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Past articles by James:

Working class white children are struggling – but it's nothing to do with 'white privilege'

I grew up in something approximating a ‘white working class’ home. Not that we ever thought of ourselves that way. We just saw ourselves as ‘normal’, though we were keenly aware of the financial distinctions which placed some of our middle class neighbours slightly above us. We never thought of ourselves as white either. In […] → Read More

The rout of the Covid conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theories have long been considered eccentric and ridiculous in Britain. You may have had a relative who believed the CIA murdered JFK or that Harold Wilson was nearly overthrown by a military coup. But in typically English fashion, we usually laughed at people like that. Yet nowadays it feel as if there is more […] → Read More

We must dispense with 'Covid Orientalism' and learn from Asia's success

In a year of sorrow and anxiety, this week has been particularly sombre. On the January 26, almost 12 months to the day since the first British nationals tested positive for Covid-19, Britain passed the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths from the virus, one of the highest death rates in the world. But though there … → Read More

The stunning hypocrisy of British leftwingers posturing about torture

The continued reverence for certain authoritarian regimes on the fringes of the left is probably a testament to the scale of socialism’s defeat at the close of the 20th century. Since then the left, in both its social democratic and socialist guises, has adopted a broadly defensive stance. Social democrats spend most of their time … → Read More

Cuba is no coronavirus hero

We’re all looking for things to cheer us up in these apocalyptic times when even a trip to the supermarket is fraught with potential danger. We live online to an even greater extent now than ever before, and it is in the online realm that many are sharing their heart-warming stories of individuals doing good … → Read More

As Starmer strides forward, Long-Bailey is panicking

To judge by Constituency Labour Party nominations, Keir Starmer is storming his way to the Labour leadership. Last week the frontrunner even secured the nomination of Islington North CLP – a remarkable win given it is Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency. So far Starmer is well out in front, with 280 nomintions to just 131 for his … → Read More

A class apart: Labour is in denial about its core vote

Class is back on the agenda – in the Labour Party at least. On the back of a disastrous election defeat in which Labour lost many of its former working class strongholds, a debate has begun as to who its ‘core vote’ actually is in the twenty-first century. This started prior to December’s election to … → Read More

Life after Corbyn – what next for Labour?

As things stand, the most likely outcome of the general election next week is a Conservative majority. The polls have narrowed a little in recent weeks but they still give the Tories a healthy lead of around 9 points. A first outright majority for the Conservatives since 2015 would allow Boris Johnson to get his … → Read More

There's slim chance of an 'ethical foreign policy' under Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is often referred to as a man of peace by his supporters. Based largely on his opposition to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which is something of a litmus test in this regard, he is said to have consistently been on the “right side of history”. In 2017, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary Emily … → Read More

Cuba killed my communism

When I was a teenager, I thought I had all the answers → Read More

Poor millennials will be the fattest generation – the march of progress is to blame

The 10 worst areas in Britain in terms of overweight or obese children are also among the worst 10 for child poverty. → Read More

Britain's pathetic politicians are drowning in the blood of tortured Syria

The latest butchery in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta by Assad forces shames the isolationist United Kingdom. → Read More

Why British politics is being contaminated by conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories about George Soros and Oxfam reveal something disconcerting about the road down which British politics is currently travelling. → Read More

The gig economy is exploitation masquerading as freedom

Multi-million-pound firms are, like Uber and Deliveroo, are offloading business risk onto some of the poorest people in Britain. → Read More

Government knows the consequences of Brexit will be disastrous

Leaked paper shows Brexit is likely to damage the British economy significantly - but will it be the game-changer it is being touted as by many prominent Remainers? → Read More

Davos 2018: Capitalism still has much to do before it can claim victory

The global elite gathered at Davos for the World Economic Forum must heed the more sceptical accounts of unstoppable progress. → Read More

Carillion was a massive Ponzi scheme

the collapse of Carillion says a great deal about the state of Britain in the twenty-first century. → Read More

The Virgin Daily Mail ban isn't censorship – but it makes me uneasy

The West Coast trains move has been decried as an attack on free speech by the Daily Mail and its political allies. → Read More

Why have left wingers greeted the Iran protests with miserable silence

Will the left support the struggle of the Iranian people? → Read More

Brexit is the replacement of one set of elites with another

It is this contradiction between the rhetoric of the Brexiteers and the reality that makes the whole thing feel like such a con. → Read More