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Past articles by Marty:

News Media Should Democratize Presidential Debates — Not Monetize Them

Heading into the long election season, the Democrats should set up debates to be good for democracy. Here’s how to do that. → Read More

Is This The Unacceptable Face Of Disney?

When Political Correctness erases historical swastikas or romantic singing crabs from Disney, it's going too far. → Read More

A Seder For Thanksgiving Is The Trick To A Peaceful Holiday

Avoid your drunk uncle's political ranting with a Thanksgiving Seder. → Read More

They Can Dogwhistle Soros, But They’re Reckoning Without Popper

Donald Trump and the GOP are attacking George Soros in anti-Semitic ways, can Karl Popper, or women in elevators save us? → Read More

Understanding Trump Voters Is Good — But Voting Against Kleptocracy Is Better

Trump’s rhetoric in Montana was typical of his rallies: a marathon of aggrieved rants, divisive attacks, wild lies and weird asides that thrill his red MAGA-hatted, Women For Trump-waving, who-are-these-people? base. I was wondering if I was reading too much into the near-convergence of Sen. John McCain’s funeral; Labor Day, the traditional kickoff of the campaign season; and Rosh Hashanah, the… → Read More

Trust #PlaidShirtGuy To End Trump’s Nightmare Reign

The Gettysburg address is on Trump and Obama’s minds, though for inspiring rhetoric or for civil war depends on who you ask. → Read More

The Resistance Needs to Tell Better Stories in the Face of Trump's Circus Politics

Progressives have lost control of their own narrative. I recently returned from a Trump fast. It was actually a news fast, but since the news these days is pretty much all Trump all the time, a Trump detox is what it turned out to be.It was in the high desert, in another country, at a place with mercifully lousy cell service, blissfully bad Wi-Fi, a single TV and one tiny burlap sleeping bag per… → Read More

In The Face Of Circus Politics, We Need Better Stories

Can you step in the same river twice? You can easily dip your feet in the same Trump media stream twice. → Read More

Life, Death And Wrestling With Delacroix’s Angel In Paris

I had come to Paris to take a breather from deranged tweets, a friend’s bad MRI, calls in the night and the whole gathering storm. But I found angels. → Read More

Did Michael Pollan Kill God? Inside the NYT Food Columnist's Exploration of Magic Mushrooms

From Pollan’s new book “How to Change Your Mind” — currently on top of the New York Times best-seller list — it looks like he got what he was after. Michael Pollan had enlightenment envy.Unlike most patients in clinical trials of psilocybin, when Pollan ate a magic mushroom, he wasn’t terrified by a terminal illness, he wasn’t suffering from alcoholism or depression and he hadn’t been diagnosed… → Read More

Roseanne Greets Her Muslim Neighbors With Islamophobia, Until She’s Woke

In this week’s episode, Roseanne hates on the Muslims. Spoiler alert: By the end, Roseanne gets woke. But how many racist jokes can the season’s highest-rated scripted TV series make without itself being racist? → Read More

Local News Can Be For The People Even If It’s Not By The People

Sinclair Broadcast Group's station grab isn't the only reason to freak out about local news. → Read More

What Bette Davis Can Teach Donald Trump About Fake News

Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland and Donald Trump are confused about genre. Let's just hope Americans justify the belief of a Hollywood judge. → Read More

It’s Not Cambridge Analytica We Need To Worry About, It’s Our Minds

It’s not a huge leap from nicotine addiction to the dopamine habit of 2 billion Facebook addicts. But that’s not our main problem. → Read More

Of God, Dice And Fatal Car Accidents

Seeing the Pentagon film of the UFO, my response was a metaphysical skip of my heart, akin to what Abraham Joshua Heschel calls “radical amazement.” → Read More

Orrin Hatch's Vile Defense Of Rob Porter Was Entirely In Character

He's been discrediting women for decades. → Read More

This UFO Changes Everything

Our thirst for excitement and entertainment will be America's downfall. "Look at that thing, dude!” One hundred miles off the coast of San Diego, two Navy fighter pilots on a Super Hornets training mission spot a whitish, oval-shaped aircraft of some kind flying on an unearthly trajectory at crazy speeds. You can hear their astonishment on the 2004… → Read More

Clarence Thomas Must Resign

Utah Republican Orrin Hatch called “bullcrap” on Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown last week. The Senate Finance Committee lion tore into Brown for “spewing” t... → Read More

Clarence Thomas Must Resign

Anita Hill was right. Sexual harassers have no place on our highest court. Utah Republican Orrin Hatch called “bullcrap” on Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown last week. The Senate Finance Committee lion tore into Brown for “spewing” that the Republican tax plan to transfer a trillion dollars to the rich was in reality a Republican tax plan to transfer a trillion dollars to the rich. → Read More

The President Of Stranger Things

Why we just can't turn away from Trump. → Read More