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Recent articles by Zac:

Review: Short stories and the scandal of particular grace

The stories in David Means’s latest collection demand and deserve the reader’s full participation. → Read More

Georgetown Jesuits enslaved her ancestors. Now she’s working for justice.

Onita Estes-Hicks has been Catholic her entire life. But her relationship with her faith was forever changed in 2004. → Read More

Remembering Rachel Held Evans

Her willingness to write candidly and prophetically about her faith inspired countless believers and doubters. → Read More

Grieving the fire of Notre Dame during Holy Week

Our Lady, who stood weeping at her son’s crucifixion, surely weeps for the cathedral dedicated to her name. → Read More

Should Catholics care about what happens at the Vatican?

Could paying attention to the Vatican regularly become a spiritual practice and put the headlines you see about the church in context? → Read More

Marquette’s Markus Howard is changing the way athletes talk about mental health

Are we closer to ending the stigma surrounding mental health care? → Read More

How Loyola Chicago’s Sister Jean prays—on and off the court

A conversation with the celebrity sister of college basketball → Read More

How should we react to Michael Cohen’s imperfect contrition?

Was Michael Cohen's soul searching authentic or merely convenient? It’s a question at least as much about sin as about political strategy. → Read More

Live from Australia: How young Catholics are changing the church

We look at the Synod’s final document and talk about what still needs to be done to have young people lead in the Catholic Church. → Read More

Why are the bishops praying about the abuse crisis instead of doing something about it?

Catholics have every right to demand action, but there must be discernment and prayer before making decisions. Then comes the courage to enact necessary change. → Read More

Stephen Markley’s ‘Ohio’ is the novel you need to read to understand the Midwest today.

Stephen Markley's new novel is an intimate, long look at a single night in New Canaan, a fictional “corn and rust” town set somewhere between central and northeast Ohio. → Read More

Catholic women are leaving the church. This group wants them to lead it.

The Catholic Church is failing to engage Catholic women. The GIVEN Institute is trying to fix that. → Read More

A good Catholic meddles in politics (and votes in the Midterms)

What’s at stake in the upcoming midterm elections? → Read More

A survivor of sex abuse on how the church can help victims

The abuse crisis cannot be fixed by priests alone. → Read More

Review: Vanessa Hua’s debut novel shows how flawed our immigration system is

Vanessa Hua reminds the reader that no matter how hard you work, our immigration system can and will still fail you. → Read More

“I can’t date Jesus”: A conversation with Michael Arceneaux

Michael Arceneaux has stopped going to church. But he hasn’t given up on God just yet. → Read More

From alcoholism and agnosticism to converting to Catholicism: a conversation on faith with Mary Karr

“Any way I tell this story is a lie.” Mary Karr opens her memoir “Lit” with a warning about the inevitable unreliability of memory. But don’t be fooled. Mary Karr delivers many truths that you need to hear. Mary Karr is an award-winning poet and New York Times best-selling author. Her poems have been published in the New Yorker, the Atlantic and the Paris Review. Her trilogy of memoirs, The… → Read More

What you don’t know about Loyola’s Sister Jean

You have likely seen the profiles, the gifs, the memes, the television spots. But there is much that you have not seen. → Read More

Why do we let ‘good manners’ get in the way of prayer?

How’s your Lent going? Did you make it at least a few days (unlike me) before breaking your Lenten practice? If you’re trying to up your prayer game this Lent and haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet, you won’t want to miss this week’s guest. Luigi Gioia, a professor at the Pontifical University of Sant’Anselmo in Rome, is the author of Say It To God: In Search of Prayer, which the… → Read More

A conversation on why Catholics need to dialogue with Muslims

“It is not possible to build bridges between people while forgetting God,” Pope Francis said early in his pontificate. “But the converse is also true: it is not possible to establish true links with God, while ignoring other people.” Many U.S. Catholics have not only ignored their Muslim brothers and sisters but harbor discriminatory views about Muslims at alarming rates. Georgetown University’s… → Read More