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The 6 Best Exercise Bike Accessories, According to a Cycling Instructor

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How to Do the Dumbbell Push-Up for a Stronger Chest and Core

Like a regular push-up, the dumbbell push-up strengthens your chest, arms and core. Learn how to do the dumbbell push-up with proper form and other variations. → Read More

Can’t Do a Lunge? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

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The 5 Best Treadmill Desks, According to a Physical Therapist

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The 5 Best Under-Desk Treadmills of 2022, According to a Physical Therapist

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Improve Strength, Mobility and Balance With Bulgarian Split Squats

Single-leg exercises like Bulgarian split squats are a great way to even out muscle imbalances. Here's how to do this move with perfect form. → Read More

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All you need to get an effective ab workout is your body weight. This 20-minute at-home core workout builds core strength and definition without any equipment. → Read More

Want to Age Well? This Exercise Builds Shoulder Stability, Plus Core and Grip Strength

The offset waiter's carry builds shoulders stability, plus core, back and grip strength. Learn how to do offset waiter's carries for joint and muscle health. → Read More

The 7 Best Barefoot Lifting Shoes of 2022, According to Strength Coaches

Barefoot lifting shoes can help you lift more weight by letting you grip the ground and fire up your feet and legs. Shop the 7 best minimalist training shoes. → Read More

This 30-Minute Core Workout Is Key to Strong, Defined Abs

Adding dedicated core workouts to your routine is the best way to really build your abs. Let this 30-minute core workout help you hit your goals in record time. → Read More

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The Only 7 Exercises Women Need to Get Lean After 50

Strength training is key to staying lean for women over 50 because it burns calories and builds muscle. These are the best strength exercises for women over 50. → Read More

How to Do the Standing Cable Row for a Defined Back, Shoulders and Arms

Sure, all rows are great for strengthening your back muscles and arms. But standing cable rows also train your core, and even your legs, for full-body benefits. → Read More