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Past articles by Elhanan:

Could Ayman Odeh Determine Who Becomes Israel's Next Prime Minister? –

Israel’s Arab parties have never been part of the government coalition. But with elections just one month away, and the Zionist opposition in a frenzy to dethrone Benjamin Netanyahu, the country’s top Arab politician has begun imagining the unimaginable. “We’re only 20 percent of the Israeli population and can’t do it alone, but without us … → Read More

The Enigmatic Benny Gantz –

It took Benny Gantz an entire month to utter his first political word after registering his new party, Hosen L’Yisrael (the Israel Resilience Party), on Dec. 27. Gantz’s maiden speech, delivered to a crowd of supporters in Tel Aviv, was perfectly timed for the 8 o’clock evening news. Surrounded by white balloons with an olive-green … → Read More

The Message of Nas –

Nuseir Yassin, better known as Nas, is a Harvard graduate and a social media megastar with more than 10 million followers on Facebook. In 2016 he left his day job as a software developer to travel the world with his camera, documenting unique people and places through one-minute daily videos posted to Facebook, a journey … → Read More

Between War and Peace: An Interview With Senior Hamas Leader Husam Badran –

The festive signing of the Oslo Peace Accords in September 1993 found Husam Badran, a founding member of Hamas and later a director of the organization’s military wing, in Israel’s high security Nafha Prison, serving time for terror activities. His fellow security prisoners—jubilantly following the ceremony on TV—started packing their bags, expecting to be released … → Read More

Israel’s Failure to Support Syrian Rebels –

The worst injuries Raed sustained during his six years fighting the Assad regime were in late 2014. The car he was driving was hit by a mortar shell, leaving him with two broken legs and severe burns to the face and arms. “I found myself in a field on the Israeli side, a few feet … → Read More

Teaching Hebrew in Saudi Arabia –

A strange post made the rounds on Saudi Arabian social media in recent weeks. It claimed that the Israeli national anthem, “Hatikvah,” included a line lauding Jews for coming to the Land of Israel to intimidate the Canaanites, Babylonians, and Egyptians and chop their heads off. “Many people turned to me as a Hebrew expert … → Read More

Israeli Major Avichay Adraee Goes Head to Head with Hezbollah, on Facebook, in Arabic –

Last summer, members of Hezbollah developed the habit of tweeting greetings from their posts in Syria to loved ones back in Lebanon. One combatant, his face unseen in the photo, thought it funny to address Israeli army spokesman Maj. Avichay Adraee directly by holding up a cardboard sign: “We are ... → Read More

Jews Gather at Sumud Freedom Camp to Support Palestinian Outpost in the West Bank –

Eyal Shani arrived at Sumud Freedom Camp at midday, just as Fadhel Aamar was waking up, emerging from the shadowy cave he now inhabits. It was a hot and dusty Ramadan day, and Aamar had been up all night, chatting and eating with the Jewish American volunteers. Two days earlier, the IDF raided th... → Read More

Will Israeli Bedouins Choose the Army Over the Islamic Movement? –

The Israeli War of Independence was still raging when Sheikh Odeh Abu Muammar of the Bedouin Masoudin tribe penned an impassioned letter to the military commander of Be’er Sheva. “We ask the Israeli government to provide us with food, clothing, and weapons to properly defend ourselves against th... → Read More

Israel Provides a Third-World Education for Bedouin Children –

Wafa Abu Ammar was at work when the terrible phone call arrived. Her nephew had been shot and critically injured on the Egyptian border, she was told. She left everything and rushed to the hospital. Fifteen-year-old Nimr Abu Ammar had cut class to join his uncles at the construction site of the new ... → Read More

Fighting the ‘Patriarchal Deal’ Between the State of Israel and the Bedouin –

Two pictures adorn the wall of Insaf Abu Shareb’s fifth-floor law office in Be’er Sheva. One depicts a flock of doves flying over a Bedouin shantytown in the Negev desert, not unlike the one she grew up in. The other is a framed poster of Martin Luther King Jr.’s landmark speech at the March o... → Read More

The War For the Negev Comes to Um al-Hiran –

It’s the sense of betrayal that hurts residents of Um al-Hiran most. Um al-Hiran is one of 40 unrecognized Bedouin villages scattered across the northern Negev Desert that Israel seeks to relocate to seven permanent towns established between 1968 and 1996. The Abul-Qi’an clan, which has produ... → Read More

Do Haredim Deserve the Right to a Functional Modern Education in Israel? –

It was radio that rescued Chaim Rubinstein from the ultra-Orthodox world. As a 13-year-old boy growing up in the religious Tel Aviv suburb of Bnei Brak, Rubinstein would surreptitiously listen to talk radio using earphones he hid under his pillow. “I would tune into a program for teenagers, whe... → Read More

A Grassroots Org. Is Bringing Israelis and Palestinians Together to Learn Each Other’s History on the Ground –

BETHLEHEM -- As the bus approached Aaida Refugee Camp, Amichai Korda remembered the last time he was there. It was 2003, and Korda, a combat soldier in the 931st infantry battalion of the Nahal Brigade, had just finished medic’s training. The Second Intifada was in full swing, and the soldiers wer... → Read More

Why Mahmoud Abbas Is Israel’s Best Partner for Peace

Benjamin Netanyahu insists the Palestinian leader recognize the “Jewish state.” But he already did. → Read More

The Democratic and Republican Party Elites Have Both Collapsed. Is Fatah Next? –

It wasn’t big national issues that sent Sohaib Zahda into politics. When, earlier this year, the Palestinian Central Elections Commission slated Oct. 8 as the date for the municipal vote, the 33-year-old boxing coach and competitive cyclist saw an opportunity. He could manage and develop Hebron’... → Read More

Exclusive: The Druze Minister in Charge of Bibi's Secret Outreach to Arab States Speaks –

On the wall of his Knesset office, behind a large Israeli flag, Ayoob Kara has placed a framed Prayer for the State of Israel, given to him by the emergency response organization Zaka. “Wishing for quiet days,” reads the inscription on the backdrop of the Western Wall and a cheesy graphic of a w... → Read More

IDF Major Alaa Waheeb Is a True Lover of Zion –

Major Alaa Waheeb is a tough career officer in the Israel Defense Forces who bears a striking resemblance to Theodor Herzl. In addition to his looks, he shares a dream in common with Zionism’s founder. “For as long as I can remember,” he told me, “I’ve always had this dream: to be like eve... → Read More

Two States, One Homeland: The Promised Land of Isra-stine? –

Eliaz Cohen can hardly forget his annual school trips to Hebron as a teenager. One excursion, around the age of 13 or 14, was especially memorable. Cohen and his classmates from the bourgeois settlement of Elkana in western Samaria were meeting with Elyakim Haetzni, a secular leader in the settlemen... → Read More

Panic in Cleveland, Gay Pride in Jerusalem –

Noam Eyal was walking down Keren Hayesod street surrounded by fellow activists from the feminist student group Yerushlamiyot, when he felt something heavy push against his back. It was June 2015, and this was his third gay parade in downtown Jerusalem. Eyal had just crossed a small group of right-wi... → Read More