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Recent articles by David:

CNN, don’t make the same mistake NBC did in setting your Democratic debate lineups

The DNC and the news networks have been using random methods to divide the candidates between debate nights. It's one of those good-sounding ideas that's actually bad for democracy. → Read More

Politicians often overlook Asian American voters. They shouldn’t, especially in 2020.

Asian American voters are an increasingly powerful group, but they're often left out of the political conversation. That's a mistake. → Read More

Marianne Williamson sounds unusual. But her style is surprisingly mainstream.

The candidate is an out-there, touchy-feely spiritualist. So are a lot of Americans. → Read More

Thinking about canceling your trip to the Dominican Republic? Do the math first.

Math can help you figure out the risks of taking a certain vacation. But it won't tell you if you'll have a good time. → Read More

Reporters want to seem neutral. That’s impossible in political debate coverage.

Whether or not reporters and analysts like it, our coverage can shape public opinion. So I put together some tips for how to cover the event well. → Read More

Primary debates matter. But not as much as you probably think they do.

The Democratic presidential debates are being billed as the fight of the century. They're obviously important, but they won't change everything. → Read More

Creating high-quality polls is incredibly hard. 2020 rule changes aren’t helping.

Polling is tougher than ever, and most people don't know about some of the biggest sources of error. Here's what you need to know to read the numbers responsibly. → Read More

Americans weren’t always bitterly divided on abortion. This is how we got that way.

Abortion has suddenly jumped into the headlines as both sides make big pushes to change laws. But why now? → Read More

The best argument for Beto O’Rourke is electability. That’s bad news for him.

He's more electable than the average Democrat —— but he might have less appeal than his fans think. → Read More

What President Trump doesn’t understand about his approval rating

The president thinks his net approval rating would be +25 if press coverage was more favorable. That seems off. → Read More

Joe Biden is the Democratic Mitt Romney

But unlike the former Republican nominee, he faces more serious obstacles in his quest for the Democratic nomination. → Read More

Bernie Sanders should be out in front in the Democratic primary. So why isn’t he?

Maybe the Vermont senator just doesn’t have the profile, base or approach to be the heir apparent. → Read More

Millennials could push American politics to the left — or totally upend them

Millennial voters are different from the generations before them, and so are the circumstances that shaped them. → Read More

Religiously unaffiliated voters are leading U.S. politics into uncharted waters

The size and political strength of the religious "nones" are increasing. So who are they, and what do they want? → Read More

Black voters helped make Joe Biden the Democratic front-runner. Will they keep him there?

Biden is polling well with black voters — which shouldn't be surprising if you look at his policy positions and his close relationship with President Obama. → Read More

Trump said the Mueller report was a win for him. He isn’t entirely wrong.

The report was one of the biggest news events in months — and it hasn't caused much movement in the polls. → Read More

Is the new Democratic Party too woke to nominate Joe Biden?

The party is quickly moving left on race and identity issues. But there's still an opening for a candidate such as the former vice president. → Read More

The Buttigieg Bump is real. But Mayor Pete still has a long way to go.

Fundraising, media and polling data all point to a bounce for Buttigieg since his CNN town hall. But many obstacles remain between him and the Democratic nomination. → Read More

Why hasn’t Elizabeth Warren achieved liftoff?

She has proposed a lot of policies, but she hasn't found her breakout moment. → Read More

Who is Joe Biden’s base, really?

He's leading in the polls despite a "handsiness" crisis. So who are his supporters? → Read More