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Past articles by Kiara:

Boris Johnson secretly married Carrie Symonds at Westminster Cathedral

Boris Johnson married Carrie Symonds at Westminster Cathedral in London on Saturday.No. 10 Downing Street confirmed to the BBC that a "small ceremony" took → Read More

Ted Cruz says San Antonio's decision to label the term 'Chinese virus' as hate speech is 'nuts'

The council also encouraged residents to report antisemitic and racist incidents that have been on the rise since the pandemic began. → Read More

Trump says he turned out the way that he did because he 'couldn't do any wrong' in his mother's eyes

The president has frequently praised his mother as being a key influence on his life decisions. She died in 2000 aged 88. → Read More

A map of which countries use imperial and which use the metric system around the world

In the UK we tend to measure our height in feet and inches, our beer in pints and our distances in kilometres. This is of course a random mix of imperial and metric measurement, something Reddit user Tyler1492 has helpfully illustrated. Sharing a map of the world, they highlighted which countries use the metric system in blue, and the ones that use imperial in red. The UK is highlighted… → Read More

The latest meme for the right-wing appears to be screenshots of Al Jazeera Arabic

Right-wing Twitter users appear to have been sharing screenshots from Al Jazeera Arabic to accuse their readers of 'laughing' at the Westminster attack. As the news site streamed footage of the aftermath on Facebook Live, users pointed out that some people were reacting with laughing and heart emojis. This was inevitably taken completely out of context. → Read More

Muslim lawyer shuts down troll who says there’s no ‘Christian version’ of Isis

Muslim lawyer Qasim Rashid has to deal with anti-Muslim trolls on a fairly regular basis. While that's unacceptable, he has admittedly got really good at shutting them down. Case in point; when a "white supremacist" DM'ed him to ask where "the Christian version of Isis" was. → Read More

Actor brings a kangaroo on stage, kangaroo punches him

An actor has sparked outrage after aggravating a kangaroo so much that it punched him during one of his comedy shows. Yeah, we're not sure how bringing a kangaroo to a comedy show seemed like a good idea either. Mike Epps, best known for playing drug dealer 'Black Doug' in The Hangover, was accused of animal cruelty for bringing the animal out on stage on a leash at the Festival of Laughs. → Read More

This tweet perfectly sums up the problem with Donald Trump’s wages

Donald Trump just announced that he has donated his first quarter salary to the National Park Service. All US presidents are entitled to a $400,000 salary, though Trump had previously stated before his election that he would not "take even one dollar" of it. Pleasingly, Sean Spicer confirmed that Mr Trump has followed through on his promise: → Read More

This man forgot an important detail before telling Spain to 'bring it on'

As the Gibraltar-Brexit debate continues, one man has made it abundantly clear that he's not giving up without a fight (for some reason). And while Theresa May has laughed off suggestions of going to war with Spain, others have not. Including this man: Bring it on Spain → Read More

This is what Love Actually's Octopus Boy looks like now

It's Red Nose Day today, meaning people are raising lots of money for a wonderful cause. On top of that - the Love Actually sequel is finally ready to debut tonight. To mark the joyous occasion, national treasure Kathy Burke has shared a then-and-now photo of her godson, who played Octopus Boy in the film back in 2003. → Read More

This CEO has a 'snowflake test' for 'whiny millennials'

Finding a job can be hard enough without being labelled a “whiny, entitled millennial”. Marketing CEO Kyle Reyes is so adamant about "weeding them out" of his company that he has introduced a “snowflake test” for prospective applicants. This is to ensure that he doesn’t accidentally end up employing any overly sensitive, liberal candidates who might be easily offended. → Read More

How to donate sanitary products to British girls who can't afford them

Earlier this month it was reported that girls across the UK are skipping school because they can't afford sanitary products. Sara Barrie, safer schools officer for West Yorkshire Police, told The Independent: → Read More

The one question that will let you instantly read someone's personality

If you're having a hard time reading someone, apparently asking them one particular question can reveal a whole lot about their personality. So the next time you're left wondering whether someone you know is secretly a terrible person, ask them what they think about someone else. → Read More

This U-shaped skyscraper is incredible

A New York design studio has created an incredible U-shaped skyscraper, hailed as the longest building in the world. ‘The Big Bend', which would sit on 'Billionaire’s Row' on 57th Street in Manhattan, was created to get around New York’s strict zoning laws. → Read More

Gary Lineker just had the best response to Fox News

Gary Lineker has shut down Fox News’ claims that Londoners are living in fear in the aftermath of the Westminster terror attack. On Wednesday afternoon, a police officer was stabbed and killed outside the Houses of Parliament shortly after a car ploughed into a crowd of people on Westminster Bridge. As Fox News discussed the attack, in which four people were killed and around 40 more were… → Read More

This person has a wild conspiracy theory that Australia doesn't really exist

A woman has shared an incredible conspiracy theory explaining why Australia does not exist. Yes, you read that correctly. Swedish Facebook personality Shelley Floryd shared a post - which has since gone viral - outlining her beliefs about the sixth largest country in the world, and they’re bizarre to say the least. As Ms Floryd puts it: If you think you've ever been to Australia, you're terribly… → Read More

This email sent by Trump headquarters is mind blowing

The Trump administration is no stranger to controversy. Their ongoing issues with bad press, allegations surrounding close ties with Russia and the albatross known as Trumpcare, all seem to be hampering the President's first 100 days in office (along with his approval ratings). However, it's a new email posted out by Trump headquarters that is causing the latest furore among American voters. → Read More

Woman gets stuck in lift, company asks if she needs help 7 months later

A woman went through a pretty stressful ordeal when she got trapped in a lift at the airport back in February. → Read More

This puppy and cheetah cub are going to be raised as brothers

An adorable 10-week-old cheetah cub and an equally adorable 7-week-old puppy have become unlikely companions. After getting pneumonia, cheetah cub Emmett was hand-reared at a conservation centre in Ohio for several weeks, and was then moved to Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. That’s when he picked Labrador puppy Cullen to be his "companion dog" and melted hearts everywhere. → Read More