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Past articles by Rich:

Pete Buttigieg: Dumbest Ever Smart Person?

In Buttigieg's case, there is a tragic sadness. → Read More

Minorities: The Forgotten Democrat Voters

In business and in politics, you can never take your customers and voters for granted. Trump Republicans have a huge opportunity with Democrat minority voters. → Read More

We Need a Red Flag Law for Joe Biden

Old Joe is not well. Someone needs to intervene. → Read More

Baltimore Is Worse than Trump Thinks

The end results of Democrat dominance are more shocking and horrifying than most realize. → Read More

Some Congressional Expulsions Are in Order

Let's expel those who have refused to remedy our national ills. → Read More

Pete Buttigieg Strikes Out on Racism and Police

South Bend and its mayor are another example of failed Democrat governing. → Read More

Tessio Republicans: Worse Than Democrats?

Republicans who betray their constituents may be worse than their Democrat opponents. → Read More

Conservatives Can Defeat Big Tech. Here's How.

Dear big-name, successful conservative media figures: you hold the power to defeat online censorship. → Read More

Mark Cuban: Good at Business, Bad at the Second Amendment

The Shark Tank entrepreneur needs some schooling in American history and constitutional civics. → Read More

MAGA: Make America Grown-Up Again

The USA could use some more adults in the room when the next generation comes of age. That will require good parents today. → Read More

Democrats: America's Original Hate Group

Democrats espouse hate against those whom they are supposed to represent because they know they can do so with impunity. → Read More

Death Always Follows Democrat Policies

Death, violence, injury, and destruction are all inherent in the political terrorism of → Read More

Why Are Democrats So Petrified of Islam?

Turns out it's the Democrats in need of an Islamophobia elixir. → Read More

The Democrat Leninist Revolution Is Here

The parallels between the Bolshevik takeover and the über-leftward turn of the Democratic Party are impossible to ignore. → Read More

Socialists Don't Really Believe in Socialism

Can we dispel, once and for all, the notion that "socialists," "democratic" or otherwise, actually believe in the socialism they peddle? "Socialists" love money, guns, walls, fossil fuels, Amazon, meat, private jets and cars, luxury apartments, mansions, and low taxes as much as anyone else. "Socialists" just want everyone else controlled under their rule of tyranny. Do you really think… → Read More

The Democrats' 2020 Census Goal: Turn Purple States Irreversibly Blue

Later this year, the U.S. Supreme Court is going to decide on the constitutionality of President Trump's request that a citizenship question be placed in the 2020 U.S. Census. Democrats know that the 2020 Census citizenship question likely passes constitutional muster; like everything else constitutional, that's why they fiercely object to it, citing "privacy" concerns — a concern a federal… → Read More

Beto O'Rourke Is a Democrat Media Chia Pet

Water him, nurture, cultivate, and voilà: you have a Democrat → Read More

Parkland One Year Later: Lots of Talk, Little Action

But the Democrat anti-gun cult has strengthened. → Read More

Democrats and Their Media Pretend Muslim Terrorism Is Manufactured

All terrorists are created equal, but some are created more equal than others. → Read More

Deconstructing the Anti-Gun Cult

It's alarming how frequently these zealots manipulate data to craft a narrative that America is held hostage to pervasive gun violence. → Read More