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Past articles by Bria:

The Things We Do Behind Closed Doors

At times, it’s hard to remind ourselves that the present is the only thing we can control. → Read More

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Has Ever Questioned Absolutely Everything

In this life, you were made to feel deeply, to express your sorrows, and to allow yourself to be authentic with yourself through life’s many ups and downs. → Read More

The Things We Don’t Say Out Loud

Here’s to the things we wish we could say out loud. → Read More

7 Signs You Need To Make A Change Immediately In Order To Find Happiness

I think there’s a blessing in attaining your own sense of happiness within yourself by releasing control from people and events to make you happy. → Read More

10 Little Habits Most People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because Of Anxiety

When it becomes too much, most people probably don’t even notice that there’s something wrong. → Read More

A Reminder To Never Underestimate ‘The Underdog’

But here’s the truth: the underdog has everything it takes to become successful. → Read More

Here’s The Truth: We’re All Just Trying To Get To Tomorrow

Life isn’t meant to be perfect but I promise you on the other side of your pain, there will be lessons learned and newfound strength to face whatever comes your way. → Read More

Stay With A Guy Just Like This

Stay with the guy who never questions why you are the way that you are, but reminds you that you are uniquely beautiful in every way. → Read More

How To Forgive Them When You’ll Never Forget Them

So, in a nutshell, 99% of people’s motives have nothing to do with you. It is only a reflection of their thinking and what they believed was right at the time. → Read More

The Key To Success Is Knowing What You Bring To The Table

Everyone is gifted at something. → Read More

There Is Always A Breakdown Before The Breakthrough

Everything you want, desire, and yearn for is being prepared for you right now. → Read More

10 Little Things That Will Help You Cope With Your Depression

Today may have been horrendous, but tomorrow will be better. → Read More

To The Woman Struggling With Confidence Today, Here’s What I Need You To Know

I struggle, as a woman, to live in a society where you can be dying on the inside but it is ok as long as you slay on the outside. → Read More

Love A Healing Person

Today, I will you to take a risk of a lifetime, to take a risk you will never regret. → Read More

To My Dear Friends—I Hope You’ll Stay

We’ve all just drifted into different directions. → Read More

A Letter To The Single Girl Who Thinks She’ll Never Find Love

Hey, beautiful, Just to let you know, you will eventually find the guy of your dreams so please stop believing that you will never find him. You are young right now; maybe 20, 21, 22, 23, or older … → Read More

Read This If You Constantly Feel Like A ‘Nobody’

I don’t know if you have ever shared the same sentiment as me, but sometimes I feel like a nobody in a world filled with somebodies. → Read More

Here Is Your Reminder About The Importance Of Self-Love

Loving who you are will change your life in insurmountable ways and in more ways than one because having an inner love and acceptance for who you are means you see the world in a positive light. → Read More

I Promise That Life Will Be Beautiful Again

You are at the very least, surviving. But I promise you, life will one day be beautiful again. → Read More

10 Little Signs You’re Finally Starting To Love Yourself More

When you say, “I love myself” you actually mean it. → Read More