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Recent articles by John:

Get To The Point

It may take a while to spend all the time you want to in order to win your argument. But even a smart listener or reader is busy and pressed for time. Argue accordingly. → Read More

Your Law School Classmates Are A Powerful Resource For Knowledge

Use your law school connections to your advantage if you ever need assistance in your law firm work. → Read More

Be Patient. Use Your Judgment

Speeding things up may be what a client wants but not necessarily what it needs. → Read More

Be As Productive Out Of The Office As You Are In The Office

When you have any reasonable chance to grow as a lawyer, take it. → Read More

Substance Over Form, But Decorative Dishes Please The Palate

Attorneys must remember what gourmet chefs have long mastered: the details matter. → Read More

Take Advantage Of Any Opportunity To Grow

When you have any reasonable chance to grow as a lawyer, take it. → Read More

Don’t Try To Make Friends. Try To Win.

Everyone likes to be liked. But as lawyers, our job is not to be liked, or admired, but to win. → Read More

Work Hard, But Creativity Matters

Clients do not rely on you to simply manage their litigation, but to counsel them and use your imagination and judgment to figure out how to win. → Read More

Never Stop Trying Your Case, Even When Settling

If everything is uncertain in litigation, things are even more uncertain in settlement. Always keep pushing your case to trial to get the best results for your clients. → Read More

Reflections On My First Oral Argument

It may be impossible to get rid of the nerves you'll be up against, but if you're well-prepared, things will go smoothly for you. → Read More

Hold Back Sometimes

You never know when doing this could help you at trial. → Read More

Question Your Motives

When making a tactical choice or almost any significant choice on behalf of a client’s matter, ask yourself why. → Read More

You Are Responsible For Controlling How Your Time Is Spent

Use good judgment to spend your time wisely and win for your clients. → Read More

It’s The Extra That Matters

A fine job isn’t enough to help your clients win. → Read More

Moot Your Case Before You Walk Into Court

But be careful about becoming too enamored of your 'winning' argument. → Read More

Remember What Your Job Is: Beware The Trappings Of Experienced Lawyers

The perks are just that -- perks, extras -- they are not the core of the job. → Read More

You Have To Be Ready To Make A Judgment Call

Lawyers need to find opportunities to make choices and to make judgment calls. Practice often so you can become a great lawyer. → Read More

Settlement: Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game

To win for our clients, we have to be ready to set aside the fighting sometimes and try to get to settlement. → Read More

Win Because Of Effort And Will

Real trial work is not like TV. It takes very unsexy hard work and sheer will to win the day. → Read More

If You Are Not Really A Trial Lawyer, Do Not Try To Be One

If you don’t have the fire, it’s not like learning how to write better, or cross examine better. You either have the fire or not. → Read More