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Past articles by Daniel:

Russia’s Weaponization of Migrants Hasn’t Gone Away

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his generals have fallen back on familiar strategies in their effort to stanch Ukraine’s counteroffensive. They’re making liberal use of cannon fodder, in the form of new conscripts swiftly sent to plug gaps at the front. And they are targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure in an attempt to break Ukrainian morale. → Read More

Scholz Kowtows to Beijing

On Nov. 3-4, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will lead a delegation of German business leaders to Beijing, becoming the first G7 leader to visit China since the start of the pandemic. His timing is inopportune. The visit comes amid a firestorm of controversy ignited by the German Cabinet’s approval of Chinese state-owned COSCO’s purchase of a 24.9% stake in a terminal in Hamburg, Germany’s largest… → Read More

Russia’s Attack on Nord Stream Pipelines Means Putin Has Truly Weaponized Energy

Russia’s wartime arsenal now appears to include sabotage of underwater pipelines. → Read More

Winning Italian Party Unfairly Called “Far Right”

Unprecedented fall elections in Italy on Sunday led to a significant shift in the government, which will almost certainly see Giorgia Meloni, head of the relative newcomer political party Brothers of Italy, take over as the nation’s first female prime minister. → Read More

Assessment: How the U.S. and Europe Have Aided Ukraine and What Must Be Done

The Biden Administration recently asked Congress for $13.7 billion in additional aid for Ukraine. Before Congress acts, it is worth taking stock of what has been done so far. → Read More

Europe Must Put China’s 16+1 Format Out of Its Misery

In 2012, Beijing launched its 16+1 Initiative, an attempt to expand its business and investment opportunities in 16 countries in Eastern and Central Europe. Billing the initiative as a vehicle for “win-win cooperation and development” by all parties, China prioritized its investment in infrastructure, advanced technologies, and green technologies. → Read More

U.S. Policymakers Should Remain Wary of Chinese Ambitions in the Arctic

America’s interests in the Arctic region will only increase in the years to come. As other nations devote resources and assets in the region to secure their national interests, America cannot afford to fall behind. The U.S. must champion an agenda that advances the U.S. national interest and devotes the required national resources to the region. → Read More

Will Switzerland Move Closer to NATO?

The systematic brutality of Russian aggression in Ukraine has sent shockwaves across the transatlantic community. → Read More

Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO Accession Is in the National Interest and Should Receive Senate Support

In light of Russia’s most recent invasion on Ukraine, Finland and Sweden have formally applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Finland and Sweden possess robust military capabilities and decades of experience working with the U.S. and NATO. Far from being like other “free riders” who have contributed little to the Alliance in recent years, their entry into NATO would… → Read More

Putin Is Pushing Finland and Sweden Closer to NATO Membership

What a difference three weeks can make. Since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, European policies have changed, seemingly at warp speed. Even Germany has been roused to take its defense commitments seriously and rectify its military deficiencies. → Read More

The Russian Threat: Bolstering NATO Deterrence at a Critical Time

The security and prosperity of the transatlantic community, including the United States, rests on the foundation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Russia’s ongoing war of naked aggression against Ukraine, a NATO non-member state, should put to rest any lingering questions about the modern utility of the Alliance and about which threat should be the focus of NATO’s upcoming… → Read More

Germany Has Woken Up

War has firmly united the transatlantic alliance. Europe, Canada and the U.S. have been in near lockstep in condemning Russia’s second unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Arms, supplies, and aid have poured into Ukraine from every NATO member country, as well as from Finland and Sweden. Sanctions, typically a divisive issue, were agreed upon with relative speed. Even the enigmatic Swiss have joined… → Read More

Seven Rules for Exiting Misplaced U.S. and NATO Talks with Russia

In the past two months, Vladimir Putin has ramped up the pressure in Europe in a bid to force the U.S. and its allies back to the negotiating table. Russia has staged 100,000 troops along the border with Ukraine, threatening to unleash new aggression against Ukraine unless Russian demands are met. Belarus, Russia’s ally, continues to pressure Eastern European nations through hybrid attacks that… → Read More

Congress Must Strike While Iron Is Hot to Preempt Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

The danger of the newly completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline to trans-Atlantic security is a rare issue of bipartisan agreement. Many in Congress recognize that the pipeline is neither economically necessary nor geopolitically prudent. → Read More

Congress Must Strike While Iron Is Hot to Preempt Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Many in Congress recognize that Nord Stream 2 is neither economically necessary nor geopolitically prudent. They should act to stop it. → Read More

How Joe Biden Willingly Walked Into A Showdown With Russia

Earlier this week, a winter storm briefly trapped U.S. President Joe Biden aboard Air Force One. Thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin, that hemmed-in feeling may have been uncomfortably familiar. Seemingly intent on forcing a diplomatic showdown with the West, the Russian strongman has arranged his pieces in such a way as to ensure he comes away with a king’s ransom. → Read More

Seven Actions Russia Must Take Before Receiving Another Meeting with NATO

In December 2021, President Joe Biden reportedly offered to convene a meeting between North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members and Russian President Vladimir Putin “to discuss the future of Russia’s concerns relative to NATO writ large.”REF → Read More

Sensing Western Weakness, Putin Gathers Strength in Europe

Vladimir Putin has always had a keen eye for opportunities. Now, as he surveys the West, it looks as if he smells blood in the water. The American president, divisive and unpopular at home, has also proven inept and weak abroad. His administration’s lamentable policy blunders—caving on Nord Stream II (NS2), the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the failure to respond to the systematic… → Read More

The Next German Government Should Maintain NATO Commitments

In Germany, interparty negotiations to form a ruling government continue. Odds are a “stoplight” coalition of the Reds (Social Democratic Party), Yellows (Free Democratic Party) and Greens (Green Party) will take over sometime before year’s end. → Read More

It’s Past Time for U.S. Military Base in Baltics

The Baltic States—Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania—continue to face ongoing aggression and attacks from Russia. The United States should establish a permanent military presence in one of the three Baltic States to defend the region from Russian aggression, and to reassert America’s security guarantee to our European allies. → Read More