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Past articles by Rowan:

Just Let Me Love You

Just let me love you with all the ugliness you think is within you. Let me love you with all your messiness and uncertainty. → Read More

This Is What Breaking Up Slowly Looks Like

It wasn’t like ripping off a band aid and just getting over it. Our breakup was a long and slow process. → Read More

The 17 Most Important Lessons I Learned In Adulthood

Your energy introduces you before you speak. → Read More

This Is The Ugly Truth About Toxic Relationships

Sometimes defending yourself and standing up against a toxic person can be harder than accepting being the victim. → Read More

Your Fate Is In The Hands Of God—No One Else

Your livelihood is not dependent on another human. → Read More

Nobody Warned Me About How Hard It Is To Be A Woman In This World

Nobody warned me that my professor could one day refuse to supervise my project because he thinks girls don’t work as hard as boys. → Read More

Maybe You Feel So Lonely Because You Can’t Let Yourself Be Vulnerable

It’s such a beautiful thing when the person in front of you is not afraid to be vulnerable when they are with you, because they make you feel like it’s okay to be vulnerable too. → Read More

This Is Me Understanding That My Low Days Aren’t Such A Bad Thing After All

I have come to accept these days and not beat myself up when I have them. → Read More

Please Show Your Loved Ones How Much You Love Them

Life is just so much more beautiful when you show your emotions instead of counting on the fact that your loved ones will know how you feel about them without you telling them or showing them. → Read More

What To Do When A Loved One Tells You They’re Having Suicidal Thoughts

Don’t take this lightly. Don’t assume that they might not actually be serious about it. → Read More

I Wish We Would Have Ended Things Sooner

I didn’t want to hurt you or be hurt by you any longer. I just wanted peace. → Read More

This Is Why You Need To Track Your Thoughts During Your Most Stressful Times

If we become more aware of these thoughts and the size and impact they have on us, we could shift the way we perform drastically. → Read More

This Is What It Looks Like To Deal With Someone With A Victim Mentality

Some people in this world are addicted to the idea of playing the victim. → Read More

This Is Me Choosing To Believe The Best Is Yet To Come

This is me trying to let you go to see what’s out there waiting for me. → Read More

This Is Why I Pour My Heart Out To Strangers

I find a weird comfort in telling my story to strangers. → Read More

This Is How I Learned That Trust Is Just As Important As Love

Sometimes you realize that you lost your trust in the person in front of you, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to redeem it. → Read More

Being Cheated On Changes You In Ways You Don’t Expect

I didn't trust people like I used to. I couldn’t just be or let my guard down. → Read More

I Went Solo Traveling To Find Myself, But I Ended Up Feeling More Lost

I thought that if I discovered more, if I met more people, if I tried new different things, and if I spent more time by myself, I would eventually find myself and that I wouldn’t feel as lost as I … → Read More

I Wish You Could See Yourself Through My Eyes

I wished you could see yourself through my eyes, because then you could see how all the things you thought were so ordinary about you were actually so beautiful and extraordinary. → Read More

Read This When You Feel Like Running Away From Everything

Sometimes everything feels too much, and everything is overwhelming; even the simplest everyday act seems like a very heavy thing to do because you’ve had enough and you need to get away. → Read More