. → Read More

Washington’s Devious Detours for Drivers

In November, Congress continued its seemingly endless spending spree by passing a 1,039-page infrastructure package. Its price tag? A staggering $1.2 trillion. Yes, it increases the federal deficit and debt. And, yes, it will fuel inflation. Still, one would like to think that the spending at least would greatly improve the nation’s highways and bridges. Unfortunately, flaws in the legislation… → Read More

8 Varieties of Rancid Pork in Latest Spending Bill

The insane spending spree that Congress has gone on since the start of the pandemic is one of the central causes of today’s brutal inflation. → Read More

5 Biden Transportation Potholes Making Motorists’ Lives Miserable

Just a few months ago, Washington celebrated the passage of a bloated infrastructure bill. Supporters trotted out tired claims about fixing “crumbling roads and bridges” using gobs of taxpayer money. → Read More

Gas Prices: Policy Gimmicks Are No Solution

Americans today are paying record prices for gasoline. The average domestic price for regular gasoline rose from $2.39 per gallon in January 2021 to $3.48 per gallon during the week before Russia’s second invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, an increase of 37 percent. → Read More

Road to Nowhere: How Biden and Congress Detour Highway Funds

The bulk of federal infrastructure spending flows through the Highway Trust Fund (HTF), which was established by the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956.REF The fund was initially focused on facilitating a full nationwide grid of highways. → Read More

After 2 Years, We Don’t Need Nationwide Travel Mandates to Control COVID-19

Although we’ve seen significant progress in preventing and treating severe cases of COVID-19, thanks to vaccines and therapeutics, we still face a raging debate over remaining governmental restrictions, including those on personal travel. → Read More

Congress’ Wasteful Spending Spree Must End With Infrastructure Bill

Last weekend, the House finally passed the nearly $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. The vote followed months of tedious back-and-forth drama between various factions within the Democratic Party. → Read More

9 Examples That Show Why Democrats’ Revised Spending Bill Is Still Awful

House Democrats unveiled an updated version of their social spending package on Oct. 28. Weighing in at 1,684 pages, and with trillions of dollars in taxing and spending, it is one of the largest legislative proposals in history. >>> Budget Reconciliation Tracker → Read More

8 Ridiculous “Green New Deal” Programs in Democrats’ Bloated Spending Bill

Both chambers of Congress are focused on a raging debate over whether to pass a 2,465-page, $3.5 trillion tax-and-spend bill. With the legislation almost guaranteed to have no Republican support, different factions of Democrats are locking horns over the bill’s fate. → Read More