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Recent articles by EJ:

Tuesday primaries show that Trumpism has metastasized

Mastriano's win in Pennsylvania demonstrates how far to the right the GOP’s electorate has veered. → Read More

We once thought big about ending hunger. Can we do it again?

Hosting a bipartisan conference on hunger at the White House could do some real good. → Read More

Republicans as ‘compassionate consensus builders’? Really?

The leaked NRSC memo makes you wonder if Republicans believe anything they say about abortion. → Read More

The Supreme Court’s anti-democratic actions extend far beyond Roe

The high court’s conservative majority has sabotaged all manner of democratically enacted laws. → Read More

Ohio’s U.S. Senate race pits a fake populist against a real one

Can a steadfastly pro-labor Democrat push aside Republican culture-war extremism? → Read More

Can Democrats knock Republicans off their two-faced midterm strategy?

They need to force Americans to confront what a vote for the GOP could lead to. → Read More

Our commitment to Ukraine will be tested. Americans must stay strong.

It’s hard to stick with a strategy that entails spending billions of dollars on behalf of a far-away people. → Read More

Macron wins one for democracy, but the far right still looms

French voters choose the center, but the nationalist politics of Marine Le Pen have gained ground. → Read More

The Jan. 6 committee and Merrick Garland must protect our endangered democracy

Worry about what may or may not look “political” is itself a political consideration that should not impede equal justice under the law. → Read More

This religious season reminds us of faith’s liberating promise

Those who preach a tight link between religion and conservatism are pushing people away. → Read More

Can the Brooklyn subway shooting help reform our shoddy politics on crime?

Our politics treat crime as an issue to be exploited, not a problem to be solved. → Read More

Macron wins a reprieve — for himself and liberal democracy

But a second-round face-off with far-right candidate Marine Le Pen looms, and in what might be a warning to Democrats in the United States, she played down her trademark issues of immigration and fear of Muslims and focused on the cost of living. → Read More

State by state, we divide further into a Red America and a Blue America

States are moving further and further away from each other in how they deal with health care, voting rights, climate change, abortion and other issues. → Read More

Collins’s lonely voice on Jackson shows how extreme the GOP has become

Extremism has become central to what it means to be a Republican. → Read More

Biden’s budget reflects the challenges Democrats face

The president knows he needs to shore up support at both ends of the alliance that elected him. → Read More

By trashing Jackson, the GOP magnified a right-wing court’s legitimacy problem

The Republicans not only engaged in self-besmirching behavior, they missed an opportunity to serve what should have been their larger goals. They will come to regret it. → Read More

What if everyone voted? The case for 100 percent democracy.

The first step toward ending our voting wars is to recognize that every citizen should play a role in shaping our nation’s destiny. → Read More

We say we love kids and families. Our policies prove the opposite.

Child care and other family issues are also an economic issues. → Read More

Zelensky reminds us that impunity is the enemy of justice

Allowing Russia’s aggression to succeed would mean ratifying a future that privileges power over justice. → Read More

The case for hopeful realism

Focus should be on what can be done, now, to deal with problems that moderates and liberals see as urgent. → Read More