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Local singer Derrick Hoh goes on angry social media rant, deletes a decade's worth of posts, Entertainment News

Social media rants are common, but local singer-songwriter Derrick Hoh was triggered enough to launch into a long, angry and expletive-filled rant followed by the scrubbing of his social media accounts. In a series of Instagram Stories posted recently, the 34-year-old took swipes at the entertainment industry as well as social media trends. → Read More

Singapore fan: Jay Chou paid $110 to celebrate my wife's birthday, Entertainment News

It started as a normal birthday celebration for Ryan Lee's wife, but things changed when Mandopop king Jay Chou suddenly turned up. Speaking to AsiaOne, 30-year-old Lee said that he was at Atlas Bar with his wife last Saturday (Jan 11) when the Taiwanese superstar appeared and picked up their bill which came up to $110. Lee, a branch division director in the property industry, said: "My wife and… → Read More

Thomas Ong to retire from showbiz after upcoming drama, Entertainment News

Thomas Ong is leaving showbiz for good. It was reported on 8world yesterday (Jan 9) that his role in the upcoming Channel 8 series Super Dad will be his last. However, this isn't the first time the 50-year-old actor has expressed his intention to step away from the spotlight. When he was previously filming another Channel 8 drama titled 29th February, he also announced that it would be his swan… → Read More

5566's Zax Wang lived in a haunted house but only his daughter knew about it, Entertainment News

We're quite familiar with the basic questions to ask when looking for a house. But what about unwelcomed 'guests' of the supernatural kind? In the Jan 3 episode of Taiwanese talk show Queen, Taiwanese actress Ji Qin (and wife of 5566's Zax Wang) was a guest on the show and she shared her family's experience on house hunting. A topic that came up among the guests was that of feng shui,… → Read More

Leonardo DiCaprio saves man adrift at sea for 11 hours, Entertainment News

This might be the time for Leonardo DiCaprio to redeem himself in the eyes of Titanic fans. Since the release of the film in 1997, the 45-year-old actor has been the butt of many jokes and the subject of numerous discussions regarding Jack's decision to drown instead of sharing the floating wooden panel with his character's love interest Rose (played by Kate Winslet). However, his latest act of… → Read More

US man admits to killing 25-year-old Grindr date and eating his testicles, World News

A potential date descended into a bloody murder after 25-year-old Kevin Bacon met his gruesome end. As reported by Buzzfeed News, the Michigan hairstylist was stabbed in the back, hung upside down from a ceiling, and had his testicles cut off by Mark Latunski, 50. → Read More

Kitty Zhang swears by this shocking Empress Dowager Cixi's face mask, Lifestyle, Entertainment News

Lifestyle, Entertainment News - Read more at AsiaOne → Read More

Zhang Ziyi has breast engorgement, says it's as painful as childbirth, Entertainment News

Maternal experiences are mostly similar, whether you are rich, plebeian, or an internationally renowned superstar like Zhang Ziyi. The Chinese actress recently gave hubby Wang Feng a son (the Chinese rock singer has always longed for a son since he has three daughters), but she now experiences the unbearable pain of breast engorgement. → Read More

Miriam Yeung tried to abort her son because of uterine tumour, Entertainment News

The new year has just started and Miriam Yeung looks set to win Mother of the Year. In a clip from Chinese reality show, Viva La Romance, that was circulated on Weibo recently, the Hong Kong singer-actress revealed the emotional story behind the birth of her seven-year-old son, Torres Ting. The 45-year-old recounted her experience of having to grapple with uterine fibroids while carrying Torres… → Read More

Health junkie Zheng Geping admits to smoking up to 2 packets daily in the past, Entertainment News

With his ripped physique at 55 years old, Zheng Geping is a 'thirst trap' for women and the man all other men aspire to be. But his journey took more than just being a gym rat and watching his diet. In a video posted earlier today (Jan 3) on Instagram, the veteran actor recounted the days when he used to be a smoker and how it impacted his health to the point where he had a health scare. After… → Read More

Joey Wong an 'ugly duckling' and which local female star looked like Jack Ma as a child? , Entertainment News

The ethereal beauty of Joey Wong is the stuff of legends, and long after the actress has retired, her looks still has fans gushing. So it's no surprise that when a childhood photo of the 52-year-old former actress, best known for her role as Nie Xiaoqian in 1987's A Chinese Ghost Story, surfaced on the Internet recently, netizens were shocked to see how she has longbottomed. → Read More

My 2019 in AsiaOne: I asked Captain Marvel Brie Larson a damn good question, Entertainment News

As the year draws to a close, it's always a time for reflection and introspection. I used to do it quite often in the past because I wanted to sound insightful and thoughtful. Like I was the Ghost of Christmas Past with pearls of wisdom to share, when in fact, I've come to realise that even in adulthood, we're all just a bunch of kids running around the playground. Now, I only do it for work. → Read More

Good shows must watch: Triad Princess and other shows to binge on, Entertainment News

With so many streaming platforms at our fingertips, it's easy to get caught up in the deluge of shows and marvel at the vast content we're getting for the price of a couple of dollars a month. So, we're cutting through the noise and giving you a cheat sheet of our top picks to stream this weekend. Think of this as the North Star for all you weekend watchers who love a good binge. TRIAD PRINCESS → Read More

Golden Horse winner Yeo Yann Yann happy she can take MRT without being recognised, Entertainment News

She may have snagged her second Golden Horse Award (sometimes known as the Chinese-language Oscars) after six years, but Yeo Yann Yann knows that the public doesn't give two hoots about her and is more than happy to fly under the radar when she is out in public. When we asked about her thoughts on being in the spotlight again for her Best Actress win, the 42-year-old Malaysian quipped with a… → Read More

Just the tip: Dickinson a charming millennial comedy about a girl ahead of her time, Entertainment News

So many shows, so little time. How do you know what's hot and what's not? That's where our first impressions come in; where we watch the first episode of the latest series to hit your screens and tell you whether it's worth your time. This week, we're looking at... → Read More

Godfrey Gao's hairstylist says late actor was worried about filming Chase Me, Entertainment News

People joke around with the phrase "famous last words" but this is one instance many would have hoped did not come to pass. Last Thursday (Nov 28), Godfrey Gao's hairstylist, Kim Huang, penned a heartfelt tribute to the late actor on Instagram which revealed Godfrey was indeed feeling under the weather and had reservations about filming Chase Me — the Chinese variety show which the 35-year-old… → Read More

Taiwanese video shows Godfrey Gao's final journey from airport to funeral parlour, Entertainment News

It's been a trying week as many grappled with the news of Godfrey Gao's shocking death. The 35-year-old Canadian actor-model collapsed while filming the Chinese variety show Chase Me, and died from sudden cardiac arrest on Nov 27. His body finally arrived back in Taiwan on Dec 2. → Read More

Good shows must watch: His Dark Materials and other shows to binge on, Entertainment News

With so many streaming platforms at our fingertips, it's easy to get caught up in the deluge of shows and marvel at the vast content we're getting for the price of a couple of dollars a month. So, we're cutting through the noise and giving you a cheat sheet of our top picks to stream this weekend. Think of this as the North Star for all you weekend watchers who love a good binge. HIS DARK… → Read More

Sammi Cheng hospitalised after 2 weeks of extreme pain, Entertainment News

The stomach cramps were so intense and the pain so excruciating that Sammi Cheng spent two weeks sleeping in an upright position to avoid puking. Unable to withstand the pain, the 47-year-old Hong Kong singer decided to seek medical treatment and get an endoscopy. In an Instagram post yesterday (Nov 28), Sammi revealed the results of the endoscopy and said that she had acid reflux, which caused… → Read More

Jordan Chan faces jail for photo of his ballot paper, Entertainment News

When the world has gone digital, it's so instinctive for us to take out our phones and snap a picture. But that could prove to be a major faux pas for Hong Kong actor-singer Jordan Chan, who could be slapped with a fine and a jail term of six months. → Read More