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Markos Kounalakis

The Miami Herald

Stanford, CA, United States

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Past articles by Markos:

Political power and electrical power are inextricably linked. Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger

When modern governments cannot provide basic services, such as electricity, citizens will revolt at the ballot box. → Read More

Candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg gets foreign policy

Mayor Pete is a breath of fresh air in a crowded field of candidates struggling for oxygen. → Read More

Americans are real victims of our trade war with Mexico and China

As with all wars, this type of warfare requires sacrifice. The homefront pays in blood and treasure for active and violent military conflict as in Afghanistan and Iraq. → Read More

The Europeans have a different, darker Green New Deal

However, Europe’s gas heating and home cooking allows Russia to buy foreign politicians, fund election hacking and pay for the production of Russian tanks. → Read More

Trump has traded American values, interests and dignity for the false promise of Putin’s friendship

President is hindered by a popular belief that he has been incapable, at best, and, at worst, actively curried personal and political favor from Moscow. → Read More

If we go to war with Iran, blame President Jimmy Carter

The 1980 Carter Doctrine has found a contemporary fan in John Bolton, President Trump’s national security adviser. → Read More

Venezuelans will have to fight for their democracy. Trump can’t, and won’t, do it for them

Trump is stuck with the “Trump Doctrine” that recognizes the sanctity of sovereignty: What happens domestically in any nation is that country’s business. → Read More

The death penalty? Kill it off, around the world

Abolishing capital punishment would allow countries to join in a common cause that does not threaten their sovereignty, but, rather, reinforces their global responsibility and shared humanity. → Read More

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago could be ‘Mar-a-Leako’ to our enemies

After the arrest of Yujing Zhang, accused of bringing malware to Trump’s Palm Beach mansion, it’s time to close the windows, lock the doors, make new keys and develop new protocols. → Read More

Brexit has become a royal pain. Queen Elizabeth needs to step in and take a stand

Her Majesty can use the “Royal Prerogative” — which the royals have not exercised in any assertive way for a long time. Centuries, in fact. → Read More

Milan fashion houses are hitting the wrong advertising note

Milan fashion houses are finding that their dramatic styles and remarkable statements are looking threadbare. → Read More

There’s a renaissance on the African continent that the U.S. can’t afford to dismiss

Ethiopia is the latest nation where an international aviation accident is in sharp focus, but the country itself is treated merely as the hazy backdrop and tragic context for a larger geopolitical story. This one involves Boeing, China trade wars and the credibility of American regulatory institutions. → Read More

President Donald Trump, global peacemaker. Really.

Even though he walked away from a bad deal with North Korea, a more normalized and peaceful exchange with Pyongyang now exists and a missile testing moratorium is still in place. That’s a good thing. → Read More

Merkel, and the rest of Europe, are through with Trump

President Trump has gone far beyond previous presidents’ cajoling and criticism of Europe’s partial free-riding. He openly expresses his disdain and even called the European Union one of America’s greatest “foes.” → Read More

Trump’s foreign policy is pushing allies into China and Russia’s waiting arms

The United States now watches agog as, one-by-one, the global chess pieces get moved and America keeps losing its partners and its pawns. → Read More

Quest for the Fountain of Youth remains a continually updated story

Here’s an alternative: Live a happy life, love, practice random acts of kindness, drink in moderation and don’t smoke. It’s a lot easier than getting stuck with either a needle or a big blood bill. → Read More

Brexit aside, Poland and Italy are Europe’s latest troublemakers

Poland’s unholy alliance with Italy’s similarly anti-Brussels, anti-immigrant, anti-foreigner, anti-everything populism brings a lot of riled-up Europeans to the table as game changers. → Read More

With Juan Guaidó seizing the presidency, Venezuela’s ‘Latin Spring’ is heating up

If the Trump administration blows this opportunity for real and needed change in Caracas, it could create the conditions not only for a further failing Venezuela, but for wider instability throughout Latin America. → Read More

An NBA player goes one-on-one with the petulant President Erdoğan

Turkish-American Knicks star Enes Kanter has called President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the “Hitler of our century.” → Read More

Think doomsday scenarios are just some film fantasy? Think again.

The question of whether we humans could deal with a real and credible global threat to our species is both timely and real. → Read More