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Recent articles by Katie:

You're probably applying sunscreen wrong. Skincare experts explain how to best use it.

From chemical to mineral sunscreens to SPF and UPF ratings, here's how you should be using sunscreen. → Read More

FDA advisory panel just recommended Covid-19 vaccines for kids under 5

In a unanimous vote, an outside panel of experts for the FDA recommended both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine for kids under 5. → Read More

Mysterious hepatitis outbreaks in children are confounding doctors — here's why the cause is still unclear

Acute hepatitis outbreaks have affected kids throughout the world and are responsible for one death. → Read More

The modern flu is a direct descendant of the virus that caused the 1918 pandemic

How the Covid-19 pandemic can help us better understand the 1918 flu pandemic and future pandemics. → Read More

Overturning Roe v. Wade will make the U.S.’s horrifying maternal mortality rates even worse

Justice Alito's drafted Supreme Court decision would reverse landmark abortion cases, posing real dangers for maternal health. → Read More

More than half of Americans have had Covid-19 — here's how to tell if you are one of them

According to a recent CDC report, the majority of Americans have been exposed to Covid-19. Even if you've been vaccinated, there's still a way to know if you might have had a past infection. → Read More

5 things people get wrong about adult ADHD

ADHD doesn't disappear in adulthood. In fact, according to psychiatrists and advocates, there are a number of misconceptions about adult ADHD that can make living with the condition harder than it should be. → Read More

Should you tan your balls? Men's health experts debunk testicular tanning

There is no data supporting the idea that scrotum or testicle tanning increases testosterone, a urologist says. → Read More

Mask recommendations are constantly in flux — here's the last guide you'll ever need

Throughout the past two years, public health officials have constantly shifted mask recommendations, causing confusion on what we should be doing to protect ourselves from Covid-19. → Read More

Zika discovery: One plausible mutation could make the virus more dangerous

In a new study, researchers found that a small shift in the genome of the Zika virus could make it more infectious. The finding underscores the importance of surveillance studies. → Read More

Melatonin won't cure your sleep problems — and it might even be harmful

From widely varying melatonin supplement content to limited, temporary efficacy, practicing good sleep hygiene is better for insomnia than melatonin supplements → Read More

20 years after the Human Genome Project, researchers decipher the missing 8 percent of human DNA

A decade ago, researchers sequenced 92 percent of the human genome. They just cracked the last 8 percent — a breakthrough that could lead to new treatments for cancer and other diseases. → Read More

MDMA plus therapy appears to be highly effective for treating PTSD, trial shows

Researchers reported the results of a phase 3 trial, in which participants who received MDMA-assisted therapy no longer met the criteria for PTSD two months later. → Read More

Researchers mapped psychedelics in the brain — challenging our understanding of how the drugs work

A new study shifts conventional knowledge about the neuroscience of psychedelics. A better understanding of these drugs is crucial to mental health treatment. → Read More

What did Einstein eat? Inside the diet of the famed physicist

From mushrooms to canned beans, Einstein had quite the interesting diet. It remains unclear what, if any, influence his diet had on his ability to understand the deepest levels of physics. → Read More

This elusive toxin in the gut reawakens "zombie" viruses

Colibactin, a byproduct of some bacteria in the gut, has been linked to colon cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. New research suggests it reactivates dormant viruses. → Read More

Did we really find proof that life flashes before our eyes when we die?

A viral study raises questions about what happens in our brain in the moments before and after death. → Read More

You don’t need an Omicron-specific Covid-19 booster — here’s why

New research suggests the immunity conferred by two doses and a booster of the Covid-19 vaccines generate an immune response to the virus that lasts for months if not years. → Read More

Adaptogens are the latest wellness craze. But do they actually do anything?

Adaptogens are plant-derived supplements that are popular in the wellness industry. Proponents claim they help the body adapt to stress and become resilient, but is that true? → Read More

A pair of gut enzymes in the microbiome could be key to universal organ donation

Researchers successfully changed the blood type of human lungs in the lab, opening the door to life-saving universal organs. → Read More