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Past articles by Molly:

‘No Hard Feelings’: New book offers advice for using emotions effectively at work

While some employers might prefer it if we behaved more like robots, the authors of the new book No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work argue just the opposite. Emotions, correctly expressed, are incredibly helpful in the workplace, and can lead to effective change that… → Read More

Life after Facebook: New book ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ redeems the Winklevoss twins

In case you were wondering what those Winklevoss Twins have been up to after that whole Facebook debacle, here it is. Bitcoin Billionaires starts right where the Facebook lawsuit between the Winklevii and Mark Zuckerberg left off, taking us on a bumpy ride through bitcoin’s earlier days. Author Ben… → Read More

Bill Gates picks his 5 top summer reads for 2019, with no shortage of heavy topics

When I first saw Bill Gates’ summer book picks, I thought, “This guy knows how to party.” The fact that his list is filled with heavy reads isn’t lost on Gates — he acknowledges his summer reading list tackles some pretty heavy topics: “None of them are what most people think of as a light read,”… → Read More

‘Ghost Work’ explores the ups and mostly downs of the hidden gig economy

Chances are the last time you ordered something, chatted with customer service, or looked something up online, you didn’t give much thought to who was making sure the information you were looking at was accurate. Welcome to ghost work, the hidden human forces working to ensure that what you get is… → Read More

Book review: Melinda Gates’ ‘The Moment of Lift’ should be required reading for everyone

In the past two decades, Melinda Gates has worked on some of the greatest challenges in global health, including making vaccinations and family planning more widely accessible. In her new book, The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World, she pulls everything she’s learned together to… → Read More

New book ‘Losing Earth’ looks back at how politics squandered a pivotal climate change moment

Climate change is top of mind these days for a lot of folks, whether you’re a 2020 presidential contender or a high school student staging a walkout. With more extreme weather and record years for heat — 2018 was the fourth hottest year on record — this issue is moving up as a top priority for many… → Read More

The best Apple CEO ever? New book explains why Tim Cook deserves more credit for Apple’s success

Silicon Valley is filled with plenty of characters and superstar CEOs. But Apple CEO Tim Cook is easily one of the steadiest performers and likely the most under-the-radar of the bunch, as he leads one of the most powerful, profitable companies on earth. In 2011, Cook inherited one of the toughest… → Read More

New book ‘Billionaire Boondoggle’ explains the myth behind corporate tax incentives

It’s tax season, and some people are finding out the hard way that those so-called tax breaks that President Trump promised them aren’t coming. Who is getting additional tax breaks this year? → Read More

The science behind bias: Stanford researcher aims to ‘uncover the hidden prejudice’ with new book

In many a company, you’ve heard the talk about unconscious bias, and likely attended trainings and so forth, but are these efforts making a real difference the way we see and treat each other? → Read More

Beyond ‘Zucked,’ what concerns author Roger McNamee most about our future in tech

Roger McNamee is a veteran investor in Silicon Valley, and one of the earliest people to invest in Facebook, even offering advice to Mark Zuckerberg when he was a young CEO. A fan of Facebook for many years, McNamee became concerned with posts in his feed about the election early in 2016. His… → Read More

Review: ‘Zucked’ examines Facebook’s unchecked power and ‘catastrophic’ results for us all

Facebook has made a lot of headlines for being on the wrong side of democracy and privacy in the past couple years, and if you’ve been remotely tuned into this, you might have questioned how much time you spend on the platform. Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe will leave you questioning… → Read More

Key takeaways from former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s new book, ‘From the Ground Up’

Howard Schultz might as well have named his latest book, “I am running for president. And this is why you should vote for me.” If you’re remotely curious about what’s motivating the Starbucks-made billionaire to unseat Trump, you might want to read it. From the Ground Up: A Journey to Reimagine the… → Read More

5 rules for being fearless in business and life from AOL veteran and investor Jean Case

Before Gmail, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype or any other way you wanted to get online and get in touch with people, you probably used AOL at some point in your life — if you’re over 35. It might be hard to imagine now, but in its time AOL was revolutionary and helped bring the internet and… → Read More

I read MacKenzie Bezos’ books, and this is what I learned

With news of her split from the Amazon CEO, MacKenzie Bezos stands to become one of the richest — if not the richest — woman on the planet. What better way understand who she is than to read her books? That’s what we did. Key takeaways from the world of MacKenzie Bezos’ fiction. → Read More

Former NRC head disagrees with Bill Gates, says nuclear not a safe bet for combating climate change

How much do you think about nuclear power? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is likely “not often.” Unless you work in the industry, you don’t hear too much about nuclear power these days, as Big Oil and coal face off against solar and wind. The former head of the Nuclear Regulatory… → Read More

The ‘French Bill Gates,’ tech entrepreneur Alexandre Mars, aims to make giving the norm

In tech, it’s rare for someone who’s been successful starting and selling companies to quit that work around the age of 40. It’s rarer still for that person to dedicate him/herself to funding charitable organizations worldwide, and start and fund a foundation dedicated to that cause. → Read More

Bill Gates picks his 5 favorite books for 2018

The billionaire bookworm is back with his best book picks of 2018. Bill Gates revealed his five favorite titles today, and it includes one book that is topping everyone’s best-of lists this year, including Amazon’s editors. Gates writes that he and Melinda loved Tara Westover’s Educated, her memoir… → Read More

‘Insane Mode’: A crash course in Elon Musk, Tesla, and the future of the electric car

Author Hamish McKenzie, a former tech journalist who also worked in Tesla’s communications department, breaks down how Musk and Tesla have kickstarted the race to make the electric car more widely available. → Read More

In ‘The Gift of Global Talent,’ William Kerr argues it’s time to open up, not close, our borders

Migration has been vital for the tech sector for years, but recently global migration has become a political hot-button issue for the United States like no other. While President Trump focuses on limiting migration, and worldwide sentiment grows that America is not as welcoming as it once was, how… → Read More

In ‘The End of Animal Farming,’ Jacy Reese lays out a meat-free future thanks to science and tech

This week, millions of Americans will gather around their turkeys, enjoy some sausage-filled stuffing, and pies filled with butter for Thanksgiving. It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without consuming animals or their byproducts, but it’s not only more than possible. It could be delicious. → Read More