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Strength training is key to staying lean for women over 50 because it burns calories and builds muscle. These are the best strength exercises for women over 50. → Read More

How to Do the Standing Cable Row for a Defined Back, Shoulders and Arms

Sure, all rows are great for strengthening your back muscles and arms. But standing cable rows also train your core, and even your legs, for full-body benefits. → Read More

The 7 Best Puffer Jackets, According to Outdoor Gear Experts

A quality puffer is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Here, outdoor gear experts share the best puffer jackets of 2022, and how to find your perfect puff. → Read More

The 10 Best Ankle Weights for a Lower-Body Burn, According to Trainers

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The 9 Best Bike Seats of 2021, According to a Cycling Coach

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How to Do a Box Jump Safely and Effectively

The box jump is an advanced plyometric exercise for building lower-body strength and power. Learn how to do a box jump safely through these tutorials and videos. → Read More

How Long Should a Weightlifting Workout Really Last to Be Effective?

How long should a strength training session be? It largely depends on lifting frequency. Here's the ideal strength workout length, based on how often you train. → Read More

How to Use the Trap Bar for Stronger, More Comfortable Lifts

The hex bar is the same as the trap bar and can be more comfortable than the Olympic barbell. Learn how to use the hex bar and the best trap bar exercises. → Read More

The 5 Best Home Gyms of 2021, According to Trainers

Get more out of your at-home workouts with these best home gyms of 2021. As all-in-one home gyms, they're super versatile. Some even offer AI fit technology. → Read More

How to Kick a Punching Bag

The most common kickboxing kicks are the front kick, roundhouse kick and knee strike. These simple videos teach you how to kick a punching bag with all three. → Read More

The 15 Best Seated Exercises for Every Body

Seated exercises can benefit anyone, and are ideal for anyone with limited mobility. Learn how to do the best seated exercises for your arms, legs and core. → Read More

The 5 Best Seated Exercises for Older Adults

Seated exercises for older adults are a great way to exercise safely with mobility and balance restrictions. Use them to build strength for acts of daily living. → Read More

These 3 Best Workout Video Hubs for Older Adults Are Free Online

Trustworthy and fun workout videos for seniors can, unfortunately, be hard to find. Here, trainers share the best free exercise video hubs for older adults. → Read More

Pain With Triceps Dips? Here's What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

Triceps dips are an effective-yet-challenging triceps exercise. If you haven't nailed it yet, and you really want to, your body could be trying to tell you something. → Read More