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Past articles by Kristen:

7 Sex Tips From Witches To Infuse Some Magic Into Your Life

Sex and witchcraft make intimate bedfellows. Both practices harness primal desires and powerful energies — and are still taboo for women and queer folks to engage in, according to Christian patriarchy. As Halloween approaches and the air is thick wit… → Read More

The Best "Friday The 13th" Tweets To Celebrate The Spooky Day

One of the most hallowed — and haunted — days of the year has arrived. To celebrate the uncanny, the odd, and things that go bump in the night, Twitter users are gathering their spookiest tweets together for Friday the 13th. For a variety of reasons… → Read More

Is It OK To Masturbate When You're In A Relationship? 6 Lies You've Been Told About Masturbation

Despite the tireless work of sex-positive activists since the sexual revolution, self-pleasure remains a hot button topic. Unlearning the lies you've been told about masturbation is no easy feat, although the feminist internet has helped disseminate … → Read More

The Best Way To Keep A Relationship New, According To Twitter

Even the most passionate relationships can get a little stale. After hours of watching TV, sharing colds, getting into petty fights, and generally seeing your partner at their worst, how can you spice things up? According to the trending Twitter hash → Read More

The Best "Written On My Tombstone" Tweets, Because Some People Want To Be Remembered For Their Hair

Life is short, so we're understandably obsessed with the legacy we'll leave behind. Whether your wish is to be buried snugly in a casket amidst your family mausoleum or have your ashes scattered to the four winds, you probably know what you want said → Read More

The Most Popular Porn Among Scandinavian Women, Because They Love Age Gaps & Parties

A complex interplay between nature and nurture informs what kind of porn will push your buttons. The scenarios and sex acts that get many American women hot and bothered won't necessarily be what women in other countries will enjoy, and new Pornhub i → Read More

What Women Really Think About The American Health Care Act

The GOP health care bill that passed the House last month left many Americans terrified and livid. As the American Health Care Act would remove requirements for maternity care and preventive health care and allow insurance companies to increase premi → Read More

How Women Face Stigma For Their Professional Success

In many fields, gender equality remains just out of reach. Women still make less than men, particularly women of color, and they hold fewer high ranking positions. But as these women make strides to crack the glass ceiling, there is also evidence tha → Read More

The Best Way To Use Twitter, According To Twitter Users

The internet has brought us delightful doggo memes, bone-chilling creepypastas, and ridiculous rickrolls — in addition to some rather unsavory phenomena. When living life online, taking the good with the bad is key, and with the trending hashtag #How → Read More

5 Revealing Stats About Our Pubic Hair Preferences

Like Mary Janes, bell bottoms, or flannel shirts, pubic hair preferences go in and out of fashion, and what's popular one decade is suddenly (and often inexplicably) disavowed the next. Back in Ancient Egypt, pubic hair removal was de rigueur, while → Read More

4 Effective & Sensual Ways To Reduce Stress, According To A Sexologist

Solo and partnered playtime can offer a bounty of benefits. In addition to boosting your mood, improving your skin, increasing self-confidence, and feeling delicious AF, sex reduces stress — which might be the best reason to get in touch with yoursel → Read More

5 Reasons Why Working On Your Sex Game Makes For Better Sex

To some, great sex is mercurial and magical and arrives just when you least expect it. To others, great sex takes work, but you're more likely to know when it's going to, uh, come. Although there is no one way to achieve a sick session, there are ple → Read More

5 Links Between Sex & Happiness For Women

Happiness is a great motivator. It drives us to work harder, play harder, and try new things in the hopes that we might catch a wave of its sunny feels. And although there are many factors that contribute to an individual's happiness quotient, sex an → Read More

5 Ways Orgasms Are Good For Your Health

There is power in pleasure. So much so, in fact, that there are untold numbers of folks hell bent on limiting the freedom that comes with coming. Even though orgasms are good for your health — both mentally and physically — and they play a role in pr → Read More

5 Reasons Women Should Talk About Money More

There are plenty of things women are taught not to talk about: our periods, our masturbation habits, our sex number — and the list goes on. But while body stuff indeed ranks pretty high on that list, women talking about money is also considered a gen… → Read More

The Top Halloween Porn Searches Of 2016, State By State

Halloween is the one time of year where it's socially acceptable to let your fantasies run wild. It's also a time to celebrate things that go bump (and grind) in the night, so it's fitting that folks would be searching for spooky (and sexy) stuff onl → Read More

Watch Porn Stars Act Like Cats — VIDEO

What makes cats so synonymous with sex? No other species in the animal kingdom is as frequently linked to the female libido as our fine, feline friends. True, wolves, snakes, and rabbits sometimes make the cut, but the cat reigns supreme as a feminin → Read More

Beer Goggles Are Real, Particularly For Women, Says Study

The phenomenon where everyone seems hotter after a drink (aka "beer goggles") is quite real, according to a new study — and particularly so for women. Folks everywhere can now rest easy knowing that science has officially proven what people who drink → Read More

5 Facts About Millennials And Marriage

For centuries, marriage was about shoring up property, securing family ties, and producing offspring. Women gave up their individual rights as soon as they took on a husband, and by law had to obey his every command. When it comes to millennials and → Read More

5 Ways Sex Affects Your Happiness

You don't need a scientific study to tell you how sex impacts your happiness. Generally speaking: consensual sex = big, dumb grin on your face, post-coital glow, and that feeling you can take on the entire world. (Think: The Lonely Island's "I Just H → Read More