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Past articles by Eve:

Westworld Reduces, Reuses, And Recycles

The sound design is horribly good as we open inside the lab, where kleig-lit workers cart around the bodies of the hosts we last saw floating in the water. Bernard watches as a tech uses that fast-moving helmet thing to slice open the skull of a host and pull out its hard drive. Strand crosses the room toward Costa, asking what they've recovered from the hosts thus far. The answer isn't good:… → Read More

Westworld Goes Groundhog Day

We begin inside what appears to be the most Instagrammable prison cell you've ever seen. It's all white and wood and tasteful ceramics and a fishbowl and the sexiest Standard Hotel-looking turntable you've ever seen. From that turntable comes the Rolling Stones' "Play With Fire." The camera floats past a half-full hourglass that just so happens to be on a recognizably-designed side table but I'm… → Read More

Westworld Is Bound For Glory (Literally)

We begin with Dolores, her face in close-up. "Bring yourself back online," we hear, a voice we soon realize is Arnold's. As she blinks to life, Dolores's face reflects wonder. "I am in a dream," she says, and as the camera pulls away, we see that she's in a large city at night. Arnold explains that she's in "our world" -- that is, if our world was basically a deleted scene from The Girlfriend… → Read More

Westworld's Season 2 Premiere Rewrites The Map

Previouslies? Westworld is too cool for that, you guys. Instead, we're dropped straight into the opening credits, which are subtly yet significantly different than those in Season 1. The fabricated horse skeleton is now bovine, and the faces of a woman (who looks a lot like Maeve) and infant are clearly visible. Dolores's wig seems to make an appearance, and as opposed to sinking into/emerging… → Read More

Co-Habitation And Carnage Mark The End Of The Deuce's First Season

You'll never look a Danish without smirking again. → Read More

The Deuce Struggles To Shock The Squares

When Abby takes Vincent to a blue-blooded party, no one's as scandalized as she wants them to be. → Read More

The Deuce Heads In For A Happy Landing

A landmark legal decision opens the door for all sorts of new porn. → Read More

The Deuce Gets Off The Streets And Into The Massage Parlor

Vincent's family values push him into the sex trade. → Read More

The Deuce Heads Behind The Camera

A lot goes down in week's James Franco-directed (!) episode! Vincent opens his bar, Frankie destroys a possibly anachronistic pay phone, Candy takes her first steps toward filmmaking, and everyone talks way too much about A Tale Of Two Cities. → Read More

The Deuce Sexplains Why It's Hard Out There For A Pimp

Would a sex worker own a Super 8 projector? Is there a better place to eat Chinese food than the back yard of a police station? Does James Franco's accent abilities escape him when he's talking to himself? Eve Batey and Tim Ehhalt tackle these questions (and many more) in this week's Deucecussion. → Read More

The Deuce Pilot Sets A Sordidly Sexy 70s Table

In the 90-minute pilot episode of The Deuce, plot is sacrificed in order to make sure we meet plenty of characters -- and Tim Ehhalt and Eve Batey have thoughts on them all, from who's most pedantically annoying to who has the most period-appropriate body. → Read More

Does Daytime Divas Dish Soapy Summer Fun?

Walking the line between 'bonkers' and 'dumb' is harder than it looks. → Read More

Will Jane The Virgin And Rafael Just Get Together, Already?

And more less-than-burning questions from the season finale. → Read More

Is Jane The Virgin Falling Back In Love With Rafael?

And other not-quite-burning questions from this season's penultimate episode! → Read More

Is Jane The Virgin's Rogelio Really A Sex And The City Charlotte?

And more questions sparked by Jane channeling her inner Carrie Bradshaw! → Read More

Did Fabian Just Jane The Virgin Jane?

If Fabian isn't dishing it out, can Jane take it? → Read More

Isn't About Time Liv Went Full iZombie On Someone?

If a murderous Klansman doesn't merit the full Z, what does? → Read More

Is Jane The Virgin About To Let Jane Get Her Freak On?

Birds do it, bees do it, why shouldn't Jane do it? → Read More

Eating A Guru's Brain Doesn't Make Anyone More Mindful On iZombie

Bad judgment calls? iZombie's got 'em! → Read More

Why Is iZombie Treating Clive Like A Suspect?

Could it be the mustache? Eve Batey raises this question, and more, about 'Zombie Knows Best'! → Read More