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Ex-F4 member Ken Chu reluctant to have kids because of fibromyalgia, Entertainment News

The decision to have kids is a huge one with many factors to consider. But while most might have money on their minds, ex-F4 member Ken Chu is more worried about passing on his genes. Or specifically, he's afraid of his child inheriting fibromyalgia, the rheumatic condition that he admitted to be suffering from in 2016. Ken, 40, has been told by his doctor that there's a 1 in 8 chance that his… → Read More

Married for 10 years, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee ain't got time for temptation, Entertainment News

While others struggle to find love, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee have enjoyed 10 years of marital bliss. And their gazes don't seem to be straying at all, despite spending a good chunk of their time in showbiz surrounded by hunks and beauties. Temptation? Ain't nobody got time for that. In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao on Wednesday (Sept 11), 48-year-old Christopher Lee said: "When you have a… → Read More

Christopher Lee didn't want kids initially out of love for Fann Wong, Entertainment News

"When are you having kids?" Five simple words, but underneath the surface of the seemingly innocuous question lies the expectations society places on a woman's reproductive cycle as well as the sobering awareness of one's ticking biological clock. In fact, it got so much for actress Fann Wong that her husband, fellow actor Christopher Lee, decided against having kids at one point after seeing… → Read More

Malaysian MMA movie stars Zul Ariffin and Remy Ishak in Singapore to promote film, Entertainment News

Don't be surprised if you see your favourite Malaysian actors Zul Ariffin and Remy Ishak along Orchard Road tomorrow. The stars of action flick, Sangkar, are in town to promote the film. Sangkar, produced by mm2 Entertainment in partnership with Primeworks Studios, Astro Shaw and Infinitus Gold, is Malaysia's first Malay-language Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) film. → Read More

Did Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse get hitched secretly?, Entertainment News

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it. Now, the question is — did Nicholas Tse, 38, finally pop the question to girlfriend Faye Wong in secret? The 50-year-old Chinese diva was spotted at a Beijing airport yesterday (Sept 5) with a new bling on her left ring finger, prompting speculations that the pair got hitched in secret. Faye was decked out in a plain black outfit and carrying… → Read More

Ku Hye-sun claims Ahn Jae-hyun cheated on her after text messages leaked, Entertainment News

Korean celebrity couple Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun have been feuding bitterly over their divorce and their dirty laundry has been splashed all over social media and the news. One thing that remained a mystery, though, was the reason for the divorce. But all that changed today (Sept 4) when 34-year-old Hye-sun claimed that Jae-hyun, 32, was having an affair. → Read More

Is she fat? Lin Chi-ling wants to know after latest round of pregnancy rumours, Entertainment News

When life hands you lemons, you have to make some lemonade. In an Instagram post, Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling tackled the latest round of pregnancy rumours with a sense of humour. Posing with a giant bowl of rice and a pouty face, the 44-year-old asked her fans whether she was fat and said that she could only eat one bowl of rice from now on. → Read More

Gillian Chung's fan apologises for accusing her husband Michael Lai of cheating, Entertainment News

Hidden behind a veil of anonymity, a stranger on the interwebs furiously hammers away at a keyboard to blow the lid off the latest celebrity scoop. The star in question? Gillian Chung, one-half of Cantopop duo Twins. Just yesterday (Sept 2), accusations were levelled at Gillian's husband, 30-year-old doctor Michael Lai, that he was having an affair. Media outlets scrambled to pick up the "scoop"… → Read More

Did Gong Li's 71-year-old French husband just confirm the wedding rumours?, Entertainment News

Was it a slip of the tongue or did French composer Jean-Michel Jarre confirm what inquisitive fans want to know? It was rumoured that the 71-year-old tied the knot with Chinese-born Singaporean actress, Gong Li, in May this year. The pair went public with their relationship in 2017. During his recent appearance on a Chinese television show, he seemingly confirmed the rumours by not refuting a… → Read More

Spotted: Former EXO member Kris Wu holding hands with a mystery woman, Entertainment News

Even a bucket hat and a face mask could not hide Kris Wu's identity when he was out and about with a female companion. The former EXO member was reportedly spotted by fans at a carpark holding hands with a mystery woman today (Aug 30). According to various media accounts, Kris alighted from a car, walked towards the young woman and grabbed hold of her hand before heading back to his place. The… → Read More

Romeo Tan and Elvin Ng get into a car accident in Taiwan, Entertainment News

One second, local actors Romeo Tan and Elvin Ng were in a taxi and the next, a 40-seater tour bus crashed into the back of their vehicle. The accident occurred on Thursday (Aug 29) evening around 7pm and the actors suffered minor injuries. Romeo and Elvin were in Taipei to promote their new drama, All Is Well. → Read More

Why typical Singaporean MRT passengers will not be welcome in Japan, Singapore, Lifestyle News

Singaporeans are no strangers to being smartphone zombies especially since it serves as a distraction during the dreary peak hour commute. However, as the old adage goes, one man's pleasure is another man's pain; in Japan, using your phones on a crowded train is seen as impolite. → Read More

Japanese men find 55-year-old Hiroshi Abe's body most attractive, Entertainment News

Guys, take notes because bulk is out, lean is in, and old is gold for Japan's desired summer bod. A muscular physique and overly sculpted abs that you'll want to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner off of? Who cares? Downsize that fantasy hunk and serve us Hiroshi Abe realness because that's the body type that Japanese men long for the most. Oricon News' annual poll surveyed 500 Japanese males… → Read More

Fann Wong says no to second child with hubby Christopher Lee, Entertainment News

Fann Wong came bearing news, but it wasn't about a bundle of joy. The 48-year-old veteran actress attended a promotional event in Taipei for her upcoming Taiwanese-Singaporean drama series, All Is Well, on Monday (Aug 26). According to media reports, she admitted that her dreams of having a second child will most likely be impossible. When asked if she still hopes to have a daughter with husband… → Read More

Elva Hsiao, 40, wants to have kids with her 24-year-old beau, Entertainment News

Elva Hsiao wants to be a mum. And no, we're not referring to the 16-year age difference between herself and her boyfriend Justin Huang. Just a day after she made her relationship official with the 24-year-old, she confessed to Apple Daily that she wants to have kids with him. The 40-year-old Taiwanese singer explained that she was moved by Justin as he stood by her when she was recovering from a… → Read More

Tavia Yeung's pregnancy rumour shocks even her own husband Him Law, Entertainment News

When you're a celebrity, your personal life never truly belongs to you. Suddenly, the media starts speculating on your relationships, your marital status, your health, your children, your family and somehow, even the innocuous cup of coffee you drank over lunch seems to imply something. But what happens when the media suddenly knows more than you do? For Hong Kong actor Him Law, it left him… → Read More

Thai woman hires hitmen to kill mother for $450,000 to bail husband out from jail, Asia News

Would you kill someone for 10 million baht (S$450,000)? What if that person was your mother? For Kanchana Srisang, the answer would be 'yes' on both counts. On Aug 10, the 25-year-old Thai woman confessed to hiring two hitmen for 200,000 baht to kill her mother so she could collect the insurance payout and inherit two plots of land. → Read More

Buy Jay Chou's $35m Tokyo mansion and get to meet him in person

Your eyes do not deceive you. An advertisement for Jay Chou's luxurious Tokyo apartment was indeed floating around on social media platform Weibo on Monday (Aug 19). The apartment is said to be in the Harajuku district with seven rooms that span over 7,700 sq ft and comes with a hefty price tag of 2.68 billion yen (S$34.8 million). To provide some perspective, 7,700 sq ft is about the size of… → Read More

Faye Wong celebrates 50th birthday without boyfriend Nicholas Tse, Entertainment News

Is there trouble brewing on the horizon for Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse? That's the perennial question as the celebrity couple has had an on-again, off-again relationship since they started their high-profile romance in 2000. However, they've been going strong since they rekindled their romance in 2014. Recently, doubts have been cast on the stability of the couple's relationship after a photo… → Read More

Hong Kong actress Fung Bo Bo breaks nose in accident, Entertainment News

It was a holiday gone wrong for veteran Hong Kong actress Fung Bo Bo. While she was on a vacation in Bangkok with her son in July, both parent and child got into a car accident on the freeway. According to Hong Kong media, the car even flipped over. They were rushed to the hospital and both parties sustained minor injuries, with Bo Bo suffering a broken nose. Bo Bo was hospitalised but requested… → Read More