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Visually impaired Redwood City man left homebound for 9 months when scooter repairs stall

An 82-year-old remained largely homebound for nine months while he hassled over the stalled repair of his only mode of transportation. → Read More

Traveler faces nightmare after flight canceled and airline denies refund

Flight is canceled. Few options to get home. Still, refund denied. → Read More

Will you have to pay taxes on the Middle Class Tax Refund you received? Maybe

"I would hope and imagine that the IRS within the next month would come out with some ruling," said one IRS enrolled agent. → Read More

Couple tries everything after ATM 'eats' their $700 inflation relief debit card

Despite the fact the couple couldn't access their relief funds, the IRS still sent them a 1099 for the $700 they still haven't received. → Read More

EDD takes tax refund, garnishes wages of man who reported unemployment fraud in his name

The EDD is trying to claw back money distributed to fraudsters -- but often, the EDD ends up going after the ID theft victims instead of the real scammers. → Read More

Here's what the tax deadline extension means for Californians

With all the rain, flooding and landslides, California has been through a lot. But some residents can get a little break on their tax deadlines. → Read More

Cash in your CA inflation relief cards ASAP before scammers get it, officials say

Franchise Tax Board officials said in an email that cardholders should "withdraw their funds or transfer them to a bank account as soon as possible to reduce the threat of fraud." → Read More

How to plan ahead, find a contractor for home repairs during 'extremely busy' storm season

The contractors tell 7 On Your Side that supply were already scarce for materials and skilled labor before the storms -- and now things are going to be "extremely busy." → Read More

Great Resignation leaves cancer survivor high and dry in Pacifica as water deliveries stop

The Great Resignation didn't just hit Bay Area tech companies. Here's how it impacted a cancer survivor, after deliveries she counted on for at least 20 years stopped. → Read More

Is there any way to get repaid for food lost during a power outage?

If you had to throw away everything in the fridge after a long power outage, is there any way to recoup those costs? Here's what 7 On Your Side found out. → Read More

How to find a contractor to fix storm damage

Thousands of Californians suddenly have storm damage to their homes or businesses -- and they need repairs. But contractors may be overwhelmed, and fraudsters may be lurking. → Read More

North Bay couple braves freezing temps for days without heat as gas delivery delayed

After five days with no heat in the North Bay's freezing temperatures, the couple called 7 On Your Side. → Read More

How to prep your home for rain storms and other emergencies

Here are some steps to prepare your home for a storm, that can be done in minutes with just a smartphone. → Read More

Here's a breakdown of what damage is covered (and not) by insurance in a major storm

With water, it gets tricky. But here is the basic rule -- if water falls, it is covered. If water rises, it is not covered, unless you have flood insurance. → Read More

If your Southwest flight was canceled, here's how to get your refund

"We will honor reasonable requests for reimbursement for meals, hotel, and alternate transportation," the airline wrote. → Read More

What are your rights if your flight is delayed? Or lose your luggage?

What happens if you are one of the thousands of passengers who got stranded by your airline? What are you owed? And, what happens when your luggage is lost? Here's what you need to know. → Read More

Scammers drain growing number of Middle Class Tax Refund cards

A number of Californians are reporting that scammers have drained their inflation relief debit cards without having the card in possession, often before they had a chance to use them. → Read More

Scammers drain Middle Class Tax Refund debit cards without security chips

"California gave them a tremendous amount of money so they could issue those cards and then they failed to secure it," said one fraud victim, who found his card drained of its funds. → Read More

Gift card trends this holiday season: Multi-store cards, bonus with purchase

Consumers plan to spend nearly half -- 46% -- of their budget on gift cards this holiday season. → Read More

Real preschoolers put the hottest toddler toys to the test

Is there a preschooler on your holiday gift list? 7 On Your Side put three of the top toys to the test. → Read More