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Past articles by Lauren:

What Is Tandem Parking?

If you’ve been looking at newly built townhomes or urban apartments and condos, you might’ve come across the phrase “tandem parking.” The unique parking feature is a creative way for multiple cars to fit into a tight residential spot, allowing for off-street parking where it may otherwise be in short supply. But that’s not all you need to know about tandem parking — read on to learn more. → Read More

This 4 Question Quiz Will Help You Pick the Perfect Color for Your Front Door

Try taking this short four question quiz before your next stroll down the paint aisle to figure out which color to paint your front door. → Read More

5 Types of Wall Art on Their Way Out, According to Real Estate Agents

Some popular wall hangings are losing favor with potential buyers. “Wall art is now dated,” explains Ellen Paris, a Realtor with the Paul Kaplan Group’s Bennion Deville Homes in Palm Springs. → Read More

The 4 Backyard Pool Features Real Estate Agents Absolutely Love to See

Thanks to today’s crazy hot real estate market, sellers don’t need to do too much to woo potential buyers. That’s especially true of well-appointed homes that have lots of updates or desirable features like swimming pools. However, not everyone sees a pool and jumps for joy. → Read More

Bored With Your Laundry Routine? Try Hanging a Disco Ball, According to “The Laundry Guy”

For many people, laundry is a dreaded household chore. But according to Patric Richardson (a.k.a the Laundry Evangelist) of the Discovery+ series “The Laundry Guy”, it doesn’t have to be. Making these small tweaks to your washing routine can actually make laundry day your favorite day. → Read More

4 Curb Appeal Projects a Southern Real Estate Agent Says You Should Stop Doing

I talked to a real estate agent based in the Southeast to find out what mistakes he’s seeing homeowners make when it comes to boosting their curb appeal. → Read More

4 Things in Your Backyard You Should Get Rid of Right Now, According to Real Estate Experts

The importance of creating a welcoming environment in your backyard cannot be understated. In fact, for some, the backyard of a home is even more important than the front. One real estate agent I spoke to went as far as to say that the front yard is for the neighbors, while the backyard is for you and your buyers. → Read More

5 of the Most-Googled Real Estate Terms, Explained

It’s no secret that today’s real estate market has been setting records for all sorts of reasons. Not only is inventory at an all-time low, but prices have continued to inch upward, even more than two years after the global pandemic changed the way that people view their living spaces. Unfortunately, all of this upheaval has had some painful consequences for those on the hunt for a home. → Read More

Here’s What To Know About the Antiquated Real Estate Term “Dower Rights”

Throughout U.S. history, laws have not always served its citizens equally, often putting women and people of color at a disadvantage. While this country has come far from where it started, every once in a while, an outdated law or phrase will pop up in the lexicon and remind us of the way things used to be. Enter: dower rights. → Read More

6 Backyard Accessories on Their Way Out, According to Real Estate Agents

Backyards, as the pandemic showed us, offer quite a lot of benefits to homeowners. Not only can they serve as extensions of your usable living spaces — like when you build an outdoor kitchen or set up table and chairs for dining al fresco — but they also offer another landscape (pun intended) for people to showcase their personal sense of style and taste. → Read More

The Front Yard Secret Weapon a Real Estate Agent Swears By

The number one thing you can do for curb appeal is to give your outdoor spaces a good power washing, according to a real estate agent. → Read More

Setting a Budget for Your Home Repair Project? This Is the Google Sheet You Need

Budgeting for even a basic repair project can feel overwhelming. How are you supposed to know exactly how much you’ll need to spend on materials? And what about tools you don’t have on hand? To complicate matters, sometimes you need to pay for a permit, or call in a pro. So, with all of those details in mind, we created a handy budgeting form for you in Google Sheets. → Read More

10 Home Repair Tools You Should Buy *Before* You Need Them

It doesn’t matter if you’re a DIY novice or even someone whose handiness only goes as far as hanging up a few pictures on the wall; there are some tools that absolutely everyone should have on hand. These tools can help you deal with everything from minor repairs to putting together your latest IKEA bookshelf. And best of all, you can order them online right now. → Read More

Here’s How to Tell What an American Foursquare House Looks Like

You’ve likely seen American Foursquare homes everywhere from your television to your history books — both Presidents Eisenhower and Clinton called this type of structure home at one point. While each American Foursquare is unique, most of them typically share the same characteristics that made them so popular in suburban towns from the 1890s to the 1930s. → Read More

5 Home Finance Trends on Their Way Out, According to Real Estate Experts

Here are a few real estate trends that have become less popular in the world of home finance, according to the pros. → Read More

This Is the Ideal Number of Closets for a Home to Have, According to Real Estate Pros

I asked a few pros exactly how many closets a person should have in their new home — and what to do when there clearly aren’t enough. → Read More

This New Credit Card Is Trying to Help Renters Save for a Down Payment with Points

The new Bilt Rewards credit card might be a solution for some renters, who can earn points every time they use the card to pay their rent. → Read More

Renters Are Flocking to the Suburbs. Here Are the 6 Places They’re Moving To

Some of these towns owe their influx to low rents, while others seem to be a great place for finding work. Here are six of the towns that renters have been rushing to move to over the past 10 years. → Read More

6 Renovation Mistakes From “The Money Pit” That Homeowners Can Learn From

When excited couple Walter and Anna (played by an impossibly young Tom Hanks and Shelly Long) stumble on their too-good-to-be-true dream home, they quickly discover how the realities of homeownership can turn into a nightmare. While unexpected issues and emergency repairs can always pop up, there are a few mistakes in “The Money Pit” that can serve as lessons (read: warnings) for future and… → Read More

6 Types of Flooring on Their Way Out, According to Real Estate Agents

I polled some real estate pros to see which flooring trends they think have overstayed their welcome. Here's what they had to say. → Read More