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Recent articles by Jennifer:

Can this bird self-medicate with plants to kill parasites? Researchers think so

Great bustards in Spain appear to eat certain plant species more during mating season. Researchers think the birds are self-medicating to fight off parasites. → Read More

Earth-like clouds on Mars reveal a striking similarity between the planets

Dust storms at the Martian north pole will sometimes kick up clouds that looks similar to ones on Earth. Scientists finally figured out why. → Read More

Meteorite hunters: How amateur sleuths track down some of the oldest known pieces of the universe

Every year, meteorite falls happen across the globe. Finding them is an arduous and sometimes dangerous task, but these citizen scientists enjoy the challenge. → Read More

Transparent eels and fanged fish: 10 deep-sea monsters captured in a new expedition

After 35 days on board the research vessel Investigator, Australian scientists uncovered numerous deep-sea creatures from off the Cocos Islands shore. → Read More

Look: New telescope image captures towering star nursery in terrific detail

Just 2500 light years from Earth, the towering Cone Nebula dazzles viewers with its towering presence in a new ESO imaged by the Very Large Telescope. → Read More

Watch: Video reveals a strange, never-recorded behavior in octopuses

Researchers discovered that a species of octopus will use its siphon to throw debris, sometimes directing blasts at neighbors. → Read More

Beaver Blood Moon: 9 breathtaking images of November's lunar eclipse

In the early morning hours of Nov. 8, the Moon slunk into Earth's shadow. It was the last total lunar eclipse until 2025, and the Moon appeared red in the sky. → Read More

Shocking report finds more than a dozen famous sites will lose their glaciers by 2050

A recent UNESCO study revealed over a dozen World Heritage at risk of losing their glaciers by 2050, and others on track to melt at extraordinary rates. → Read More

Tonga volcano spewed ash a whopping 35 miles into the air, setting a new record

Researchers confirmed that the January eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai created the tallest ash plume on record, and was the first to reach the mesosphere. → Read More

Look: Telescope captures the ghostly view of a nearby dying star

A new portrait of the Vela supernova remnant made its debut on Halloween, courtesy of the European Southern Observatory's VLT Survey Telescope. → Read More

Look: JWST imaged a galaxy cluster that could help solve a dark matter mystery

An ancient, powerful quasar turned out to be surrounded by nearby galaxies, helping JWST piece together the history of galaxy formation. → Read More

Look: Underwater Mayan ruins reveal secrets of an ancient salt trade

A submerged Mayan site in modern-day Belize would have been a hotspot for salt production at a time when the empire was rapidly expanding. → Read More

Watch a black hole barf a jet stream of matter on its galactic neighbor

Galaxy RAD12 houses a supermassive black hole that spits radio jets at a galactic neighbor. It could help solve a longstanding mystery about star formation. → Read More

Watch: Cannibal mosquito larvae acrobatically snatch prey in stunning videos

For the first time, scientists captured hi-res footage of mosquito larvae eating their evolutionary cousins in a battle for survival. → Read More

Hurricane Ian: 11 shocking images show September's worst storms from space

Hurricanes Ian and Fiona both slammed the U.S. this month. Satellites kept a watchful eye as these storms and more hit land in September. → Read More

Researchers finally know how many ants are crawling the Earth right now

Scientists crunched the numbers and figured out how many individual ants are on the planet: roughly 20 quadrillion. → Read More

Behold! This stunning supernova is only a few hundred years old

During the 14th century, a supernova in the nearby Large Magellanic Cloud burst into view on Earth -- and we can still see it glowing in the sky today. → Read More

5 astronomical events you can't miss in September 2022

The Harvest Moon and fall equinox are upon us. Keep your eye on the sky for 5 stunning cosmic events in September 2022. → Read More

Pakistan floods: 8 satellite images show a climate catastrophe from space

Over 30 million people have been affected by drastic flooding in Pakistan. Overflowing rivers and waterlogged homes can be seen from space. → Read More

Behold! Telescope image captures a dusty dance from merging galaxies

A new image of galaxy NGC 7727 reveals long dusty arms left behind from a galactic merger and a glowing center that hosts two black holes. → Read More