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Recent articles by Thomas:

Ontario is in for a strange election campaign

For those immersed in the politics of Queen’s Park, all of this may make sense. For the rest of us, it does not. → Read More

At last, there’s clarity on why we’re aiding Ukraine: We want to weaken Russia permanently

The real question is how to stop the fighting when no one has an incentive to seek peace. Russia started this war. NATO has kept it going. → Read More

Should Russia be kicked off international bodies like the G20? Canada says yes

Punishing Russia by kicking it out of the club could backfire — and, by limiting co-operation, end up making matters worse. → Read More

The new cold war involves more than Ukraine and Europe — it threatens to encompass the entire world

The only thing that kept NATO from declaring all-out war is the fact Moscow has nukes. North Korea has noticed, resuming its missile testing program. → Read More

Will Vladimir Putin be allowed to lose gracefully? The West wants to end the war, but also wants to humiliate the Russian leader

In some ways, it is better for the West if the peace negations fail and the war goes on, in order to completely isolate Putin’s Russia. → Read More

The new Liberal-NDP accord is something to talk about, but it’s fundamentally meaningless

The arrangement is vague and unenforceable, and the proposed denticare plan suffers from a fatal flaw: it is not universal. → Read More

Canadians should imagine what it would be like if we were involved in a nuclear war

This is the real choice Zelenskyy is offering Canada and other supporters of Ukraine: Doing too little, and doing so much we risk all-out nuclear war. → Read More

The war in Ukraine is not new — it is a return to the Cold War

The current standoff between Russia and the West revisits that period, not so long ago, when the West faced off against the Soviet bloc. → Read More

As we stockpile weapons for Ukraine, we should remember Canada and its NATO allies are not at war

The West is trying to give the Russia-Ukraine conflict greater significance by defining it in apocalyptic terms as a battle between good and evil. → Read More

Do convoy protests put Canada’s national security at risk?

If Canada is to present itself as a power along the U.S. border, it will have to demonstrate to Washington its ability to exercise control. → Read More

John Honderich was an old-fashioned newspaper boss. He will be missed

John was a deceptively complicated guy. Unfailingly optimistic, he was no “Citizen Kane.” But at times, he came close. → Read More

The experiment has failed. Unifying the right under one national Conservative party isn’t working

There are still two parties warring within the Conservative movement. One of them is modern and moderate; the other is reactionary and extreme. → Read More

The great irony of Russia’s faceoff against Ukraine is that it has made NATO relevant again

After the Berlin Wall came down, NATO floundered. Who was it defending against? With Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has brought some clarity to this issue. → Read More

Canada, usually the voice of moderation, is playing the cowboy on Ukraine crisis

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly is striking an unusually hawkish tone in her comments about the standoff. Is this the best path for Canada? → Read More

Information is dour, as governments move to limit the release of pandemic data they consider overly pessimistic

Information is now treated strategically, as a weapon in the war against the pandemic. Accuracy alone is not enough if it contradicts messaging. → Read More

The economy is doing well, thanks in part to the pandemic

Employers discovered to their horror that their low-wage workers now had the option not to work at all. The practical effect was a rise in wages. → Read More

Canada is being drawn into a new cold war that it doesn’t need or want

Unlike the original Cold War, allegedly fought over Communism, this one makes no pretence of ideology. Today, it is all just big power politics. → Read More

Keep calm and continue the fight against Omicron

If we can collectively do what is necessary, we should be able to deal with the latest variant of this terrible disease. → Read More

Smaller farms could help animals survive climate emergencies

Most chickens and hogs are kept caged, mainly because it is cheaper. But during heat waves or floods, these cages become death traps. → Read More

Ottawa should respond to American protectionism with its own ‘Buy Canadian’ policy

What’s the use of a binding trade agreement if one participant is free to ignore it? Perhaps the answer is to borrow from America’s playbook. → Read More