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Recent articles by Jennifer:

Tarantula Nebula: Stunning image reveals spindles of cold gas in a nearby galaxy

Inside the Tarantula Nebula, gravity fights with feedback from new stars. → Read More

Watch: Miniature frogs faceplant after leaping. Scientists finally discover why

Miniature Brachycephalus frogs are known to faceplant after leaping, and new research explains why they are so clumsy. → Read More

Where did domestic chickens come from? A new study reveals the origins of the modern fowl

A team of researchers traced the origins of chicken domestication to human-made rice fields in Thailand. → Read More

Watch: Skydiving salamanders survive falls from redwood trees by gliding effortlessly

Scientists dropped wandering salamanders, native to California, into a wind tunnel to watch them glide. They used their tails and heads to steer in midair. → Read More

Look: Hidden fossils reveal a microscopic creature that may be resilient to climate change

During climate fluctuations millions of years ago, some phytoplankton seemed to die off. But new findings show they may have been there all along. → Read More

Blood Moon 2022: 8 breathtaking images of May’s total lunar eclipse

A red-tinged lunar eclipse captured the eye of stargazers and photographers from Germany to Brazil on the evening of May 15 and morning of May 16. → Read More

Watch: Shocking footage shows 2 North Carolina homes claimed by rising seas

Eroding coastlines allowed tides to creep dangerously close to beachside homes. This week, the sea toppled two houses in North Carolina. → Read More

Summer 2022: 3 U.S. states are most at risk for extreme temperature increases

Summer 2022 will be another scorcher — and many states will be prone to extreme temperatures starting in May. → Read More

Look: Explosive fireball leaves behind meteorites in Mississippi

On April 27, a fireball rattled the sky over Mississippi, raining down meteorites that people are now collecting outside the city of Natchez. → Read More

India's heatwaves: These maps put South Asia's scorching temperatures in perspective

A deadly heatwave is tearing through India and Pakistan as South Asia experiences some of its hottest temperatures on record. → Read More

Webb Telescope: 4 instruments are vital to unlocking stunning views of the cosmos

Behind the James Webb Space Telescope's primary mirror are the 4 vital instruments that allow it to see the universe in wavelengths invisible to the human eye. → Read More

This ancient creature developed feathers long before the dinosaurs

A pterosaur specimen from Brazil could rewrite what we know about the evolution of feathers — and the relationship between pterosaurs and dinosaurs. → Read More

The Mayan calendar is older than we thought, researchers say

The discovery of a clear calendar date at a Preclassical Maya site shows that ancient peoples were using the calendar around 300 B.C. → Read More

Fungi might use an electric "language" to talk to each other, research says

One researcher explains that the electrical pulses created by fungi could be a language. → Read More

Strange, fossilized tracks reveal the footsteps of an injured dinosaur

In a new study, researchers analyzed the footsteps of an injured dinosaur and found that toe injuries may have been more common for theropods than previously known. → Read More

Look: Virtual reality brings Pompeii back to life and reveals hidden messages of ancient Rome

By reconstructing a lavish home that was buried in ash from Mount Vesuvius, researchers can understand how Roman architecture and art conveyed wealth and status. → Read More

Look: Miniature devices can float on the breeze like dandelion seeds

Weighing just 30 milligrams, these micro discs catch the breeze with ease. Researchers want to use them to monitor remote environments. → Read More

Lunar eclipses have one weird effect on birds

During a total lunar eclipse in 2019, researchers observed a sudden change in black swift behavior, showing that the birds are easily swayed by moonlight. → Read More

Look: Ancient cat-like creature was one of the first hypercarnivores on Earth

A new species of cat-like, carnivorous machaeroidine sheds light on the first mammals that evolved to eat mostly meat. → Read More

New study helps explain how the megalodon grew to terrifying sizes

Megalodon size correlated well with where they lived, discovered by looking at the latitudes the ancient shark relatives occupied. → Read More