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Recent articles by Toni:

DACA Recipients Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief But Maybe Not For Long

The interesting thing about DACA is that all litigants in the recent Supreme Court argument agree that it was unlawfully established. → Read More

Is Defunding Police Departments The Answer?

No one believes we don’t need police at all. We just need to use them differently. → Read More

‘When Will I Get My Trial?’ Being A Criminal Defense Attorney During COVID

My work right now is more psychology than law because there’s really not much I can do to advance cases without being able to start a trial. → Read More

Are Virtual Trials Our Future?

Can due process be suspended indefinitely? → Read More

‘Bad Education’ — How To Justify School Fraud

With great acting, slow buildup, and real-to-life characters, it’s a slow-burn crime drama well worth watching. → Read More

How To Bail Out An Inmate

According to reports, most people being released from jail due to the COVID-19 outbreak are staying quarantined and out of trouble. → Read More

The Judges’ And Prosecutors’ Dilemma

For some, this is truly a matter of life and death. → Read More

You Think You’re Going Stir Crazy? What If You Were In Jail?

Clients of criminal defense attorneys have been calling every day, telling us they’re worried as hell and being ignored. → Read More

Being A Prisoner During COVID-19

Calls received from jail are panicked. One client at Rikers said, 'Things are so bad in here, I think a riot is going to break out.' → Read More

How Useful Is A Prison Consultant To Harvey Weinstein

It's a lot more than just coaching on which toilet wine pairs best with prison meatloaf. Weinstein will face a remarkably steep learning curve on how to survive the carceral hierarchies he must now exist within. → Read More

The End Of Weinstein

Part of me is gleeful for his fall and the lesson he symbolizes. But part of me is wary. → Read More

My Prediction On The Harvey Weinstein Verdict, And Why The Prosecution Already Won Even If There’s An Acquittal

The case may well shape a new definition of rape and determine which cases prosecutors pursue in the future. → Read More

Press Gags: Why They Help The Prosecution And Never The Defense

If the family of victims and sundry prosecution witnesses and hangers-on are allowed to disseminate their views to the media, defense counsel should have equal access. → Read More

An Exoneration And Weinstein Update

Media draws attention seekers, and the Weinstein trial had its fair share. → Read More

Now That The Jury’s Picked, What To Expect In The Harvey Weinstein Trial

During jury selection, prosecutors protested what they saw as defense systematically striking young white women from the panel. → Read More

No, The Sky’s Not Falling. Why Bail Reform Is A Good Thing

Things change, and often for the better. → Read More

Where We’ve Been And Where We’re Going In Criminal Law

The prosecution’s thumb on the scales of justice is slowly being lifted. → Read More

Why It’s Tough Being A Cop

The kind of change needed to encourage officers to seek mental-health help has to come from within the police culture itself. → Read More

‘Unbelievable’: How 2 (Female) Cops Traced A Serial Rapist Back To A Victim No One Believed

Dedicated police professionals who invest the emotional and intellectual energy necessary to investigate a crime can actually change the outcome and net the perpetrator. → Read More

When Is A Child Old Enough To Be Jailed For Life?

When it comes to sentencing, 18- to 21-year-olds need a few more years to mature before they reason like adults. → Read More