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Past articles by Mamamia:

Now there’s one less thing to fight with your kids about.

We've got good news for any parent who’s ever fought their kids brushing their teeth (so, all of you). We know how to make it easy and fun. Hallelujah. → Read More

Women and finance: Why are we so afraid to talk about it?

Why does money make us squirm? That was the question at the Mamamia Choice Home Loans event, a night designed to end the taboo around women and finance. → Read More

Erika Heynatz on beauty, happiness and confidence.

You wouldn’t be able to tell from her glowing skin - but this model has committed so many skin crimes. We chat with Erika Heynatz on beauty and confidence. → Read More

Good news, everyone! Healthy ice cream DOES exist.

Healthy treats DO exist. Promise. Nutritionist Lee Holmes has come up with a cool dessert featuring Kakadu Plum that is not only healthy, but so damn tasty. → Read More

Are natural beauty products better? Here's the verdict.

Where can I find natural beauty products, do they actually work – and can I afford them? Watch to find out why it's a good thing for we women’s self-esteem. → Read More

The easiest way to beat that 3pm slump (no caffeine required).

The reasons to drink water are practically endless, but we'll start off slow with five. Two thirds of our body weight is water, so it makes sense to top up. → Read More

It's the idea that has more than 700,000 Aussie kids talking.

If your child is keen to learn about the environment at school Enviroweek could be the answer. Last year over 700,000 students took part in the celebration. → Read More

“My friends would laugh if they knew I ate at McDonald’s."

Mamamia’s Monique Bowley is a food snob. So getting her to try McDonald’s new burger range was an eye opener. And yes, takeaway food for snobs is out there. → Read More

It's time to get kids caring about the environment.

Today's kids are tomorrow's builders, scientists and politicians - it makes sense to teach them all we can about caring about the environment. Get on board. → Read More

Thinking about getting a home loan? Here are 5 essential tips.

Getting a home loan can be tricky. Not to worry, we chatted with Westpac property expert Melanie Evans and found 5 easy ways to get your home loan on track. → Read More

A video that's equal parts gross and fascinating? We're sold.

Dr Ginni Mansberg and Mamamia's Shelly Horton have a bare bones chat on the repercussions of dehydration. Equal parts gross and fascinating? We are so sold. → Read More

Forcing a committed vegetarian to eat at McDonald’s sounds pretty nasty, right?

As it turns out, a burger doesn't need a big, juicy meat pattie to be delicious. McDonalds for vegetarians is now a thing. Yes, we were very surprised too. → Read More

Even Kate Waterhouse's 'bad' hair days are better than ours.

"Kate Waterhouse has the kind of glossy, perfect hair that would even make the great Kate Middleton jealous." How? Find out her perfect hair secrets here. → Read More

WATCH: These kids' classroom activities are impressive.

Shelly Horton asked the kids at St Oliver Plunkett Primary School in Melbourne to come up with some cool inventions, to shake up their classroom activities. → Read More

'What happened when I used a foaming bath wash on my baby.'

Rachael Mannell has been a rock star beauty editor for over two decades, so when she sat down to share healthy living tips with Mamamia TV we were all ears. → Read More

How to buy a house: summed up in two minutes flat.

We all know buying a house is expensive and stressful. Mamamia TV lay it out brick by brick, and present, with no confusing jargon, just how to buy a house. → Read More

Mamamia's Holly Wainwright is a health conscious mum. And she has discovered the 'adult dream burger'.

Her two kids think of Maccas as a serious treat - but Mamamia senior editor Holly Wainwright has always been a bit of a fast food cynic. But not any longer. → Read More

Wondering how to eat superfoods? We have the answer.

Want to know how to eat superfoods? It's actually easy. Here is a rundown of some of the best-performing and easy to find superfoods you need in your life. → Read More

Finally: The secret to a good night's sleep.

When it comes to restful sleep, most of us want more of it. Here's how to get a good sleep and finally say goodbye to counting lousy sheep once and for all. → Read More

These students have come up with a solution for allergies.

We all know allergies are a serious problem especially when sending kids to school. Thankfully this gang of rugrats have produced a solution for allergies. → Read More