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Hamid Dabashi

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New York, NY, United States

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Past articles by Hamid:

Redefining 'terrorism' in America

What will it take to call violence inspired by white supremacy 'terrorism'? → Read More

Iran has two nuclear options

The Islamic republic can go either the Israeli way or the Egyptian way. → Read More

The US: The bully who cried wolf

A habitual liar cannot be believed even when telling the truth. → Read More

The Holocaust and the Nakba: The Jew as the Arab

Can Jews and Palestinians see each others' pain? → Read More

'The Ugly Americans': From Kermit Roosevelt to John Bolton

An 'Ugly American' is once again leading the resurgence of American imperialism. → Read More

The resurrection of 'new atheism'

As white supremacy reigns supreme in the US, a new book seeks to bring back to the fore one of its ideological branches. → Read More

Is Trump a King Cyrus or a Queen Esther?

And is he really a saviour of the Jewish people from the Iranian 'menace'? → Read More

When it comes to Islamophobia, we need to name names

The world should know the name of the Christchurch terrorist and the names of those who inspired anti-Muslim terror. → Read More

Why Muslims must be at the forefront of fighting anti-Semitism

Jews and Muslims are almost identical victims of European racist hatred. → Read More

The making of nuclear a MBS

Trump's endeavour to nuclearise Saudi Arabia is driven by family business interests and tacitly approved by Israel. → Read More

Blackface, white mask: Racism as psychosis

What the blackface scandals in the US tell us about the state of white supremacy. → Read More

The Salman Rushdie affair: Thirty years and a novelist later

The novel Satanic Verses was assassinated on Valentine's Day, February 14, 1989. → Read More

The last total revolution turns 40

The Iranian revolution was the last grand illusion of the 20th century. → Read More

The incurable parochialism of American intellectuals

On American provincialism and Michelle Alexander's misguided attempt to 'break the silence on Palestine' in a NYT essay. → Read More

Why Saudi Arabia hates Muslim women in the US Congress

It is no surprise the Saudi propaganda machine has come after US House Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. → Read More

A crusader in Cairo: Pompeo's pompous imperialism has no clothes

The speech Trump's secretary of state gave in Cairo put the thuggish truth of American imperialism on full display. → Read More

'Impeach the motherf*****': Can the subaltern curse?

Why is it that a curse word uttered by Representative Rashida Tlaib caused so much outrage in the US? → Read More

2018: A year of living dangerously

A multitude of man-made disasters marked 2018 on the Christian calendar. → Read More

Remember: Christ was a Palestinian refugee

Jesus Christ stands as a towering figure of unity in the face of the divisions and hate being sown among us. → Read More

Muslim cleansing: A global pandemic?

Muslims across the world persecuted, abused and murdered by Muslim and non-Muslim regimes. → Read More