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Past articles by Gabe:

Woman terrifies Nextdoor by asking about the "man with no head"

Nextdoor, for those not familiar, is like a hyper-local Facebook—with all the attendant horrors you might expect that to entail. For the most part, this comes in the form of neighbors incoherently yelling at each other about recycling and coyotes and dildos. Occasionally, however, the service provides some more literal horrors, such as this post wondering if anyone else has noticed a headless… → Read More

Read This: How a rural gun shop's billboard represents MAGA culture's offline proliferation

Much concern has been raised in the past few years about the role of social media in the iteration and spread of hateful rhetoric, and rightfully so. There is no shortage of stories of once-moderate or politically uninvolved family members getting pulled past an event horizon of paranoia and mistrust via far-right memes and conspiracy YouTube videos. More than one right-wing mass shooter has… → Read More

Durex manages to swing Spider-Man controversy conversation around to premature ejaculation

Since news broke this week that a financial impasse between Disney and Sony Pictures Entertainment will mean the end of Spider-Man’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-fans have been making a kerfuffle online. Given the success the Tom Holland incarnation of Spider-Man has had under the stewardship of Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige, along with Spidey’s role as a key emotional cog… → Read More

Please enjoy this soothing footage of a migrating herd of wild air mattresses

In the elevated high plains of Denver, CO, just east of the foothills of the mighty Rocky Mountains, a man named Robb Manes captured a rare and stunning sight: a herd of mattresses, bouncing and bounding and flopping their way across the steppe. → Read More

Battle monsters at a Korn concert in the pinnacle of video game experiences

Back in February, the EDM producer Marshmello held a live, in-game concert in Fortnite. Depending on your point of view (and, let’s be honest, age) this was either a monumental convergence of two massive bits of cultural phenomena, or absolutely bewildering. Certainly there is something intriguing about the idea of a live performance from a real-world artist held in a shared online space, so… → Read More

This floating tent offers you a cool new way to die while camping

There is a particular genre of internet video dedicated to breathlessly showcasing products so stupid that surely it must be intentional. Perhaps you recall the Pause Pod, a miniature tent that allows you to nap on the floor at work, thereby relieving you of the stress of having once had a job. This weekend, Mashable added a fine contribution to this genre with the Shoal Tent, the inflatable… → Read More

Alaska man discovers Soviet message in a bottle, 50 years later

Here’s something extremely pleasant: a message in a bottle, written by the crew of a Soviet fishing vessel, discovered by a high school basketball coach in Alaska almost exactly 50 years later. → Read More

Tommy Lee's vision of a post-Trump America is extremely liberal, metal

Tommy Lee, the Mötley Crüe drummer and Hall of Fame party animal, has taken an interest in politics as of late. Like many people, Lee appears to have developed a strong dislike of Donald Trump over the past few years, and would really like him to be gone as soon as possible. In a recent Instagram story, Lee outlined his vision for a world after our current president. The rocker, never known for… → Read More

Dennis Rodman's first TikTok video is equal parts charming, confusing

You probably know Dennis Rodman from one of his many iterations: defensive anchor on multiple legendary NBA teams, nWo member, star of some perplexing action films, Celebrity Apprentice contestant, and, most recently, cannabis cryptocurrency pitchman and good friend to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. You maybe don’t know about TikTok, but the gist is this: It’s Vine, but with licensed music… → Read More

Samuel L. Jackson hated his big Deep Blue Sea speech, which was originally 7 pages

“Deep Blue Sea? They ate me! A fuckin’ shark ate me!” shouts Dave Chappelle as Samuel L. Jackson the Chappelle’s Show’s“Samuel L. Jackson Beer” sketch. Two decades later, Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea, by all means a mediocre shark flick, endures in the minds of many for that exact reason: a fuckin’ shark ate Samuel L. Jackson. → Read More

A woman married her dog on live TV, but it's fun and not creepy, we think?

The United Kingdom is going through tough times. Boris Johnson, a straw-haired charlatan whom Donald Trump called “Britain Trump,” has become prime minister via a long series of compounding national blunders, and the threat of a no-deal Brexit looms larger than ever. The U.S. women’s national soccer team put England’s best hope for a soccer world title in the trash. Piers Morgan still roams the… → Read More

Papa Roach thinks Donald Trump's new catchphrase could make a good Papa Roach song

On Saturday, in the midst of what must have been a particularly ferocious bowel movement, Donald Trump went on a long, racist diatribe about congressman Elijah Cummings and his district in Baltimore and all the usual bullshit you’ve come to just tune out. Since then, plenty of Baltimoreans have provided thoughtful responses to Trump’s rantings, from The Baltimore Sun to John Waters to, of… → Read More

There's an entire YouTube channel devoted to one 7-second Spy Kids clip

YouTube can be used for all sort of things, some of them good (finding The A.V. Club’s expertly produced video content, for example), and some of them bad (getting radicalized into white nationalism via a downward spiral of algorithmic video suggestions because you watched the guy from Fear Factor interview Andrew Dice Clay). Here’s a use that’s good: some person has posted the same 7-second… → Read More

Jeff Goldblum: "I live more in 10 minutes than most people do in an entire lifetime"

Lately, the hot trend in the field of Jeff Goldblum interviewing has been to ask him to do all sorts of odd things and then marvel as he gamely does them. We’ve seen him read horny tweets about himself. We’ve seen him purr like a cat. We’ve even seen him, for whatever reason, play Seymour Skinner in a table-reading of “Steamed Hams.” → Read More

This deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame reveals a little more about Gamora's fate

Despite the fact that you can still go see it in theaters, Avengers: Endgame, now one true box-office king, is making its way to the various formats of home media. As you’d expect, these editions of Endgame will come with a few bonus features, including some deleted scenes. This morning, Marvel shared one of these scenes with USA Today. → Read More

We have no idea what's being crafted in this deranged crafting video, but we hate it

You know how it goes: you’ve got yourself an egg, but it’s slightly too small and not nearly translucent or blue enough. Bad luck, nothing to be done, right? Wrong. Now you can get your egg just how you like it (slightly larger, translucent, blue), all thanks to this incredibly fucked-up Facebook “crafting” video dug up by Twitter user @chipspopandabar. → Read More

Lil Nas X lies, promises “Seoul Town Road” with RM of BTS is the last "Old Town Road" remix

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” has been the Billboard Hot 100's number one song for 16 straight weeks, tied for the most all time with “One Sweet Day” and “Despacito,” a record it will no doubt break. In that time, the viral hit has gotten an official music video, a baffling unofficial parody version, a version with horse sounds, a screamo cover, and of course, remixes. So many remixes. Today, as… → Read More

Reminder: Pablo Picasso was a bit of an asshole

Artists can be a temperamental sort. Even among the painfully reclusive, an artist requires some serious confidence—a belief that their truth is worthy of presenting to the world, and the world in turn deserving to receive that truth. Sometimes (though hardly always and never inevitably), this ego can manifest itself in the artist being what some might call an asshole. As an excerpt brought up… → Read More

SpaceX is sending some Nickelodeon slime to space, where it belongs

For decades, Nickelodeon’s slime has tormented Hollywood’s most affable A-list stars. Not a year goes by that the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, DJ Khaled, or Chris Pratt do not suffer under the threat of being covered in Nickelodeon-branded goo, often right as they are attempting to present a coveted award. After tonight, thanks to NASA and SpaceX, not even outer-space will provide a safe… → Read More

Okay, but what do furries think about the Cats trailer?

Ever since the trailer for Tom Hooper’s big-screen adaptation of Cats dropped last week, one of the big questions surrounding the film has been just who, exactly, it’s for. We already know the general public’s reactions have ranged from disturbed to—at best—perplexed. Actual cats don’t seem to like it any more than us humans, either. One common musing among observers, however, has been, “Say,… → Read More