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Past articles by Npr:

Saving California's Kelp Forest May Depend On Eating Purple Sea Urchins

Purple sea urchins are devouring the kelp forest off California's coast. To help the forest survive, researchers are trying to make these urchins a delicacy on menus at seafood restaurants. → Read More

Holy Guacamole! Avocados Are Pricey And It's The Pits

Increased U.S. demand (thanks a lot, avocado toast) and a decreased California crop have nearly doubled the price of the green fruits. Restaurants are feeling the shortage; some are faking the guac. → Read More

If We All Ate Enough Fruits And Vegetables, There'd Be Big Shortages

Two new studies urge revamping the food system to feed the growing population and protect the planet. → Read More

Mixing Alcohol And Sun? Beware, A Buzz Begets A Faster Burn

Drinking alcohol is linked to an increased risk of skin cancer. Part of the risk may be explained by the direct effect that alcohol has on antioxidant levels in the skin, which can hasten a sunburn. → Read More

The Food Business Incubator That Helps Immigrant Women Pursue The American Dream

Since 2005, San Francisco's La Cocina has helped low-income entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Some went on to recognition from the prestigious James Beard awards. A new book tells their stories. → Read More

Seafood Without The Sea: Will Lab-Grown Fish Hook Consumers?

The seafood industry has some well-publicized problems: from overfishing to contaminants that make their way into fish. Now, a handful of startups aim to offer a "clean" alternative grown from cells. → Read More

Need A Can't-Miss Wheel Of Cheese? Try Playing It Some Hip-Hop

Researchers exposed cheese to different genres of music for 24 hours a day over six months to find out that hip-hop might create the tastiest cheese. → Read More

Commentary: 4 Ways To Reduce Plastics And Other Single-Use Disposables In Your Kitchen

From sandwich bags to paper towels, food prep and storage is rife with products destined for the landfill. Here's how one food writer cut back on waste without sacrificing modern conveniences. → Read More

California Chef Aims To Help Restaurant Workers Prevent Suicide

The restaurant business can be tough on your mental health, and has led some chefs to suicide. Chef Patrick Mulvaney is helping Sacramento kitchen workers learn the warning signs and ask for help. → Read More

Nobody Is Moving Our Cheese: American Surplus Reaches Record High

Americans consumed almost 37 pounds per capita in 2017, but that wasn't enough to reduce the country's 1.4 billion-pound cheese surplus. The stockpile of cheese started to build several years ago. → Read More

Ancient Japanese Food Craft Brings Persimmons To American Palates

A traditional Japanese preparation of persimmons called hoshigaki is starting to trend in the U.S. thanks to social media. It turns ordinary persimmons into the Kobe beef of fruits. → Read More

Like Moths To A Flame: Why Modern-Day Guests Always Gather In The Kitchen

Holiday season is party season. Hosts decorate their homes with trees, flowers and candles in the windows to make them cozy and festive. Yet so many parties end up in the kitchen. Why? → Read More

Climate Change Could Make Beer Prices Double, Study Says

The price of a six-pack in the U.S. could rise by $1 to $8 because of drought and heat. As one of the researchers says, it's "another way climate change wi → Read More

Yogurt May Not Be So Healthy If It's Pumped Full Of Sugar

A study of some 900 yogurts sold in supermarkets in the U.K. found a shocking amount of sugar is hiding in this so-called healthy food, particularly in organic yogurts. → Read More

Father-Son Duo Turns Ruined Grapes Into Tasty Aid For Napa Fire Victims

The Cates family has been turning excess wine grapes into raisins as a way to reduce food waste. Since last year's devastating fires in California's wine-growing region, they've expanded. → Read More

Doctors Should Send Obese Patients To Diet Counseling, Panel Says. But Many Don't

Behavior-based weight-loss programs that focus on diet and exercise can work for obese patients, a national panel of experts says. But many doctors aren't having the necessary conversations. → Read More

Deaf-Owned Eateries Forge Path To Fight Joblessness Among Those With Hearing Loss

There are few employment opportunities for deaf or hearing-impaired people. But funding, training and business partnerships with deaf-friendly establishments are slowly helping to turn that around. → Read More

Leave It To Botanists To Turn Cooking Into A Science Lesson

Why do artichokes look so strange? What makes okra so slimy – and how can science help you turn that attribute into a taste sensation? Two botanists take plant science into the kitchen. → Read More

Haute Pot: How High-End California Chefs Are Cashing In On Marijuana

From TV series to cookbooks to cannabis-infused menus at upscale restaurants, pot cuisine is becoming an increasingly lucrative niche — and state and local laws are struggling to catch up. → Read More

Don't Bug Out! The Smithsonian Channel Is Going To Show You How To Cook Insects

Dried Manchurian scorpions? Think softshell crabs. Crickets? They're not far from crawfish. A new series aims to showcase the flavors of edible insects — prized ingredients in parts of the world. → Read More