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Past articles by Nick:

Full-stack JavaScript developers: Study these cloud age wonders in the wild

You could say full-stack JavaScript developers have nothing to do with cloud computing. Nick Hardiman argues that misses the point. → Read More

Fire your email admins and hire a cloud mail provider? Not so fast

It may seem like all mail services should be run from the cloud by now. But email admins don't need to look for a new career any time soon. → Read More

Niche cloud providers find ways to compete against The Big Three

Why would anyone not use AWS, Azure, or Google for their cloud services? Niche provider ElasticHosts explains how the company differentiates itself in the global market. → Read More

10 of the coolest cloud programming languages

If you want to pick a portfolio of computer languages to master, look at these 10 great options that are used across the cloud computing world. → Read More

Add-ons fill the enterprise gaps in Docker's ecosystem

A community of organizations has grown up around Docker. Extending Docker with add-on applications creates a complete system for the IT-driven enterprise. → Read More

How to choose your portfolio of cloud programming languages

There's a right way and a wrong way to choose a portfolio of programming languages to use. Here's guidance for cloud developers on the following the right way. → Read More

Weave connects containers and cures a major Docker headache

Docker is simple, but its networking is a nightmare. The Weave app uses networking under the hood to solve this frightful developer problem. → Read More

Continuous integration in the enterprise cloud: Unicorns and rainbows?

Continuous integration promises lofty benefits, automating much of the dev process and speeding up time-to-market. But as Nick Hardiman explains, it's not without its pain points. → Read More

Software development tools, from Stone Age to cloud age

Every developer relies on a toolbox full of software. Now these tools are available in the cloud. Have we finally made it out of the software development Stone Age? → Read More

10 reasons why working in the office work beats telecommuting

There are lots of compelling reasons to work remotely -- but some business leaders and employment experts argue that it's better to work onsite. → Read More

Puppet configuration: The ultimate AWS automation

Automation projects can slip down the priority list. If your organization is ready to tackle AWS automation, this guide will help ease the process. → Read More

10 good reasons why working remotely makes sense

Remote work, flextime, career sabbaticals, and zero-hours contracts are all types of flexible work. But it's remote work that's disrupting the traditional tech industry 9-to-5 grind. Here's why. → Read More

Linux, the overweight king of cloud: Will this change anytime soon?

Nick Hardiman argues that the problem with Linux is that multi-purpose distros, which are great for cloud computing jobs, are making the server OS fat. → Read More

Unikernels offer a stripped down alternative to Linux

New projects like Mirage, LING, and HaLVM provide lightweight single-purpose cloud alternatives to the familiar multi-purpose Linux platforms. → Read More

'The Theory of Everything' producer reveals what makes this film unique

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and Jane Hawking are the subjects of the new film "The Theory of Everything." Find out if the science is accurate, and if Dr. Hawking likes the movie. → Read More

Pagoda Box rebuilds its cloud PaaS from the ground up for V2

Pagoda Box solves the technical problems in V1 of its PaaS by building on bare metal, provisioning its custom OS, and having a custom provisioning layer with virtual networks. → Read More

Take in the big cloud picture with this comprehensive text

Nick Hardiman says a new cloud sysadmin reference book might help improve communication amongst various teams and lead to work becoming more effective. → Read More

A portrait of the modern cloud developer

Nick Hardiman lists the systems, languages, and methodologies modern cloud developers use, and identifies what sets them apart the most from developers of the past. → Read More

Process Amazon logs with scalable Cloudlytics SaaS

BlazeClan Technologies founder Gurmeet Singh describes the origins of the Amazon consulting partner's Cloudlytics log analytics product, and what customers get out of it. → Read More

Elastichosts container service offers pay-per-use billing and hassle-free auto-scaling

The CEO of IaaS provider Elastichosts talks about the attractive billing and scaling features of its new container-based service called Elastic Containers. → Read More