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Recent articles by Tiffany:

Want to Age Well? This Everyday Activity Improves Balance and Prevents Falls

Stair climbing is one of the best exercises you can do for healthy aging. Its benefits include improving your balance, leg strength and cardio fitness. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Eat Raw Fish and Meat?

Experts explain if you can eat raw fish or meat, and how to help minimize your risk for food poisoning. There aren't any real benefits to eating proteins raw. → Read More

15 Asian American- and Pacific Islander-Owned Food and Drink Brands to Support

These Asian American and Pacific Islander food brands bridge the culture gap by highlighting Asian ingredients through an American lens. May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, and as the fastest-growing racial group in the U.S., per an April 2021 Pew Research Institute report, it's no surprise that the food is as diverse as its people. We're taking this month (and… → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Mix Caffeine and Alcohol?

Experts explain effects of mixing caffeine and alcohol (think: espresso martinis and Red Bull vodkas) and whether drinking coffee after drinking alcohol is OK. → Read More

The One Mistake That Makes Your Cup of Tea Bad for Your Health

Some herbal teas interact with medications, and these can include green tea, chamomile, ginseng and more. Check with your doctor before drinking these. → Read More

The 6 Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks to Help You Wake Up Energized

A light alarm clock helps you wake up more naturally energized in the morning because it simulates the gradual sunrise. Check out the best sunrise alarm clocks. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Eat Grilled or Smoked Fish and Meats?

Eating grilled or smoked fish and meats may increase the risk for potentially cancer-causing chemicals. Find out how bad grilled and smoked food can be. → Read More

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Get Enough Fiber

Most Americans don't nearly get enough fiber in their diet. Learn about the top lack of fiber symptoms, including constipation, worse heart health and more. → Read More

How Upcycled Food Can Help Combat Food Waste and Save You Money

Find out what is upcycled food and how upcycling vegetables and fruits can make a big difference in reducing food waste and costs. Learn how to try it at home. → Read More

How Bad Is It Really to Eat Farm-Raised Salmon?

Is farm-raised salmon bad? Dietitians explain whether eating farmed salmon is safe and the health-related differences between farmed vs wild salmon. → Read More

7 Things to Do if You’re Too Burnt Out to Cook Tonight

We all feel too lazy to cook sometimes, so when you're not in the mood to spend time in the kitchen, try these meal prep and planning tips from dietitians. → Read More

The 6 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks for Delicious Plant-Based Meals

These best vegetarian cookbooks will help you navigate the world of plant-based eating and teach you how to make healthy substitutions for meatless meals. → Read More

Hip Thrusts vs. Deadlifts: Which One Is Better for Stronger Glutes?

The hip thrust is a better butt exercise than the deadlift because it isolates the glutes and relies less on your core. We break down hip thrusts vs. deadlifts. → Read More

Why You Should Buy Fairtrade Coffee, and 7 Brands You'll Love

Buying Fairtrade coffee ensures farmers are justly paid for labor and goods and that they follow sustainable practices. Shop these Fairtrade coffee brands. → Read More

9 Sneaky Nutrition Claims Not to Fall for at the Grocery Store

Dietitians explain the most sneaky nutrition claims on food labels, such as "whole grains" and "vegan," to help you make healthier food choices at the grocery. → Read More

The 5 Best Strength and Mobility Exercises You Can Do With a Single Dumbbell

Do these strength and mobility exercises with a single dumbbell as part of a pre-workout activation warm-up. They also make for great mobility workouts. → Read More

16 Mini Meal Ideas for When You’re Just Not in the Mood to Cook

Try these mini meal ideas that combine healthy snacks with protein, fiber, complex carbs and fats to keep you full when you're not in the mood to cook. → Read More

The 5 Best Exercises for Building Explosive Strength With a Single Dumbbell

These explosive strength dumbbell exercises will help you improve sports performance and help prevent injury. The bonus is you only need one dumbbell. → Read More

6 Common Tricep Kickback Mistakes You Need to Fix for Better Results

Triceps kickbacks are one of the most effective arm exercises, but they're easy to mess up. Learn common triceps kickback mistakes and how to correct them. → Read More

Do Cast Iron Pans Really Add Iron to Your Food, and Are They Safe?

Find out the benefits of cast iron cookware and whether they add iron to your food. Then, read on about whether cast iron is safe to cook with. → Read More