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Past articles by John:

Block & Tackle: Super Bowl LIV—The annual football detox is upon us

The shared anticipation of the Super Bowl is enhanced by the fact that we all have to share in it. The End is known to no one until it is known to everyone. → Read More

Jim Nantz’s two scoops, Chris Myers’ family jewels, and more NFL postseason delicacies

The underdog Houston Texans came into Arrowhead Stadium brimming with confidence for their contest against the vaunted Kansas City Chiefs. The game began at 2:05 Central time, much to the surprise of the Chiefs, who were still reading their paper and finishing the last bits of their cruller. While Kansas City hastily brushed the crumbs off its shirt, Houston built a stunning 24-point lead. Now… → Read More

Reviewing the TV graphics of the NFL playoffs, from the banal to the bizarre

The postseason, with its gigantic TV audiences, presents a chance for the graphic designers at our nation’s leading sports broadcasters to strut. → Read More

Block & Tackle’s NFL quiz tests your knowledge of announcers, Steely McBeam, and more

It’s Week 4 of the NFL year, which means that by Monday night, we will already be 23.529% of the way through the season. “Has it really been 23.529% already?” you are saying. I know. It always sneaks up on me, too. But in a “quarterback sneak” sort of way, where it’s actually pretty straightforward, and not sneaky at all. → Read More

Is your favorite NFL referee more of a Judge Judy or a Judge Wapner?

Scorn them if you must, but football would not be the same without its officials. NFL fans watch 22 men crumple each other into a grunting pile of flesh, again and again, every weekend, for months. Imagine what a dull spectacle this would be without the occasional intermission of a person, dressed like a zebra, stopping play to recite jargon while he performs semaphore. Why, the game would make… → Read More

Antonio Brown exposes the “asshole glitch” in our otherwise perfect information society

Antonio Brown is a person who catches a football. He does not put the ball in the air—another man does that. But among athletes who can catch a football after another man has put it in the air, Antonio Brown is one of the best at doing that. It’s only natural, then, that our modern information society pays close attention to his comings and goings. → Read More

NFL football returns, and so does the flapper look

“Football seems like the worst sport,” my friend Anna said to me as we shared drinks on a hot evening in August. “Yes! It is,” I responded. “And it is also the best sport.” → Read More

A brief history of spinning: 6 game show wheels

Fox’s new big-money summer quiz Spin The Wheel suggests, in its title, an embrace of game show basics. As TV spectacles go, what is more straightforward than Jane Citizen spinning a wheel of cash? “Everyone knows how to spin the wheel,” Spin The Wheel executive producer Justin Timberlake observes at the start of each episode. “But,” Timberlake continues. → Read More

Better Things leans more on the drama half of dramedy

Every week on The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti, John asks writers to tell him what they like. In this web-only extra, assistant editor Danette Chavez heaps praise on the dramedy Better Things, starring Pamela Adlon in a Louie-esque self-portrayal. It’s a fantastic show, as you’ll hear Danette tell you in this video. The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti can be seen every Thursday night on Fusion. → Read More

Alec Baldwin’s Trump wears thin on SNL, but Kate McKinnon never does

In the Mom On Pop podcast, Bonney Teti—mother of A.V. Club TV host John Teti—shares her unfiltered thoughts on the pop culture of the day. → Read More

Larry David is a genius and Miss Manners poops ice cubes

In the Mom On Pop podcast, Bonney Teti—mother of A.V. Club TV host John Teti—shares her unfiltered thoughts on the pop culture of the day. → Read More

The Mom On Pop podcast returns with Mom’s review of American Vandal

In the Mom On Pop podcast, Bonney Teti—mother of A.V. Club TV host John Teti—shares her unfiltered thoughts on the pop culture of the day. → Read More

Bob Odenkirk’s success makes his son sad and happy

We’re heading into the home stretch of the first season of The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti—Thursday nights on Fusion—so we’re reaching back to episode one to bring you this outtake from our interview with Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk. In it, Odenkirk confronts the notion that his son loves his work, but it might not be too comfortable for him to admit. You can see the… → Read More

Tell Me What To Like: Teti and Adams go head-to-head with pop-culture picks

Every week, The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti—watch it Thursdays on Fusion—finishes up with a fast-paced round-robin of pop-culture recommendations. In this web-only exclusive, Teti challenges TV Editor Erik Adams to give him as many picks as he can in the space of a minute. The Philly Fanatic is involved. Here’s how to watch the show! → Read More

Watch my A.V. Club TV show, and I’ll write something for you

Hello, A.V. Club readers, it’s your old friend John Teti. You might remember me from Block & Tackle, the internet’s eighth most popular weekly NFL column. Or from that time I was editor of the site for a couple minutes. (I’m the George Lazenby of A.V. Club editors-in-chief.) It’s been a while since we met up here on the web, because early this year, my corporate superiors packaged me up in a… → Read More

The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti... come on down! · Newswire · The A.V. Club

The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti is about to go on hiatus for a month, so at the production office, we’ve been treating this week’s episode—episode 20!—as our “midseason finale.” To send us into the break with a bang, we headed to CBS Television City in Hollywood, where we spent a day behind the sc → Read More

Rhymefest talks Chicago, Kanye, and the spirit of community

For The A.V. Club TV show, host John Teti interviewed Rhymefest about the state of music in Chicago. The rapper, writer, and social activist had more to say than we could fit in the episode, so here’s the unabridged conversation in written form, alongside some outtakes. The A.V. Club Hosted By John → Read More

The A.V. Club will soon exist in TV show form

Last year, my A.V. Club colleagues and I surveyed the media landscape and reached a troubling conclusion: There simply aren’t enough television shows. To remedy that shortfall, we’re taking matters into our own hands. We’re launching a TV program called The A.V. Club, which has a nice ring to it. Th → Read More

Roger Goodell is right—that was awesome

Block & Tackle is John Teti’s column about pro football.On Sunday night, after one of the most unlikely title-game comebacks in American sports history, the field at NRG Stadium in Houston was a mess. Exhausted players and coaches embraced each other in awe as confetti stuck to their sweat-drenc → Read More

Let’s get ready to feast on the Super Bowl losers’ sorrow

Block & Tackle is John Teti’s column about pro football.On Sunday, we will gather again for the annual ritual of the Super Bowl, where men collide on a numbered rectangle in a contest to win jewelry and one (1) statue of a football. Computer-generated animals will make us laugh about corn chips. → Read More