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Recent articles by Toni:

Nobody Killed Epstein But Himself

This criminal defense attorney doesn't think there was any kind of conspiracy surrounding the death. → Read More

How To Get A Jury To Ignore The Law And Do The Right Thing

The basics of jury nullification. → Read More

Murder In Rome By U.S. Students: What Happened?

The two American suspects are said to have confessed to the crime, but the Italian criminal justice system differs greatly from our own. → Read More

‘First Step’ On A Long Road

Without proper planning, follow through, and training, the First Step Act is doomed to fail. → Read More

Cage-Free Kids

Criminal defense attorney Toni Messina says if she were an immigrant with an open deportation order, or an undocumented alien, having been duly warned, she'd have been laying low over the weekend. → Read More

A Band Of Brothers — That Is, Until You Rat

What are the parameters of proper military conduct if the line between right and wrong is so unclear? → Read More

What Do The ‘Gay Panic’ Defense And Pardoning Manafort Have In Common?

Lauding changes of the law or interpretations of what already exists to favor a particular agenda may be satisfying in the short run, but in the long run will come back to haunt us. → Read More

Stonewall: The Tipping Point For Gay Rights. Is Criminal Justice Next?

The tipping point may be near, but until people in positions of training others and dictating policy retire or are voted out of office, there will be no widespread change. → Read More

I Represented A Monster — Except He Really Wasn’t

Or, how murder happens even when it’s not intended. → Read More

The Chickens Come Home To Roost: Linda Fairstein Gets Hers

Maybe her fall from grace will remind all prosecutors that sometimes even they can be wrong. → Read More

What’s The Difference Between A Gang And A Cult, And Why Both Are So Attractive?

Both gangs and cults promise their members the following: identity, belonging, meaning, validity, instruction, structure, and purpose as a group. → Read More

The Repercussions Of Having An Unpopular Client

No defense attorney should be conflated with the person he chooses to represent. → Read More

The Catholic Church Finally Establishes A Law On How To Handle Sex-Abuse Claims

The new law establishes a system through which reports of sexual abuse can easily be made and investigated. → Read More

Committing A Crime While Mentally Ill: What Qualifies As ‘Extraordinary’?

Why saddle these defendants with felony convictions when their behavior was not due to criminal intent, but rather, mental illness? → Read More

Keeping Your Jury From Social Media Contamination

What can we do as lawyers? A rule of thumb is to pick jurors who from the get-go have had less media exposure to the case. → Read More

How Much Say Should A Victim Have In A Criminal Case?

Because of the confrontational setting, the defendant perceives the victim as the enemy, not as a human being who deserves empathy and understanding. → Read More

The Problem With The Immigration System Is Not Lax Laws, But Lack of Adjudicators

The administration’s no-more-room-for-you approach not only is untrue but undermines the very foundation of American values. → Read More

Why Setting Bail Can Make Or Break A Case

The law says that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, yet for poor people unable to afford bail, the opposite is true. → Read More

Lorena Bobbitt: A Slice Of Wife (A Tale of Domestic Abuse And Irresistible Impulse)

The film shows how far we’ve come since the time when a woman charging her husband with rape was not believed. → Read More

How Attorneys Use Race To Pick A Jury

Is 'disparate questioning' proper if done with the ulterior motive of kicking people off based on race? → Read More