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Recent articles by Erin:

Owners Are Offering Their Empty RVs To Medical Staff During Coronavirus Fight

While Facebook might not be known for doing much good in this world, a group of RV owners are helping to make a difference in the lives of those on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak. → Read More

GM Retooled A Closed Plant To Make Face Masks In Just 11 Days

On March 20, General Motors brought in an initial team to turn an empty 2.7 million-square-foot factory into a mask making facility. Work started Monday and, by April 8, some 20,000 masks will be produced at the formally shuttered Warren Transmission plant in Metro Detroit. Once all the kinks have been worked out, the automaker could be producing up to 50,000 masks a day, 1.5 million a month and… → Read More

Aston Martin Will Fix Local Health Workers' Cars For Free

Everyone is (or, at the vey least, should be) trying to do their part in the fight to slow the deadly spread of COVID-19 and automakers are no exception. While GM and Ford race to re-tool plants and re-train volunteer UAW workers to build respirators, Aston Martin is doing what it can to keep National Health Service workers around its UK headquarters at their critical posts. → Read More

This Custom Retro Chevy Camper Is The Most Brown

Here at Jalopnik, we know we have a (justly earned) reputation for being brown manual wagon stans. But we’re so much more than that. We love brown vans, campers, supercars, coupes, trucks... anything! As our departed colleague Davey G. Johnson was keen to note, brown is the spice of life, and this former SEMA beauty queen for sale in Grand Rapids, Michigan, might just be the spiciest such… → Read More

Detailing An Aston Martin DB4 Verges On ASMR

Feeling stressed? Pushed to your limit? Maybe a little hungover? Yeah, me too. And if you’re also like me, you’re turning to anything to help sooth nerves more jangled than a wind chime left out in a hurricane. Two of the most relaxing videos to binge are car detailing and ASMR videos and this one of an Aston Martin being meticulously scrubbed is a glorious combo of the two. It may be the only… → Read More

NASA Fixes Probe On Mars By Hitting It With A Shovel

Every wrencher knows that sometimes the only cure for a misbehaving machine is to just hit the damn thing. The finely tuned machines of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration are no exception. Even a whole planet away, with different gravity and no magnetic field, machines just work better with the application of a little bit of brute force. → Read More

Automakers Might Make Ventilators Because Of Coronavirus

General Motors and Ford are researching the possibility of revamping their plants from shuttered car manufacturing sites to actively building ventilators to help treat those sickened with Coronavirus. → Read More

Detroit Cancels Bus Service As Over 90 Percent Of Drivers Stay Home

Over 90 percent of Detroit bus drivers called out of work en masse today after they said the overcrowded Detroit Department Of Transit buses were not adhering to Center for Disease Control guidelines for prevention of spreading Coronavirus, as the state shut down all schools, bars, and restaurants. Detroit public transit was hanging on by a thread during easier times, but now that the world has… → Read More

Truckers Safety Measures Suspended Over Coronavirus Emergency

Here’s yet another unforeseen circumstance of the Coronavirus: America’s highway safety regulators last Friday suspended daily driving limits for truck drivers hauling medical supplies, personal and other items necessary for battling the current outbreak possibly leading less safe road conditions. → Read More

Uber And Lyft Drivers: How As The Coronavirus Affected You?

The current Coronavirus pandemic is affecting almost every aspect of American life. At this point, you’ve probably been subjected to a cancelation of some kind. But not everyone can selectively seclude themselves from other people. Some folks, like drivers, have to deal with close proximity to strangers all day. → Read More

Why Bentley GT Continental Convertible Is A Default Daily Driver For The Fabulous

Everything seemed more vibrant while speeding down a smooth empty desert highway in a roofless Bentley. The scenery fell and climbed over the soft, leather-clad doors from empty sandy flats to sheer cliffs and back down again and, eventually, to the grandest canyon in the lower 48. → Read More

Goodyear's Latest Concept Is A Tire That Can Be Changed Using A Pill

Technology in pill form is one of the longest enduring science fiction tropes, so it was only a matter of time before pill-based features entered the dreamy world of automotive concepts. Goodyear took the plunge into this futuristic form automotive tech this week with its reCharge concept, a tire that can be “personalized” or replenished with just a pop of a pill. → Read More

The 300 HP Fisker Ocean Wants To Be An Electric SUV People Can Afford

The electric car space is quickly becoming chock full of contenders from everyone from Tesla to Volkswagen to Hyundai, but the real challenge seems to be price. It’s not impossible, but very few can seem to get below the $40,000 threshold thanks to the cost of batteries. And Fisker – yes, that Fisker – thinks it can do it with the new Fisker Ocean. → Read More

This Is What A Trade Show Cancelled By Coronavirus Looks Like

I’m really kind of jealous of automotive photographer George Williams right now. He got to stroll around the completely empty Geneva Motor Show two days following the show’s cancelation and honestly, all auto shows should be like this. → Read More

Colorado Passed A Dealership Bill Designed Entirely For Tesla And Rivian

The Colorado Senate Friday approved a bill 22 to 12 that will allow electric vehicle manufacturers, like Tesla and electric truck manufacturer Rivian, to sell their products directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional dealership system. There is a caveat however, the bill only allows company that sell solely EVs and has no prior traditional system of dealerships already in place to do so. → Read More

Bless Your Timeline With The 2020 Corvette Doing Donuts

Perhaps in honor of yesterday’s Mardi Gras festivities, the experts of fun things at YouTube channel TheStraightPipes served up some donuts in a C8 Corvette. It is good to know that as modern as the Corvette has become, it still is more than capable of doing donuts like an ‘80s El Camino with a 350 swap. → Read More

Dallas Exterminator Treats '5 to 10' Ride Share Cars A Week For Bed Bug Infestations

If the shady business practices, abuse of drivers or straight-up possible negligent homicides don’t make you pause before hitting that Uber or Lyft app, maybe this will: at least one Dallas exterminator is doing big business killing bed bugs in ride share vehicles. → Read More

The 255 HP Four-Cylinder Toyota Supra Is Coming To The U.S. In 2021

Last Spring, Toyota crushed dreams of a more affordable four-cylinder Supra in the U.S. saying, even though the car was certified in California, there were no plans to bring the engine option to the U.S. Well, it seems something changed over at Toyota, as the company announced Thursday that a GR Supra 2.0 four-cylinder turbo option is also coming to America. → Read More

Watch Mazda Evolve From Humble Cork Maker Into The Company That Killed The RX-7

Marking major milestones is important, even for car companies, which is why Mazda unveiled this very cool video celebrating 100 years of operation. Mazda has come a long way since its founding on January 30, 1920 as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Corporation by Jujiro Matsuda in Hiroshima, Japan, and you can watch the whole journey right here in one minute. → Read More

The Feds Want You To Leave Your Emotional Support Animals At Home

Flying is already hell, and the fascists at the U.S. Department of Transportation want to make everything even more stressful by proposing some new rules “to amend the definition of a service animal in air transportation and includes safeguards to ensure safety and reduce the likelihood that passengers wishing to travel with their pets on aircraft will be able to falsely claim that their pets… → Read More