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Recent articles by Garrett:

The Trump Administration Continues to Erode Election Security

The DHS, the DOJ, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence have all had recent controversies that bode poorly for electoral integrity. → Read More

The federal crackdown in Portland is ‘legal.’ That’s the problem with it.

Department of Homeland Security officials are following the letter of the law — and flagrantly abusing its spirit. → Read More

Trump Embraces a New Lost Cause

While the president stands athwart history, yelling Stop, Americans are making it. → Read More

Economic recovery from the coronavirus will be much harder than we think

Economic recovery from the coronavirus will be much harder than we think → Read More

Five myths about continuity of government

No, it’s not just about protecting the president. → Read More

Why wouldn’t Trump get tested for the coronavirus?

How U.S. continuity-of-government plans might deal with a pandemic. → Read More

How Trump Hollowed Out US National Security

Acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell is just the latest in a cascade of temporary or vacant personnel in critical government positions. → Read More

China's Hacking Spree Will Have a Decades-Long Fallout

Equifax. Anthem. Marriott. OPM. The data that China has amassed about US citizens will power its intelligence activities for a generation. → Read More

Donald Trump Now Has the Senate GOP's Blessing to Undermine Democracy

After making it through a criminal investigation and political impeachment unscathed, Trump now has free rein to invite election interference and more. → Read More

The US Space Force Has a Rough Launch on the Internet

From controversy over camo print to Star Trek comparisons, the new military branch can't buy a break online. → Read More

Trump won’t protect our elections, so private companies are doing it

The president welcomes foreign interference. No wonder we’ve outsourced cybersecurity. → Read More

Donald Trump's 'National Security' Impeachment Defense Is a Red Herring

The president’s cry-wolf strategy is straight from Richard Nixon’s playbook. → Read More

Did Donald Trump and Iran Use Twitter to Prevent a War?

Tweets from US president Donald Trump and Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif Tuesday offered a fascinating glimpse at how world leaders can communicate more quickly and directly than ever in times of crisis. → Read More

So Much For the Deep State Plot Against Donald Trump

Inspector general Michael Horowitz's report shows that the FBI's investigation of ties between Russia and the Trump campaign was both justified and without political bias. → Read More

The GOP Is Mired in Conspiracies—and It's About to Get Worse

If you thought the impeachment hearings were bad, wait until attorney general William Barr's internal investigation comes to light. → Read More

Russia Fails to Stop Alleged Hacker from Facing US Charges

The repercussions over custody and extradition of Aleksei Burkov has set off a geopolitical maelstrom. → Read More

Trump Takes Aim at the 'Open Skies' Cold War Treaty With Russia

The Open Skies treaty has provided invaluable intelligence for its 34 signatory countries. Now Donald Trump reportedly wants out. → Read More

‘We May Have to Shoot Down This Aircraft’

What the chaos aboard Flight 93 on 9/11 looked like to the White House, to the fighter pilots prepared to ram the cockpit and to the passengers. → Read More

A History of Plans to Nuke Hurricanes (and Other Stuff Too)

If you think dropping a nuclear bomb into the eye of a hurricane is a bad idea, wait'll you see what they had in mind for the polar ice caps. → Read More

Huawei's HarmonyOS Is No Android Replacement

HarmonyOS is the very model of a modern operating system. It's also nowhere near ready for smartphones. → Read More