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Past articles by Kahron:

How Elana Meyers Taylor became U.S. bobsledding’s barrier-breaking quarterback

In Beijing, Elana Meyers Taylor faces yet another challenge. Fortunately, for Team USA and the world, she is an overcomer. → Read More

‘These companies will really do anything but give people raises’: Viral TikTok of Chili’s robot server sparks debate

Chili's has made the highly-controversial beginning leap into robot use, using a Bear Robotics-produced 'Servi' unit to deliver food. → Read More

‘I absolutely refuse to go to Colorado, I don’t care what they want to pay me’: Viral TikTok shows truckers allegedly boycott on behalf of Rogel Aguilera-Mederos

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos was sentenced to 110 years in prison for a 2019 accident that killed four people after the brakes on his truck failed. → Read More

‘The person who suggested it definitely knew it was a racial slur’: Black TikToker has to tell co-workers that ‘porch monkeys’ is a racist slur after someone suggests it for team name

A TikTok shows a Black woman having to tell her co-workers that 'porch monkeys' is a racist slur after someone suggested it for a team name. → Read More

‘No wonder it tastes warm even though it’s been in the fridge for 3 days’: Worker allegedly reveals how Gatorade is made in viral TikTok

The comments express a plentitude of viewpoints about Gatorade; much of them focused on plastic consumption and taste. → Read More

TikToker says Target let her steal $3,000 worth of stuff over several years ‘so they can actually send her to jail’

A TikToker claimed in a viral TikTok that Target let her steal $3,000 worth of goods 'so they can actually send her to jail.' → Read More

‘Jobs aren’t paying enough’: TikToker catches co-worker ‘panhandling,’ sparking debate

Many commenters refused empathy, suggesting the panhandling man was taking the easy way out, without understanding his circumstances. → Read More

Pizza Hut worker calls cops on Black customer after refusing to believe she already paid online, viral TikTok allegedly shows

A TikTok shows a Pizza Hut employee seemingly on the phone with police after refusing to believe a Black customer already paid for her food. → Read More

‘Shhh don’t tell anyone’: TikToker claims to have ‘cheat code’ after paying nearly $0 on gas in viral video

The TikToker's 'cheat code' isn't as secret as the initial video claims, though many wanted to know how to get cheaper gas. → Read More

‘I’m not going to be recorded and be harassed’: Customer fights with Starbucks barista over dropped change in drive-thru, sparking debate

A now-viral TikTok video shows a customer upset with a Starbucks barista over dropped change in a drive-thru. → Read More

‘You can clearly see I scanned it’: TikToker says Walmart’s new self-checkout technology accused him of stealing

TikToker Réjean Allen says Walmart's new self-checkout technology accused him of stealing in a viral video. → Read More

‘Service workers should be allowed to rock someone 3 times a day’: Duo tries to fight McDonald’s workers in drive-thru in viral TikTok

Per 11 Alive News, the row was 'allegedly over a Splenda packet for a customer's cup of coffee' as the McDonald's had run out of sweetener. → Read More

‘Could have gone to numerous homeless shelters’: Dumpster diver calls out Bed Bath & Beyond for spray-painting unsold bedding in viral TikTok

A viral TikTok video shows a dumpster diver's disappointment in finding thrown-away bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond spray-painted. → Read More

‘JUST CLOCKED OUT. I SURVIVED YALL STAY SAFE THOUGH’: Viral TikTok shows Starbucks workers overwhelmed with orders on ‘red cup day’

The 50% recycled reusable cup honors the 50th anniversary of Starbucks and can be claimed with holiday or fall beverage orders. → Read More

‘I don’t gang bang, sir. I’m Jewish‘: Cop doesn’t believe Black man has a Jewish tattoo, accuses him of being a ‘Gangster Disciple’

The police officer pointed at the driver's arm, likely at a Star of David tattoo, and accused the Black driver as a gang member. → Read More

‘If you want to do that sh*t, go to Chick-fil-A’: Starbucks worker put on blast for making ‘right-wing’ video while at work

A TikToker put a Starbucks worker on blast for her video about vaccines, mandates, racism, and former President Donald Trump. → Read More

‘Every single thing doesn’t need to be exploited for views’: Influencer criticized for filming her husband crying

An influencer is being criticized for seemingly secretly filming and posting a video of her husband crying while alone in their backyard. → Read More

‘Doing the lord’s work’: TikToker’s takedown of white guy wearing dreadlock wig goes viral

The Tiktoker, @nellyfurtadostan, appeared to have snatched the dreadlock wig without much of a contest of its wearer. → Read More

‘At least it’s real chicken’: Chick-fil-A worker prepares chicken nuggets in viral TikTok

A Chick-fil-A worker prepared the chain's famous chicken nuggets in a viral TikTok video posted in late October. → Read More

Karen threatens to fight another Starbucks customer after allegedly screaming at worker over order

The woman actually wanted to calm the entitled Karen down, but wound up charging her up into a fighting rage—over a coffee order. → Read More